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(edit) @5564:7e38aafc0342   4 years vbart Year 2014. stable-1.4
(edit) @5554:b798fc020e3a   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.10-RELEASE release-1.5.10
(edit) @5534:5a1759f33b7f   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.9-RELEASE release-1.5.9
(edit) @5523:905841c461fa   4 years mdounin Typo fixed.
(edit) @5506:64af0f7c4dcd   4 years vbart Year 2014.
(edit) @5484:dc7f5c184473   4 years mdounin Typo fixed.
(edit) @5480:eaa76f249759   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.8-RELEASE release-1.5.8
(edit) @5447:7e9543faf5f0   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.4-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.4
(edit) @5443:9ba2542d75bf   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.7-RELEASE release-1.5.7
(edit) @5421:69ffaca77955   4 years mdounin nginx-1.4.3-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.3
(edit) @5406:70c5cd3a61cb   4 years mdounin nginx-1.5.6-RELEASE release-1.5.6
(edit) @5379:60e0409b9ec7   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.5-RELEASE release-1.5.5
(edit) @5344:376a5e769400   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.4-RELEASE release-1.5.4
(edit) @5307:644a07952629   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.3-RELEASE release-1.5.3
(edit) @5278:50f065641b4c   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.2-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.2
(edit) @5257:5bdca4812974   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.2-RELEASE release-1.5.2
(edit) @5237:99eed1a88fc3   5 years mdounin nginx-1.5.1-RELEASE release-1.5.1
(edit) @5207:0e80c5bf5e1b   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.9-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.9
(edit) @5195:0702de638a4c   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.1-RELEASE stable-1.4 release-1.4.1
(edit) @5190:48a84bc3ff07   5 years mdounin release-1.5.0-RELEASE release-1.5.0
(edit) @5184:7809529022b8   5 years mdounin nginx-1.4.0-RELEASE release-1.4.0
(edit) @5176:23159600bdea   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.16-RELEASE release-1.3.16
(edit) @5164:d50f390fa97e   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.8-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.8
(edit) @5147:864030a4ff2a   5 years ru Configure: unified nginx version computation constructs.
(edit) @5138:cd84e467c729   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.15-RELEASE release-1.3.15
(edit) @5098:e04428778567   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.14-RELEASE release-1.3.14
(edit) @5074:dc195ffe0965   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.13-RELEASE release-1.3.13
(edit) @5067:a58e268f6c08   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.7-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.7
(edit) @5057:ffe4df586561   5 years mdounin Merge of r5001: year 2013. stable-1.2
(edit) @5031:560dc55e90c1   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.12-RELEASE release-1.3.12
(edit) @5006:36409ac20987   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.11-RELEASE release-1.3.11
(edit) @5000:2552afcb74d3   5 years ru Year 2013.
(edit) @4994:2c053b257269   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.10-RELEASE release-1.3.10
(edit) @4958:eb1043eaedac   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.6-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.6
(edit) @4940:1b1a9337a739   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.9-RELEASE release-1.3.9
(edit) @4909:d763d5c9a133   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.5-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.5
(edit) @4896:ab7ce0eb4cf7   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.8-RELEASE release-1.3.8
(edit) @4881:dafd375f1c88   5 years mdounin nginx-1.3.7-RELEASE release-1.3.7
(edit) @4861:e8aa72e49ef3   5 years mdounin nginx-1.2.4-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.4
(edit) @4859:b91740dedb8a   5 years mdounin Merge of r4835, r4841: improved welcome and 50x error pages. stable-1.2
(edit) @4847:0275f587e00b   5 years mdounin Merge of r4777, r4780, r4831, r4832: release process changes. *) … stable-1.2
(edit) @4844:3aeb14f88dae   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.6-RELEASE release-1.3.6
(edit) @4840:b5ba6f22a0fc   6 years vbart Improved 50x error page. The feature set of the new page: - HTML5 …
(edit) @4834:ed470a7bf7fd   6 years vbart Improved welcome page. The feature set of the new page: - HTML5 …
(edit) @4831:5e3bda6f5208   6 years ru Pass changes.xml thru xmllint when generating CHANGES and
(edit) @4830:2c863b4a8f93   6 years ru Converted DOS-style newlines.
(edit) @4824:90f3b4ea7992   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.5-RELEASE release-1.3.5
(edit) @4808:e3786c39d060   6 years mdounin nginx-1.2.3-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.3
(edit) @4791:e1d4956d7e91   6 years mdounin Merge of r4754: synchronized the license text. Synchronized the … stable-1.2
(edit) @4786:9fda024be573   6 years mdounin Merge of r4736: typo fixed. stable-1.2
(edit) @4776:3032f4854b81   6 years ru Simplified makefile that builds CHANGES.
(edit) @4772:a43447fb82aa   6 years ru nginx-1.3.4-RELEASE release-1.3.4
(edit) @4753:808dee4f2b22   6 years ru Synchronized the license text with the FreeBSD's bsd-style-copyright.
(edit) @4751:2c5e1e88c8cf   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.3-RELEASE release-1.3.3
(edit) @4735:9859cd78ab30   6 years mdounin Typo fixed.
(edit) @4733:f9d796a201da   6 years mdounin nginx-1.2.2-RELEASE stable-1.2 release-1.2.2
(edit) @4706:50107e2d96bb   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.2-RELEASE release-1.3.2
(edit) @4679:fee2dae560e3   6 years mdounin nginx-1.2.1-RELEASE stable-1.2
(edit) @4676:61b6a3438afe   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.1-RELEASE release-1.3.1
(edit) @4632:9ee68d629722   6 years mdounin nginx-1.3.0-RELEASE release-1.3.0
(edit) @4606:f582d662cc40   6 years mdounin nginx-1.2.0-RELEASE release-1.2.0
(edit) @4590:b165e34d45a3   6 years mdounin nginx-1.0.15-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.15
(edit) @4586:0f0b425659e0   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.19-RELEASE release-1.1.19
(edit) @4565:2b22743c3079   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.18-RELEASE release-1.1.18
(edit) @4536:ea69e97a812b   6 years mdounin nginx-1.0.14-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.14
(edit) @4531:f7e1113a9a16   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.17-RELEASE release-1.1.17
(edit) @4525:3ac1c784be40   6 years ru Mentioned the NGINX environment variable.
(edit) @4523:731c71ef051b   6 years ru - Applied some of the OpenBSD changes. - Expanded contractions. - …
(edit) @4521:dfca420d0446   6 years mdounin Grammar and wording fixes in CHANGES.
(edit) @4518:fa326e57ef4a   6 years mdounin nginx-1.0.13-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.13
(edit) @4502:7b7c49639a7b   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.16-RELEASE release-1.1.16
(edit) @4481:2397e9c72f1b   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.15-RELEASE release-1.1.15
(edit) @4454:bd1a95dd6dd3   6 years mdounin nginx-1.0.12-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.12
(edit) @4450:4919fb357a5d   6 years mdounin Merge of r4406, r4413: copyrights updated. stable-1.0
(edit) @4439:5c97978d2717   6 years mdounin Merge of r4379: duplicate words removed. stable-1.0
(edit) @4426:6845f4ac9092   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.14-RELEASE release-1.1.14
(edit) @4412:d620f497c50f   6 years maxim Copyright updated.
(edit) @4409:2255a5f72c22   6 years ru Fixed spelling.
(edit) @4407:6a6836e65827   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.13-RELEASE release-1.1.13
(edit) @4405:618e4c2f4acd   6 years igor 2012 year.
(edit) @4394:0b649a651094   6 years mdounin Fixed punctuation.
(edit) @4389:ade8fc136430   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.12-RELEASE release-1.1.12
(edit) @4378:6af0f5881f0a   6 years maxim Words duplications removed.
(edit) @4368:2203f8401ffe   6 years mdounin nginx-1.0.11-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.11
(edit) @4347:4d45c138e3df   6 years mdounin Merge of r4001, r4002, r4008: Manpage changes: *) Support link. *) … stable-1.0
(edit) @4346:dc7549aa8556   6 years mdounin Merge of r4000, r4014, r4265, r4321, r4342, r4343: Infrastructure … stable-1.0
(edit) @4343:9590f0cf5aab   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.11-RELEASE release-1.1.11
(edit) @4321:c7e65deabf0d   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.10-RELEASE release-1.1.10
(edit) @4316:482d7d907f1a   6 years mdounin nginx-1.1.9-RELEASE release-1.1.9
(edit) @4290:7671138872eb   6 years igor nginx-1.0.10-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.10
(edit) @4284:71600ce67510   6 years igor nginx-1.1.8-RELEASE release-1.1.8
(edit) @4268:25ddf6afc0ff   6 years ru Belatedly fixed language in 1.1.7 relnotes.
(edit) @4261:b5395c8ea2a3   6 years igor nginx-1.0.9-RELEASE stable-1.0 release-1.0.9
(edit) @4260:f16ba923c876   6 years igor Surplus CHANGES line removal. stable-1.0
(edit) @4259:e648c8b59dfe   6 years igor Merging r4236: Fixed documentation pointer. stable-1.0
(edit) @4237:378c297bb745   6 years igor nginx-1.1.7-RELEASE release-1.1.7
(edit) @4235:84db5febe0d4   6 years ru Fixed documentation pointer.
(edit) @4212:f9ddecfe3314   6 years igor nginx-1.1.6-RELEASE release-1.1.6
(edit) @4187:b9dade63fcc2   6 years ru The reference documentation is moving elsewhere.
(edit) @4179:e47531dfabbf   6 years igor nginx-1.1.5-RELEASE release-1.1.5
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