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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#1534 OCSP client certificate validation enhancement closed minor
#1533 Some news about "support configure TLS1.3-Only ciphers" task closed minor nginx-1.15
#1532 nginx not build on fedora28 defect closed major
#1531 ngx_rbtree.h defect closed minor
#1530 Origin frame (RFC 8336) support? enhancement new minor
#1529 Could not configure TLS1.3 ciphers in OpenSSL 1.1.1 pre4 task closed minor 1.13
#1528 Cannot build OpenSSL 1.1.1pre4 on Nginx mainline 1.13.12? defect closed blocker nginx-1.15
#1527 No gRPC support in Debian packages? defect closed minor
#1526 Absolute redirect auto-triggered by location does not include port from Host header defect closed minor
#1525 worker_processes 0 defect closed trivial
#1524 Nginx accept config with unknown directive defect closed major
#1523 large_client_header_buffers directive is ignored in server context defect closed minor
#1522 release version 1.13.13 on Friday, 13? defect closed critical 1.13
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden defect new minor
#1520 HTTP/2 connection dropped when URL has large numbers of same parameter defect closed critical
#1519 grpc_pass causes grpc TCP reset when streaming a lot of data (with default gprc_buffer_size) Maxim Dounin defect closed major
#1518 ngx_rbtree small bug defect closed minor
#1517 defective routing with multiple interfaces and domains defect closed major
#1516 Missing GPG Key defect closed minor
#1515 Can't have multiple and/or non-root locations with grpc_pass defect closed major
#1514 ngx_http_mirror_module does not send body defect closed minor 1.13
#1513 proxy_set_header in Context: http, server defect closed major
#1512 A confusion about code in function ngx_process_options Ruslan Ermilov <ru@…> defect closed minor
#1511 multiple resolver would retry others when someone fails Ruslan Ermilov defect closed minor
#1510 gRPC stream RST_STREAM PROTOCOL_ERROR defect closed minor
#1509 NGINX with Stream utilizing memory exponentially on each connection defect closed critical
#1508 When browser access nginx http/2 server with large cookies, nginx don't return HTTP4xx but return http/2 ENHANCE YOUR CALM error. defect closed major
#1507 gzip in if + proxy_pass doesn't work defect closed minor
#1506 bind() in configuration test is too cautious enhancement new minor
#1505 Milliseconds and dynamic time support for *_cache_valid enhancement new minor
#1504 Redirect issue when equaling $request_uri and $uri with unicode characters defect closed major
#1503 10x Massive performance hit on fastcgi_pass defect closed critical
#1502 ngx_http_parse remove /../ from the uri defect closed minor
#1501 multiple resolver would not down if keep failing defect closed critical
#1500 ngx_hash_t can have only lower case key enhancement accepted minor
#1499 Frequent cancelling the HTTP/2 requests will cause server stop sending more data on the same connection defect closed major
#1498 Named and capture variables cannot be used together defect closed minor
#1497 test defect closed minor
#1496 Issue while logging after client sent duplicate header defect closed minor
#1495 cutom "log_format" can't be used in server block that is included from another file defect closed major
#1494 Null character in error.log defect closed minor
#1493 nginx proxy + cloudflare + https = 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx defect closed major
#1492 nginx proxy + cloudflare + https = 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx defect closed minor 1.13
#1491 Package built by nginx does not have IPV6 enhancement closed minor
#1490 NGINX hold request too long, and causes timeout error. defect closed major
#1489 Document bug/inaccuracy (syntax doc) defect closed minor
#1488 NGINX defect closed critical
#1487 IPv6 Transparent Proxy not supported in the official pre-build package defect closed minor
#1486 Why proxy_pass is changing the URL when I am pointing it to an external domain? defect closed minor
#1485 Issue in using proxy_redirect default defect closed minor
#1484 Timeouts when proxying to Apache and using Keepalive defect closed major
#1483 client_max_body_size vs. auth_request unexpected behaviour enhancement new minor
#1482 Memory leak in error handling block in ngx_stream_geo_block method Ruslan Ermilov defect closed minor
#1481 nginx -t should throw error when merge_slashes is used in non-default server block enhancement closed minor
#1480 Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate provisioning and renewal enhancement new minor
#1479 Nginx maximum file execution 300ms defect closed major
#1478 1.13.9 HTTP/2 SERVER PUSH non-compressed assets Ruslan Ermilov defect closed minor 1.13.9
#1477 Syslog stops working after few hours defect closed major
#1476 SecureApt defect closed minor
#1475 SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number) defect closed minor
#1474 ngx_http_variable_unknown_header crash defect closed critical
#1473 Odd variable sets with proxy_pass defect closed major
#1472 Downloads stop after 1GB depending of network enhancement accepted minor
#1471 Nginx ignores proxy_read_timeout inside location context defect closed major
#1470 ssl_protocols is not overwrited by specific "per-server" value defect closed minor
#1469 nginx won't build under libxcrypt due to missing 'current_salt' in 'crypt_data' struct defect closed minor
#1468 408 generated during active transfer to upstream defect closed minor
#1467 Problem of location matching with a given request Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect accepted minor
#1466 nginx1.13.6 use IP_TRANSPARENT,Existing performance problems enhancement closed critical
#1465 configure: use -iquote for $ngx_module_incs defect new minor
#1464 Segfault Sergey Kandaurov <pluknet@…> defect closed minor
#1463 Build in --builddir throws error on nginx.h defect accepted blocker
#1462 Logging directory is always /var/log on startup defect closed minor
#1461 set $arg_param does not work defect closed minor
#1460 $uri is double-decoded, reporting wrong value defect closed major
#1459 Can't vary on request headers set by proxy_set_header (rev. proxy mode) enhancement accepted minor
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug defect new minor
#1457 nginx reload doen't support listen interface changes defect closed minor
#1456 .tech domain location problem defect closed minor
#1455 Status Error 416 after Header-Request "Range" with multiple ranges defect closed minor
#1454 ngx_palloc may return a heap-buffer-overflow address if the parameter size is not aligned when call ngx_create_pool defect closed minor
#1453 nginx transform https to http when using try_files enhancement closed minor
#1452 gzip doesn't work with nginx+modsecurity task closed major
#1451 proxy_cache_background_update breaks with trailing questionmark defect closed minor
#1450 Allow for unescaped access logs enhancement closed minor
#1449 ocsp failed, nginx failed to establish new connections defect closed major
#1448 http2_idle_timeout parameter does not take effect defect closed minor
#1447 Specific IP(v4) listen directives cause "address already in use" when using ipv6only=off defect closed minor
#1446 gzip_types can't handle types longer than 46 chars defect new minor
#1445 OpenSSL - ChaCha prioritized - Nginx enhancement enhancement closed minor
#1444 Reload it does not refresh the upstrem automatic defect closed major
#1443 May be caused bad request when received with both a Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length header defect closed minor
#1442 May be caused bad request when received with both a Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length header defect closed minor
#1441 HTTP/2 not good for okhttp defect closed critical
#1440 Mistake in manual for defect closed trivial
#1439 auto_index module should discard request body explicitly defect closed minor
#1438 failed (36: File name too long) defect closed minor
#1437 Optimize locality for listening sockets with the help of SO_INCOMING_CPU enhancement new minor
#1436 ngx_http_upstream_test_next u->peer.tries > 1 defect closed minor 1.13
#1435 NGINX allows sending of a malformed header per RFC7540 Section 10.3 defect closed minor
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