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binary 1322:11d632e182ec   4 months vbart Reduced size of the logo. Now it's exactly 2x of actual size on standard …
dtd 1285:4e89518a5999   5 months ru Moved syslog configuration details into the separate documents.
sources 1109:28c05aa07b5f   10 months maxim "Nginx Module Extension" book added.
text 1389:dc5c2b7a2b7a   12 days ru Year 2015.
xml 1398:74dde79d105f   36 hours maxim Donor added.
xsls 1380:5018270f6703   5 weeks maxim TCP load balancing feature added to the banner.
xslt 1381:e78c0830ce9c   5 weeks maxim Regenerated.
.hgignore 50 bytes 811:b1465b060921   2 years ru Added .hgignore.
BSDmakefile 51 bytes 0:61e04fc01027   3 years ru Initial import of the website.
GNUmakefile 7.3 KB 1389:dc5c2b7a2b7a   12 days ru Year 2015. 40 bytes 146:356bcdeb008f   3 years sb * Fixed incorrect file permissions on file creation with an external shell … site

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