source: nginx/src

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
core 7622:2955192fb210   13 days Sergey Kandaurov Version bump.
event 7617:f1720934c45b   8 weeks Maxim Dounin SSL: reworked posted next events again. Previous change 1ce3f01a4355
http 7624:1055e43e4fab   7 days vl Made ngx_http_get_forwarded_addr_internal() non-recursive.
mail 7567:ef7ee19776db   5 months Sergey Kandaurov SSL: fixed ssl_verify_client error message.
misc 7066:a27e0c7e198c   3 years Ruslan Ermilov Style: aligned ngx_null_command.
os 7586:4f6e315eef15   4 months Maxim Dounin Win32: silenced -Wcast-function-type GCC warning (ticket #1865). With …
stream 7596:b45f052483b8   3 months Roman Arutyunyan Limit conn: added shared context. Previously only an rbtree was …
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