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(edit) @6867:8c4d07ef08f5   14 months ru Year 2017.
(edit) @6864:4591da489a30   15 months mdounin nginx-1.11.8-RELEASE release-1.11.8
(edit) @6835:5c8f60faf33c   15 months mdounin nginx-1.11.7-RELEASE release-1.11.7
(edit) @6801:5e371426b3bc   16 months mdounin nginx-1.11.6-RELEASE release-1.11.6
(edit) @6800:49d7dbd25a27   16 months mdounin Fixed a typo, removed an empty line.
(edit) @6771:b98f9fdee487   17 months mdounin nginx-1.10.2-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.2
(edit) @6739:5253015a339a   18 months mdounin nginx-1.11.5-RELEASE release-1.11.5
(edit) @6689:953512ca02c6   18 months mdounin nginx-1.11.4-RELEASE release-1.11.4
(edit) @6645:b83a067949a3   20 months mdounin nginx-1.11.3-RELEASE release-1.11.3
(edit) @6614:4d3b3a13a8cf   21 months mdounin nginx-1.11.2-RELEASE release-1.11.2
(edit) @6580:7fcde9122088   22 months mdounin nginx-1.10.1-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.1
(edit) @6575:cb783d9cc197   22 months mdounin nginx-1.11.1-RELEASE release-1.11.1
(edit) @6573:2d5d35409eba   22 months mdounin Trailing spaces removed.
(edit) @6569:271ee30c6791   22 months mdounin nginx-1.11.0-RELEASE release-1.11.0
(edit) @6524:d4b7edd7fa81   2 years mdounin nginx-1.10.0-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.0
(edit) @6521:13070ecfda67   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.15-RELEASE release-1.9.15
(edit) @6501:4106db71cbcb   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.14-RELEASE release-1.9.14
(edit) @6493:58b2ad162ca9   2 years mdounin Trailing space fix.
(edit) @6476:5511e846dfc7   2 years ru Fixed mistranslated phrase.
(edit) @6471:5936b7ed9292   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.13-RELEASE release-1.9.13
(edit) @6413:ead3907d74f9   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.12-RELEASE release-1.9.12
(edit) @6387:fe66cff450a9   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.11-RELEASE release-1.9.11
(edit) @6361:5959efb40b07   2 years mdounin nginx-1.8.1-RELEASE stable-1.8 release-1.8.1
(edit) @6353:be00ca08e41a   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.10-RELEASE release-1.9.10
(edit) @6333:9d06921918af   2 years ru Year 2016.
(edit) @6329:def9c9c9ae05   2 years ru Fixed a typo.
(edit) @6327:ef107f3ddc23   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.9-RELEASE release-1.9.9
(edit) @6323:1bdc497c8160   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.8-RELEASE release-1.9.8
(edit) @6302:bec5b3093337   2 years mdounin Missing "variable" word added.
(edit) @6295:54117529e40b   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.7-RELEASE release-1.9.7
(edit) @6281:b78018cfaa2f   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.6-RELEASE release-1.9.6
(edit) @6252:942475e10cb4   2 years mdounin nginx-1.9.5-RELEASE release-1.9.5
(edit) @6234:5cb7e2eed203   3 years mdounin nginx-1.9.4-RELEASE release-1.9.4
(edit) @6213:7cad953621d4   3 years andrew Modify changes doc to acknowledge Lu is from Intel
(edit) @6210:e27a21560129   3 years mdounin nginx-1.9.3-RELEASE release-1.9.3
(edit) @6190:3a32d6e7404a   3 years mdounin nginx-1.9.2-RELEASE release-1.9.2
(edit) @6189:54b10b289f0f   3 years ru Polished the recent change to the manpage.
(edit) @6188:f08e80409dfd   3 years vl Documentation: added -T option description to the man page.
(edit) @6162:ab78c12412ce   3 years vbart Fixed spelling in change logs.
(edit) @6158:884a967c369f   3 years mdounin nginx-1.9.1-RELEASE release-1.9.1
(edit) @6135:53d850fe292f   3 years mdounin nginx-1.9.0-RELEASE release-1.9.0
(edit) @6119:01d52c2b460d   3 years mdounin nginx-1.8.0-RELEASE stable-1.8 release-1.8.0
(edit) @6094:76d66e92c66c   3 years mdounin nginx-1.6.3 changes fix stable-1.6 release-1.6.3
(edit) @6092:3ef00a71f564   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.12-RELEASE release-1.7.12
(edit) @6090:698bcf853bbd   3 years mdounin nginx-1.6.3-RELEASE stable-1.6
(edit) @6054:2b3b737b5456   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.11-RELEASE release-1.7.11
(edit) @5974:860cfbcc4606   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.10-RELEASE release-1.7.10
(edit) @5963:e0920ea61632   3 years vbart Year 2015.
(edit) @5956:4045818c726a   3 years mdounin Trailing space fix.
(edit) @5952:34b201c1abd1   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.9-RELEASE release-1.7.9
(edit) @5931:d5ea659b8bab   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.8-RELEASE release-1.7.8
(edit) @5930:b791b8e366ad   3 years mdounin Trailing spaces removed, typo fixed.
(edit) @5888:6d2fbc30f8a7   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.7-RELEASE release-1.7.7
(edit) @5865:a8d111bb6884   3 years mdounin nginx-1.7.6-RELEASE release-1.7.6
(edit) @5843:7dab18c28f45   4 years mdounin nginx-1.6.2-RELEASE stable-1.6 release-1.6.2
(edit) @5836:fe129aa02db9   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.5-RELEASE release-1.7.5
(edit) @5796:0cf84a39c1db   4 years mdounin nginx-1.6.1-RELEASE stable-1.6 release-1.6.1
(edit) @5788:cbb146b12029   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.4-RELEASE release-1.7.4
(edit) @5780:f1e05e533c8b   4 years pluknet Typos fixed.
(edit) @5750:fe7cd01828d5   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.3-RELEASE release-1.7.3
(edit) @5723:0bd223a54619   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.2-RELEASE release-1.7.2
(edit) @5711:0351a6d89c3d   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.1-RELEASE release-1.7.1
(edit) @5673:d161d68df8be   4 years mdounin nginx-1.7.0-RELEASE release-1.7.0
(edit) @5671:daa5384fd526   4 years mdounin nginx-1.6.0-RELEASE stable-1.6 release-1.6.0
(edit) @5670:ec4ca22bfb86   4 years maxim Missed comma fixed. A couple of Latin symbols plugged into Russian … stable-1.6
(edit) @5668:64958ea92fd2   4 years maxim Missed comma fixed. A couple of Latin symbols plugged into Russian …
(edit) @5646:fd722b890eab   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.13-RELEASE release-1.5.13
(edit) @5612:636ce03634e7   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.7-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.7
(edit) @5607:97b47d95e444   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.12-RELEASE release-1.5.12
(edit) @5596:e201159f5d4e   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.6-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.6
(edit) @5591:f995a10d4c7e   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.11-RELEASE release-1.5.11
(edit) @5586:db6d07dbef3c   4 years mdounin Docs: xslt regenerated.
(edit) @5585:f303f3e43f7b   4 years mdounin Docs: switched from java XSLScript to Latter is …
(edit) @5571:844b2af1d65c   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.5-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.5
(edit) @5564:7e38aafc0342   4 years vbart Year 2014. stable-1.4
(edit) @5554:b798fc020e3a   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.10-RELEASE release-1.5.10
(edit) @5534:5a1759f33b7f   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.9-RELEASE release-1.5.9
(edit) @5523:905841c461fa   4 years mdounin Typo fixed.
(edit) @5506:64af0f7c4dcd   4 years vbart Year 2014.
(edit) @5484:dc7f5c184473   4 years mdounin Typo fixed.
(edit) @5480:eaa76f249759   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.8-RELEASE release-1.5.8
(edit) @5447:7e9543faf5f0   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.4-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.4
(edit) @5443:9ba2542d75bf   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.7-RELEASE release-1.5.7
(edit) @5421:69ffaca77955   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.3-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.3
(edit) @5406:70c5cd3a61cb   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.6-RELEASE release-1.5.6
(edit) @5379:60e0409b9ec7   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.5-RELEASE release-1.5.5
(edit) @5344:376a5e769400   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.4-RELEASE release-1.5.4
(edit) @5307:644a07952629   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.3-RELEASE release-1.5.3
(edit) @5278:50f065641b4c   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.2-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.2
(edit) @5257:5bdca4812974   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.2-RELEASE release-1.5.2
(edit) @5237:99eed1a88fc3   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.1-RELEASE release-1.5.1
(edit) @5207:0e80c5bf5e1b   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.9-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.9
(edit) @5195:0702de638a4c   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.1-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.1
(edit) @5190:48a84bc3ff07   5 years mdounin release-1.5.0-RELEASE release-1.5.0
(edit) @5184:7809529022b8   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.0-RELEASE release-1.4.0
(edit) @5176:23159600bdea   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.16-RELEASE release-1.3.16
(edit) @5164:d50f390fa97e   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.8-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.8
(edit) @5147:864030a4ff2a   5 years ru Configure: unified nginx version computation constructs.
(edit) @5138:cd84e467c729   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.15-RELEASE release-1.3.15
(edit) @5098:e04428778567   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.14-RELEASE release-1.3.14
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