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(edit) @1137:129b9e4ca3b3   14 hours pluknet Tests: reduced race in proxy_cache_use_stale tests. tip
(edit) @1136:56d5efd16af6   7 days mdounin Tests: pool size in header tests fixed for 64-bit platforms.
(edit) @1135:3f875d5be63f   7 days mdounin Tests for large_client_header_buffers.
(edit) @1134:d77c331affff   7 days pluknet Tests: proxy_cache_use_stale tests with Cache-Control in response.
(edit) @1133:9edf2f99c58f   7 days pluknet Tests: fixed has() check for sub filter tests. Previously, this …
(edit) @1132:3d312b6a1a19   12 days pluknet Tests: avoid $ssl_session_reused tests failure with OpenSSL 1.1.0. …
(edit) @1131:7cce4d12579c   12 days pluknet Tests: fixed generating DH/DSA parameter using OpenSSL 1.1.0. …
(edit) @1130:cb46ac65d50e   2 weeks pluknet Tests: fixed expected value for multiple Cache-Control headers. …
(edit) @1129:1173800a4a19   2 weeks pluknet Tests: added slice filter tests in named location. Prodded by …
(edit) @1128:bef8be8a6224   3 weeks pluknet Tests: avoid reopening a receiving UDP socket in syslog tests.
(edit) @1127:6620cd57a96a   3 weeks pluknet Tests: replaced all occurrences of vec/select API with IO::Select.
(edit) @1126:65fc7a0ca418   3 weeks pluknet Tests: adjusted mail resolver timeout below client read timeout.
(edit) @1125:97a6cb846926   3 weeks pluknet Tests: basic ssl_crl tests.
(edit) @1124:5b22e2014f76   3 weeks pluknet Tests: removed unused x509_extensions in ssl_verify_depth.t.
(edit) @1123:d737d6606504   4 weeks pluknet Tests: fixed server_tokens TODO version in previous change.
(edit) @1122:8c0b0cfe51ef   4 weeks pluknet Tests: adjusted server_tokens TODOs.
(edit) @1121:c883d3d3a3ab   4 weeks pluknet Tests: server_tokens build tests.
(edit) @1120:a6ffc722dfcb   4 weeks pluknet Tests: refactored server_tokens tests, no functional changes.
(edit) @1119:cfe1bc3162f9   4 weeks pluknet Tests: fixed capturing Server header in server_tokens.t.
(edit) @1118:6c27d5cab1d7   4 weeks pluknet Tests: keep stream_ssl_preread.t TODO for older mainline releases.
(edit) @1117:3e2af4dedd9c   5 weeks pluknet Tests: ssl_verify_depth.t cleanup. Run only basic tests that don't …
(edit) @1116:8ef51dbb5d69   5 weeks pluknet Tests: reduced OpenSSL default key length to 1024. This allows to …
(edit) @1115:54e07593713a   6 weeks pluknet Tests: ssl_verify_depth tests.
(edit) @1114:c5df4742ad40   6 weeks pluknet Tests: more http/stream ssl_verify_client tests borrowed from mail. …
(edit) @1113:41690e007ad8   6 weeks pluknet Tests: run proxy.t ipv6 test on mainline built without --with-ipv6.
(edit) @1112:79f93c764353   6 weeks pluknet Tests: added basic proxy cache manager watermark test.
(edit) @1111:6c2538ad642d   7 weeks pluknet Tests: auth external in mail is explicitly enabled since 1.11.9.
(edit) @1110:b9b115a2a28d   7 weeks pluknet Tests: auth external mail tests.
(edit) @1109:59d5c8ca7e4d   7 weeks pluknet Tests: auth cram-md5 mail tests, pop3 user/pass and apop tests.
(edit) @1108:ff1a37f37419   7 weeks pluknet Tests: removed seemingly useless and unsafe HTTP/2 RST_STREAM test.
(edit) @1107:d42cc683970d   8 weeks pluknet Tests: skip unsafe HTTP/2 tests.
(edit) @1106:4b0b10e39a08   8 weeks pluknet Tests: fixed implicitly declared njs variables after 4337ed48d6d6.
(edit) @1105:a073a545413d   2 months pluknet Tests: stream upstream tests for fast peer recovery. Now, a peer is …
(edit) @1104:b3d5a2f8a00b   2 months zelenkov Tests: stream ssl_verify_client tests.
(edit) @1103:71bba21ea3ed   2 months pluknet Tests: absolute_redirect and related tests.
(edit) @1102:89d7d4d1be40   2 months zelenkov Tests: whitespace fixes.
(edit) @1101:78cb8e66b6bc   2 months pluknet Tests: skipped the whole http_resolver_cleanup.t where appropriate. …
(edit) @1100:52553ea2171c   2 months zelenkov Tests: fixed ssl.t when run in parallel.
(edit) @1099:dd3031bbc705   2 months pluknet Tests: various stream_ssl_preread tests with ill-formed records.
(edit) @1098:bb1974010d0a   2 months pluknet Tests: resolver cleanup tests.
(edit) @1097:a5f9c878c3ab   2 months pluknet Tests: basic access_log escape tests.
(edit) @1096:2978c5212045   3 months mdounin Tests: filter finalization in not modified filter.
(edit) @1095:b16d30a52753   3 months pluknet Tests: map module basic tests with volatile.
(edit) @1094:dd8f126afa32   3 months zelenkov Tests: client certificate time variables tests.
(edit) @1093:2b0ef67ab032   3 months zelenkov Tests: added test for $ssl_ciphers variable (ticket #870).
(edit) @1092:f72f43eda2a6   3 months pluknet Tests: simplified nginx reload in HTTP/2 GOAWAY tests.
(edit) @1091:a5e428f4440d   3 months pluknet Tests: added request body buffering test for requests without body.
(edit) @1090:9d6a0dbb889a   3 months zelenkov Tests: check headers for appropriate stream in h2_auth_request.t.
(edit) @1089:eedb96f717ff   3 months pluknet Tests: reset headers context when parsing HEADERS frame. This fixes …
(edit) @1088:83b7b3f8b6c5   3 months zelenkov Tests: added HTTP/2 tests with auth_request (ticket #1143). …
(edit) @1087:534d209f6ae4   3 months pluknet Tests: fixed ssl_password_file test hang with missing FIFO reader.
(edit) @1086:b3b1403641d3   3 months mdounin Tests: allow new $ssl_client_verify syntax again.
(edit) @1085:30a6fbab4e33   3 months mdounin Tests: allow new $ssl_verify syntax.
(edit) @1084:ce3d15edbf05   3 months pluknet Tests: whitespace fix.
(edit) @1083:d0523391deb9   3 months vbart Tests: removed TODO for HTTP/2 fix merged in stable.
(edit) @1082:d0edeb90c0ab   3 months defan Tests: additional variables mentioned in README.
(edit) @1081:cca0bff99733   3 months zelenkov Tests: remove unused short port number mapping.
(edit) @1080:cd4395a68fc6   3 months zelenkov Tests: proxy ssl test with handshake timeout (ticket #1126).
(edit) @1079:cbc8641a204e   3 months zelenkov Tests: fixed "proxy connect timeout" http tests. Previously, proxy …
(edit) @1078:36437be7b3f4   4 months pluknet Tests: proxy_cache_max_range_offset tests.
(edit) @1077:13247bbc1f7d   4 months pluknet Tests: HTTP/2 tests for max requests.
(edit) @1076:4240cca68d1d   4 months zelenkov Tests: whitespace fix.
(edit) @1075:5513b68493e7   4 months zelenkov Tests: added rewrite prerequisite in proxy_method.t.
(edit) @1074:a2b6997b4d48   4 months mdounin Tests: perl ssi tests.
(edit) @1073:0179c2dcbab8   4 months pluknet Tests: adjusted mp4 TODO.
(edit) @1072:37c18a92115b   4 months pluknet Tests: basic WebP tests in image filter.
(edit) @1071:1dd57525de8b   4 months dilaz03 Tests: add tests for proxy_method directive.
(edit) @1070:efccab043dd3   4 months pluknet Tests: removed TODOs for fixes merged in 1.10.2.
(edit) @1069:1b11a12be179   4 months pluknet Tests: pass both issuer/subject variable formats where appropriate.
(edit) @1068:d0ec761774a5   4 months pluknet Tests: client certificate issuer/subject variables.
(edit) @1067:4606a2ec3d7c   4 months pluknet Tests: ssl.t cleanup, no functional changes.
(edit) @1066:23418577df58   4 months pluknet Tests: tweak HTTP/2 GOAWAY test with no new stream after reload. Wait …
(edit) @1065:2d4343a47c6d   4 months pluknet Tests: more HTTP/2 GOAWAY tests with active stream.
(edit) @1064:6508aa1cf9cb   4 months zelenkov Tests: skip geoip tests on hosts without GeoIP IPv6 support.
(edit) @1063:d62747c321a6   4 months pluknet Tests: support dynamic geoip modules.
(edit) @1062:f1cc64e4e67d   5 months zelenkov Tests: basic tests for stream geoip module.
(edit) @1061:83357211563e   5 months zelenkov Tests: basic tests for geoip module.
(edit) @1060:a07205e8bb76   4 months pluknet Tests: added "nginx -T" tests for unique dumped files.
(edit) @1059:8c5ba361b416   4 months mdounin Tests: whitespace fix.
(edit) @1058:e2adef0c3faa   4 months pluknet Tests: skip certain test on FreeBSD 11.0 with sendfile. It is broken …
(edit) @1057:e19d41512e22   5 months zelenkov Tests: added tests for $realip_remote_port variable.
(edit) @1056:1e41a0de0772   5 months pluknet Tests: various last_buf tests.
(edit) @1055:8979f0d86c29   5 months pluknet Tests: reduced diff to stream_ssl_realip.t, no functional changes.
(edit) @1054:9b8e13e2ee67   5 months pluknet Tests: one more $realip_remote_addr test case on internal redirect. …
(edit) @1053:fbf731526f49   5 months pluknet Tests: relaxed check for known dynamic modules. Permit an optional …
(edit) @1052:7cf9b3e849d2   5 months mdounin Tests: whitespace fix.
(edit) @1051:4a915c4489cc   5 months pluknet Tests: increased default value for read timeout in HTTP/2 tests. This …
(edit) @1050:d56dfebf1aa0   5 months mdounin Tests: remove realip_remote_port.t, it's utterly broken.
(edit) @1049:c65e5c0e2980   5 months zelenkov Tests: fixed startup race in proxy_cache_manager.t. Await cache …
(edit) @1048:f38301fd4792   5 months pluknet Tests: basic proxy cache manager tests.
(edit) @1047:ef795982f940   5 months zelenkov Tests: skip certain tests for lack of inet6 support as well.
(edit) @1046:a04323ab0622   5 months zelenkov Tests: use try_run() in debug_connection_syslog.t.
(edit) @1045:3667fe923239   5 months mdounin Tests: ipv6 is present by default now.
(edit) @1044:1fe8d33f75ad   5 months pluknet Tests: split out geo tests with binary base and skip by default. …
(edit) @1043:b82f54728e14   5 months pluknet Tests: fixed test failure in proxy_unfinished.t with big buffers. …
(edit) @1042:9339673bb454   5 months defan Tests: check for known dynamic modules via TEST_NGINX_GLOBALS.
(edit) @1041:187524328926   5 months pluknet Tests: upstream max_conns tests.
(edit) @1040:1a820a5a32ae   5 months pluknet Tests: do not depend on peer selection order in fastcgi_body2.t.
(edit) @1039:90a0d85436c1   5 months pluknet Tests: quoted 'genrsa -out' parameter, no functional changes.
(edit) @1038:a034903de974   5 months pluknet Tests: use port numbers from 8xxx pool.
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