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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
binary 1913:03520b017a3c   13 months mdounin Updated favicon.ico to the icon from nginx sources.
dtd 2051:b5cc488e6800   5 months yar Added year to books.
sources 2050:ace0ddbb2513   6 months yar Added "Nginx Cookbook", "Nginx HTTP Server 3rd edition" to books.
text 2117:632fe2d874ab   2 days mdounin nginx-1.13.10
xml 2122:86a73b6f32f2   24 hours yar Added example to ssi include set.
xsls 2119:732416bdc54e   24 hours maxim gRPC blog post promo.
xslt 2120:31743c0496b0   24 hours maxim Regenerated.
yaml 2082:fee7627f6a5a   3 months ru Updated docs for the upcoming NGINX Plus release.
.hgignore 50 bytes 811:b1465b060921   5 years ru Added .hgignore.
BSDmakefile 51 bytes 0:61e04fc01027   7 years ru Initial import of the website.
GNUmakefile 8.9 KB 2098:ac0faf33b721   2 months ru Year 2018. 40 bytes 146:356bcdeb008f   6 years sb * Fixed incorrect file permissions on file creation with an external … site

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