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faq 747:ddec437b692b   18 months vl Fixed a number of typos.
http 1157:a8a643647c76   3 days vl Added descriptions for $invalid_referer and $memcached_key.
mail 1154:b0e56cc57867   3 days ru Fixed section names.
beginners_guide.xml 15.6 KB 936:99f8165723ca   10 months ru Beginner's guide.
configure.xml 8.1 KB 924:a2aea48ff155   11 months ru New "installation" article. Old "installation" was renamed to "configure" …
contributing_changes.xml 3.9 KB 928:b568f0c47599   11 months vbart Rewrote sentences to avoid use of "nginx" at the beginning.
control.xml 9.5 KB 844:621d5dfcb4f4   14 months ru Controlling nginx: fixed fallout from my rewrite of text. Spotted by …
debugging_log.xml 1.8 KB 589:764fbac1b8b4   21 months ru Added document revision.
events.xml 3.0 KB 755:629630df119a   18 months ru Added anchors to event processing methods.
faq.xml 752 bytes 606:cb43695220b2   21 months maxim o Move introduction/ and howto/ are rather small so move those sections …
freebsd_tuning.xml 10.1 KB 1144:ac131944d349   12 days yar Changed infinitive to gerund after "allow".
hash.xml 1.7 KB 1144:ac131944d349   12 days yar Changed infinitive to gerund after "allow".
howto_build_on_win32.xml 2.9 KB 890:ec68c9ae35bf   12 months mdounin Fixed previous commit. Extra "</link>" slipped in last time changes.
howto_setup_development_environment_on_ec2.xml 6.3 KB 1038:30d7ab9687c0   4 months defan Added ref tags for AWS Marketplace product pages.
index.xml 7.2 KB 1156:8e8a6a7cff2b   3 days vl Added variables index.
install.xml 1.3 KB 1143:b93422ca9fe7   12 days ru Replaced broken link to FreeBSD packages.
nginx_dtrace_pid_provider.xml 5.9 KB 733:7f8e85a50845   18 months sb Renamed OX X to Mac OS X for uniformity.
ngx_core_module.xml 17.6 KB 1128:1594ed379f1f   4 weeks ru De-i18n'ed <commercial_version/>. Now the text of a link has to be …
syntax.xml 1.6 KB 735:e1593207d1cb   18 months ru Documented in more detail how time intervals are specified in nginx …
sys_errlist.xml 986 bytes 589:764fbac1b8b4   21 months ru Added document revision.
welcome_nginx_facebook.xml 6.5 KB 1030:8bbfe30a36c1   4 months defan FAQ page revision bump.
windows.xml 3.8 KB 922:9ad2770d3f28   11 months ru Finished renaming development to mainline.
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