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(edit) @5963:e0920ea61632   3 years vbart Year 2015.
(edit) @5564:7e38aafc0342   4 years vbart Year 2014. stable-1.4
(edit) @5506:64af0f7c4dcd   4 years vbart Year 2014.
(edit) @5057:ffe4df586561   5 years mdounin Merge of r5001: year 2013. stable-1.2
(edit) @5000:2552afcb74d3   5 years ru Year 2013.
(edit) @4791:e1d4956d7e91   6 years mdounin Merge of r4754: synchronized the license text. Synchronized the … stable-1.2
(edit) @4753:808dee4f2b22   6 years ru Synchronized the license text with the FreeBSD's bsd-style-copyright.
(edit) @4450:4919fb357a5d   6 years mdounin Merge of r4406, r4413: copyrights updated. stable-1.0
(edit) @4412:d620f497c50f   6 years maxim Copyright updated.
(edit) @4405:618e4c2f4acd   6 years igor 2012 year.
(edit) @4259:e648c8b59dfe   6 years igor Merging r4236: Fixed documentation pointer. stable-1.0
(edit) @4235:84db5febe0d4   6 years ru Fixed documentation pointer.
(edit) @3847:1df5620b9cd6   7 years igor 2011 year
(edit) @3424:c6ecb3fe577b   8 years igor merge r3408: update year stable-0.7
(edit) @3407:99085281314e   8 years igor 2010 year
(edit) @2475:774d6ed89c56   9 years igor update year and delete blank line stable-0.6
(edit) @2439:d07ab4478b0c   9 years igor update 2009 year and delete blank line
(edit) @1839:68db9281c81c   10 years igor 2008 year stable-0.5
(edit) @1817:4169e8194c97   10 years igor 2008 year
(edit) @964:b608d553e1e7   11 years igor 2007 year
(edit) @771:c8f991340053   11 years igor note
(edit) @597:9262f520ce21   12 years igor nginx-0.3.20-RELEASE import *) Bugfix: in SSI handling. *) … release-0.3.20
(edit) @479:c52408583801   13 years igor nginx-0.1.14-RELEASE import *) Feature: the autoconfiguration … release-0.1.14
(add) @450:551102312e19   13 years igor nginx-0.1.0-RELEASE import *) The first public version. release-0.1.0
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