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(edit) @7620:fdacd273711d   4 weeks Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.8-RELEASE release-1.17.8
(edit) @7616:fd4d2155d3e6   8 weeks Maxim Dounin Trailing space removed.
(edit) @7613:e56295fe0ea7   8 weeks Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.7-RELEASE release-1.17.7
(edit) @7608:4718a646187a   8 weeks osa Update manpage, sort command line options.
(edit) @7597:de68d0d94320   3 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.6-RELEASE release-1.17.6
(edit) @7587:9af0dddbddb2   4 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.5-RELEASE release-1.17.5
(edit) @7573:ce2ced385690   5 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.4-RELEASE release-1.17.4
(edit) @7557:123647025f4a   6 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.16.1-RELEASE stable-1.16 release-1.16.1
(edit) @7550:ed4303aa1b31   6 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.3-RELEASE release-1.17.3
(edit) @7542:2fc9f853a6b7   7 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.2-RELEASE release-1.17.2
(edit) @7521:b0245dbd3655   7 months Maxim Dounin Typo.
(edit) @7518:7816bd7dabf6   8 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.1-RELEASE release-1.17.1
(edit) @7510:054c1c46395c   9 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.17.0-RELEASE release-1.17.0
(edit) @7499:abd40ce603fa   10 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.16.0-RELEASE stable-1.16 release-1.16.0
(edit) @7496:0130ca3d5843   10 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.12-RELEASE release-1.15.12
(edit) @7490:5155d0296a5e   10 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.11-RELEASE release-1.15.11
(edit) @7481:75f5c7f62841   11 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.10-RELEASE release-1.15.10
(edit) @7468:d2fd76709909   12 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.9-RELEASE release-1.15.9
(edit) @7447:f56a4c91b303   13 months maxim Year 2019.
(edit) @7436:ee551e3f6dba   14 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.8-RELEASE release-1.15.8
(edit) @7424:72e39ad2427d   15 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.14.2-RELEASE stable-1.14 release-1.14.2
(edit) @7403:051a039ce1c7   15 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.7-RELEASE release-1.15.7
(edit) @7388:fe8e8322d9c1   16 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.14.1-RELEASE stable-1.14 release-1.14.1
(edit) @7380:2351853ce686   16 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.6-RELEASE release-1.15.6
(edit) @7368:f062e43d74fc   17 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.5-RELEASE release-1.15.5
(edit) @7362:49d498356538   17 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.4-RELEASE release-1.15.4
(edit) @7343:28b3e17ca7eb   18 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.3-RELEASE release-1.15.3
(edit) @7336:1cd63ae46243   19 months maxim A link to the error_log directive on removed. It makes more …
(edit) @7324:b234199c7ed8   19 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.2-RELEASE release-1.15.2
(edit) @7308:4189160cb946   20 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.1-RELEASE release-1.15.1
(edit) @7287:990b3e885636   21 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.15.0-RELEASE release-1.15.0
(edit) @7264:588054867fef   22 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.14.0-RELEASE stable-1.14 release-1.14.0
(edit) @7261:051e5fa03b92   23 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.12-RELEASE release-1.13.12
(edit) @7257:64179f242cb5   23 months Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.11-RELEASE release-1.13.11
(edit) @7243:31c929e16910   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.10-RELEASE release-1.13.10
(edit) @7210:fb1212c7eca4   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.9-RELEASE release-1.13.9
(edit) @7187:c6cc8db553eb   2 years Maxim Dounin Year 2018.
(edit) @7182:20ca4bcff108   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.8-RELEASE release-1.13.8
(edit) @7158:47cca243d0ed   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.7-RELEASE release-1.13.7
(edit) @7149:c0c5f8b806fe   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.12.2-RELEASE stable-1.12 release-1.12.2
(edit) @7127:f87da7d9ca02   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.6-RELEASE release-1.13.6
(edit) @7099:019b91bd21cc   2 years Maxim Dounin Trailing space removed.
(edit) @7095:0d45b4cf7c2e   2 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.5-RELEASE release-1.13.5
(edit) @7083:bbc642c813c8   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.4-RELEASE release-1.13.4
(edit) @7061:08b443b6b59d   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.12.1-RELEASE stable-1.12 release-1.12.1
(edit) @7056:8457ce87640f   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.3-RELEASE release-1.13.3
(edit) @7044:5be2b25bdc65   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.2-RELEASE release-1.13.2
(edit) @7013:539f7893ecb9   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.1-RELEASE release-1.13.1
(edit) @6990:3671096a45bc   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.13.0-RELEASE release-1.13.0
(edit) @6970:e265d962841f   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.12.0-RELEASE stable-1.12 release-1.12.0
(edit) @6967:3d0e8655f897   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.13-RELEASE release-1.11.13
(edit) @6943:7f394e433f00   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.12-RELEASE release-1.11.12
(edit) @6937:d8b321a876d6   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.11-RELEASE release-1.11.11
(edit) @6916:05fd0dc8f0dc   3 years Maxim Dounin Trailing space removed.
(edit) @6915:b7e02f47a339   3 years Maxim Dounin Docs: changes.xslt regenerated.
(edit) @6914:529f10f7757c   3 years Maxim Dounin Docs: changes.xml dates converted to ISO 8601 format. Dates in ISO …
(edit) @6911:1ad0999a7ded   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.10-RELEASE release-1.11.10
(edit) @6897:369b74459cf2   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.10.3-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.3
(edit) @6878:20a45c768e5e   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.9-RELEASE release-1.11.9
(edit) @6867:8c4d07ef08f5   3 years Ruslan Ermilov Year 2017.
(edit) @6864:4591da489a30   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.8-RELEASE release-1.11.8
(edit) @6835:5c8f60faf33c   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.7-RELEASE release-1.11.7
(edit) @6801:5e371426b3bc   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.6-RELEASE release-1.11.6
(edit) @6800:49d7dbd25a27   3 years Maxim Dounin Fixed a typo, removed an empty line.
(edit) @6771:b98f9fdee487   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.10.2-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.2
(edit) @6739:5253015a339a   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.5-RELEASE release-1.11.5
(edit) @6689:953512ca02c6   3 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.4-RELEASE release-1.11.4
(edit) @6645:b83a067949a3   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.3-RELEASE release-1.11.3
(edit) @6614:4d3b3a13a8cf   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.2-RELEASE release-1.11.2
(edit) @6580:7fcde9122088   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.10.1-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.1
(edit) @6575:cb783d9cc197   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.1-RELEASE release-1.11.1
(edit) @6573:2d5d35409eba   4 years Maxim Dounin Trailing spaces removed.
(edit) @6569:271ee30c6791   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.11.0-RELEASE release-1.11.0
(edit) @6524:d4b7edd7fa81   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.10.0-RELEASE stable-1.10 release-1.10.0
(edit) @6521:13070ecfda67   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.15-RELEASE release-1.9.15
(edit) @6501:4106db71cbcb   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.14-RELEASE release-1.9.14
(edit) @6493:58b2ad162ca9   4 years Maxim Dounin Trailing space fix.
(edit) @6476:5511e846dfc7   4 years Ruslan Ermilov Fixed mistranslated phrase.
(edit) @6471:5936b7ed9292   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.13-RELEASE release-1.9.13
(edit) @6413:ead3907d74f9   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.12-RELEASE release-1.9.12
(edit) @6387:fe66cff450a9   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.11-RELEASE release-1.9.11
(edit) @6361:5959efb40b07   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.8.1-RELEASE stable-1.8 release-1.8.1
(edit) @6353:be00ca08e41a   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.10-RELEASE release-1.9.10
(edit) @6333:9d06921918af   4 years Ruslan Ermilov Year 2016.
(edit) @6329:def9c9c9ae05   4 years Ruslan Ermilov Fixed a typo.
(edit) @6327:ef107f3ddc23   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.9-RELEASE release-1.9.9
(edit) @6323:1bdc497c8160   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.8-RELEASE release-1.9.8
(edit) @6302:bec5b3093337   4 years Maxim Dounin Missing "variable" word added.
(edit) @6295:54117529e40b   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.7-RELEASE release-1.9.7
(edit) @6281:b78018cfaa2f   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.6-RELEASE release-1.9.6
(edit) @6252:942475e10cb4   4 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.5-RELEASE release-1.9.5
(edit) @6234:5cb7e2eed203   5 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.4-RELEASE release-1.9.4
(edit) @6213:7cad953621d4   5 years andrew Modify changes doc to acknowledge Lu is from Intel
(edit) @6210:e27a21560129   5 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.3-RELEASE release-1.9.3
(edit) @6190:3a32d6e7404a   5 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.2-RELEASE release-1.9.2
(edit) @6189:54b10b289f0f   5 years Ruslan Ermilov Polished the recent change to the manpage.
(edit) @6188:f08e80409dfd   5 years vl Documentation: added -T option description to the man page.
(edit) @6162:ab78c12412ce   5 years Valentin V. Bartenev Fixed spelling in change logs.
(edit) @6158:884a967c369f   5 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.1-RELEASE release-1.9.1
(edit) @6135:53d850fe292f   5 years Maxim Dounin nginx-1.9.0-RELEASE release-1.9.0
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