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(edit) @7303:118885f7a577   20 months Valentin V. Bartenev MIME: added font/woff2 type (ticket #1243).
(edit) @7302:bf1a7b363598   20 months Valentin V. Bartenev MIME: changed type for woff to font/woff (ticket #1243). According to …
(edit) @7115:4ff31c785d0c   2 years Maxim Dounin MIME: added most common OpenDocument types. Requested by Michiel Leenaars.
(edit) @7114:b31caae8cc7b   2 years Maxim Dounin MIME: style. Restored alphabetical order within groups, OOXML types …
(edit) @6168:62869a9b2e7d   5 years Maxim Dounin Added the REQUEST_SCHEME parameter. The REQUEST_SCHEME parameter was …
(edit) @5602:b799b9d62c45   6 years fdasilvayy MIME: added application/xspf+xml MIME type (ticket #479).
(edit) @5599:68e41f0cb207   6 years Roman Arutyunyan MIME: added video/mp2t and application/ types. Both …
(edit) @5383:1adfe7a260eb   6 years piotr MIME: added application/json MIME type. Signed-off-by: Piotr Sikora …
(edit) @5338:010bb2e21f3f   6 years Sergey Kandaurov MIME: eot MIME type updated to follow IANA (ticket #306).
(edit) @5337:07ef29f69a54   6 years Sergey Kandaurov MIME: added the most common OOXML MIME types (ticket #243).
(edit) @5336:aeabb6ae574d   6 years Sergey Kandaurov MIME: added application/font-woff MIME type (ticket #292).
(edit) @5326:d22eb224aedf   7 years Maxim Dounin Whitespace fix.
(edit) @5319:50f531a55b73   7 years sb Fixed misleading example SSL config. a) ssl as listen parameter is …
(edit) @5311:ae3fd1ca62e0   7 years Valentin V. Bartenev MIME: use "application/javascript" for .js files. Though there are …
(edit) @4379:4e2551a83291   8 years Valentin V. Bartenev Added the HTTPS fastcgi_param to fastcgi.conf.
(edit) @4359:a1bb976ec16a   8 years Maxim Dounin Merge of r4282, r4302: Added image/webp and video/webm MIME types. … stable-1.0
(edit) @4333:352a7b025f2e   8 years Valentin V. Bartenev Added HTTPS param with Apache-like behaviour to …
(edit) @4301:0688cf5d73ec   8 years maxim svgz extension for compressed SVG added (close #56).
(edit) @4281:3a3a2d767ecd   8 years Valentin V. Bartenev Added image/webp and video/webm MIME types.
(edit) @4251:cc7ea429170d   8 years igor Merging r4190, r4232: MP4 related fixes: *) Fixing mp4 module … stable-1.0
(edit) @4231:d50883ff2433   8 years igor Adding m4a and m4v MIME types (closed #42).
(edit) @4169:432243531ce3   8 years igor Merging r4086, r4087, r4088, r4090, r4094, r4095, r4096, r4097, r4099, … stable-1.0
(edit) @4086:dceb4f509661   8 years igor "video/mp4" mime type added.
(edit) @3938:1e90599af73b   9 years igor use !aNULL to disable all anonymous cipher suites patch by Rob Stradling
(edit) @3865:cff87803b898   9 years igor fix xhtml mime type thanks to Michael Lustfield the previous value has …
(edit) @3807:bc00fc9eabb7   9 years igor add audio/ogg
(edit) @3637:d656caa72ec9   10 years igor ngx_http_scgi_module
(edit) @3542:9bf51b3fc1c1   10 years igor style fix: remove tabs and trailing spaces
(edit) @3541:21452748d165   10 years igor import original ngx_http_uwsgi_module version
(edit) @3465:7f7f5805c11c   10 years igor add 7z MIME type
(edit) @3425:0189a8f4c7c3   10 years igor merge r2990, r3324, r3384, r3419: various proxy/FastCGI fixes: *) do … stable-0.7
(edit) @3383:5aeaf8490578   10 years igor add conf/fastcgi.conf
(edit) @2684:c944cba169e3   11 years igor update $status in log_format example
(edit) @2286:d795199b41ad   11 years igor add double quotes around $request
(edit) @2194:d3f833da6b65   12 years igor add Google Earth MIME types
(edit) @2053:dd5ca07f5cdd   12 years igor change RSS MIME type
(edit) @1907:7d47e1681a62   12 years igor add "root" to the fastcgi example to set correct included DOCUMENT_ROOT
(edit) @1420:f25c82f19c0a   12 years igor r1414 merge: add svg mime type stable-0.5
(edit) @1413:be1e56a892d8   13 years igor add svg mime type
(edit) @1394:00ba627f7919   13 years igor axe --sysconfdir=PATH configuration prefix is dirname of …
(edit) @1331:adb6d251ac92   13 years igor r1330, r1331 merge: $nginx_version stable-0.5
(edit) @1330:badefafbf7f3   13 years igor add $nginx_version
(edit) @1041:6c8af39831e4   13 years igor delete default "tcp_nodelay on"
(edit) @1004:d7f827a9af89   13 years igor application/atom+xml
(edit) @863:57cb2052dcc6   13 years igor add mime types
(edit) @699:1f3cc64393b6   13 years igor fix "$request $status" order in log_format
(edit) @667:63a820b0bc6c   14 years igor nginx-0.3.55-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "stub" parameter in … release-0.3.55
(edit) @657:400711951595   14 years igor nginx-0.3.50-RELEASE import *) Change: the … release-0.3.50
(edit) @649:1e720b0be7ec   14 years igor nginx-0.3.46-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "proxy_hide_header", … release-0.3.46
(edit) @647:95d7da23ea53   14 years igor nginx-0.3.45-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "ssl_verify_client", … release-0.3.45
(edit) @645:4946078f0a79   14 years igor nginx-0.3.44-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "wait" parameter in … release-0.3.44
(edit) @611:3f8a2132b93d   14 years igor nginx-0.3.27-RELEASE import *) Change: the … release-0.3.27
(edit) @593:425af804d968   14 years igor nginx-0.3.18-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "server_names" … release-0.3.18
(edit) @589:d4e858a5751a   14 years igor nginx-0.3.16-RELEASE import *) Feature: the ngx_http_map_module. … release-0.3.16
(edit) @577:4d9ea73a627a   14 years igor nginx-0.3.10-RELEASE import *) Change: the "valid_referers" … release-0.3.10
(edit) @573:58475592100c   14 years igor nginx-0.3.8-RELEASE import *) Security: nginx now checks URI got … release-0.3.8
(edit) @569:174f1e853e1e   14 years igor nginx-0.3.6-RELEASE import *) Change: now the IMAP/POP3 proxy do … release-0.3.6
(edit) @567:1af2fcb3be8a   14 years igor nginx-0.3.5-RELEASE import *) Bugfix: the segmentation fault may … release-0.3.5
(edit) @537:c9ad0d9c7d59   14 years igor nginx-0.1.43-RELEASE import *) Feature: the listen(2) backlog in … release-0.1.43
(edit) @529:e5d7d0334fdb   15 years igor nginx-0.1.39-RELEASE import *) The changes in the … release-0.1.39
(edit) @527:7fa11e5c6e96   15 years igor nginx-0.1.38-RELEASE import *) Feature: the "limit_rate" … release-0.1.38
(edit) @523:2019117e6b38   15 years igor nginx-0.1.36-RELEASE import *) Change: if the request header has … release-0.1.36
(edit) @509:9b8c906f6e63   15 years igor nginx-0.1.29-RELEASE import *) Feature: the ngx_http_ssi_module … release-0.1.29
(edit) @507:cd3117ad9aab   15 years igor nginx-0.1.28-RELEASE import *) Bugfix: nginx hogs CPU while … release-0.1.28
(edit) @493:975f62e77f02   15 years igor nginx-0.1.21-RELEASE import *) Bugfix: the … release-0.1.21
(edit) @481:fd661d14a7fa   15 years igor nginx-0.1.15-RELEASE import *) Bugfix: the error while the … release-0.1.15
(edit) @455:295d97d70c69   15 years igor nginx-0.1.2-RELEASE import *) Feature: the --user=USER, … release-0.1.2
(add) @450:551102312e19   15 years igor nginx-0.1.0-RELEASE import *) The first public version. release-0.1.0
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