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#1270 TCP RST with SSL and HTTP Connection:close header defect closed minor
#1271 $arg_s:event:id does not work defect closed blocker
#1272 nginx don't return response body when upstream server discard request body defect closed minor
#1273 Missing default secure configuration: proxy_ssl_verify defect closed major
#1274 nginx does not start in Windows Nano Server defect closed blocker
#1275 php-fpm incorrectly populates PATH_INFO defect closed minor
#1276 Nginx segfault error that leads to server crash defect closed blocker
#1277 u-> in ngx_http_upstream_finalize_request defect closed minor
#1278 proxy_protocol broken with SSL defect closed major
#1279 Implement FIB selection for upstream connections in proxy and stream modules. enhancement new minor
#1280 ngx_event_connect_peer() recvbuf doesn't exist defect closed minor
#1281 Location Header from proxied server is URL decoded before sent to client defect closed minor
#1282 Add nginx.repo file to RPM repos enhancement new minor
#1284 Build failure if defined IP_PKTINFO but missing ipi_spec_dst in struct in_pktinfo defect closed minor
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures defect new minor
#1286 Probably outdated docs defect closed minor
#1287 Problem with proxy_pass when using upstream and map defect closed minor
#1288 upstream server port defaults to port 80 even for https: proxy_pass enhancement new minor
#1289 Nginx 1.12.0 unable to start after initial installation on RHEL 7 if access_log is uncommented defect closed minor
#1290 проблема с proxy_store при использовании https defect closed major
#1292 Chunked FastCGI output gets chunked an extra time defect closed major
#1293 nginx http proxy stops sending request data after first byte of server response is received enhancement new minor
#1294 Add version-information resource enhancement new minor
#1295 proxy_pass to websocket server defect closed minor
#1296 fails for nginx version 1.10.2 defect closed blocker
#1297 Javascript Engine:IoT tutorial not working defect closed blocker
#1298 when use nginx stream module to proxy UDP traffic, one connection connect to nginx, but nginx will create one new socket to send every UDP packet enhancement closed major
#1299 Upstream docs defect closed minor
#1301 New variable $ssl_client_signature for ngx_http_ssl_module enhancement closed minor
#1302 New variables $ssl_client_sha256_fingerprint and/or $ssl_client_sha512_fingerprint for ngx_http_ssl_module enhancement new minor
#1303 Nginx should respect error_page directives defect closed minor
#1304 proxy_cache not support slice defect closed minor
#1305 OCSP stapling fails due to not working DNS resolution defect closed minor
#1306 ngx_http_geo_module ranges do not support ipv6 enhancement new minor
#1307 proxy_ssl_verify fails with multiple upstreams defect closed blocker
#1308 nginx timer don't work if change system date. defect closed critical
#1309 Chunked transfer encoding with Live video stream does not clean tmp files defect closed blocker
#1310 SSL proxy - CRL verification error defect closed minor
#1311 worker_processes auto mode does not consider isolated CPUs defect closed minor
#1312 In fastcgi_pass does not correctly handle variables defect closed critical
#1313 If "return" rules are above than "expires", then "expires" stop working. task closed major
#1314 If I set sendfile to off, expire header never sent to client. task closed major
#1315 Nginx's enforced permissions enhancement closed minor
#1316 $http_ variables only contain the first field-value defect closed minor
#1318 Upgrading on Ubuntu Conflicts with nginx-common defect closed major
#1319 Периодическое завышение данных в статистике defect closed minor
#1320 IPv6 listen directive prevents nginx from starting enhancement closed major
#1321 False positives in map $http_user_agent if regex does not use word boundaries. enhancement closed minor
#1322 nginx: [emerg] open() "/var/run/" failed (13: Permission denied) defect closed critical
#1323 nginx log folder does not have read access for group defect closed minor
#1324 add_header always doesn't work when sending HTTP response 451 defect closed minor
#1326 rpm update overwrites data defect closed major
#1327 Pre-Build packages with static openssl (http2) enhancement closed trivial
#1328 Incorrect value of $upstream_addr in access_log defect closed major
#1329 Blocking STALE requests when using fastcgi_cache_background_update defect new minor
#1330 OCSP stapling non-functional on IPv6-only host defect closed major
#1332 gunzip module works inappropriately defect closed minor
#1333 Crashes in timer code when ngx_log_debug is on defect closed minor
#1334 pkg-oss is missing tags for nginx 1.12.1 and 1.13.3 defect closed minor
#1335 pkg-oss uses insecure http:// to download sources and link to content defect closed minor
#1336 pkg-oss: add non-interactive mode to improve scriptability of `` Andrei Belov enhancement closed minor
#1337 pkg-oss: `dist` macro changes on CentOS 7 break nginx-module packages Andrei Belov defect closed minor
#1338 ssl_session_cache get incorrect shm zone defect closed minor
#1339 Missing Secure Attribute enhancement closed minor
#1340 Incorrect TLS session resumption for SNI-enabled upstream. defect closed minor
#1341 Inappropriately includes caching headers when error_page used with https://$host defect closed critical
#1342 Problem without server_name with directive `index` defect closed minor
#1343 ngx_http_image_filter_module loses colour profile information during resizes defect closed major
#1344 client_body_temp_path needed, even with option proxy_request_buffering off defect closed minor
#1345 improve slice subrequest memory free enhancement closed minor
#1347 improve slice subrequest memory free enhancement closed minor
#1348 proxy_cache_background_update has problem with slice module defect new minor
#1349 TLS doesn't require different IPs defect closed minor
#1350 Enably http2 by default enhancement closed minor
#1351 NGINX closing connection with GOAWAY if client sends SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE with too large value in initial SETTINGS frame defect closed minor
#1353 http and stream on the same "listen" should conflict enhancement new minor
#1354 add another conditional to to support fedora builds enhancement closed minor
#1355 Can't make 1.13.4 with ngx_pagespeed-latest-stable defect closed minor
#1356 try_files directive and variables defect closed minor
#1357 slice+if_range problem defect closed minor
#1358 Only first parameter of querystring available defect closed minor
#1359 Map command map $upstream_http_cache_control $bypass_cache_control ignored with proxy_cache_bypass $bypass_cache_control defect closed minor
#1360 enhancement: auto-reload map includes enhancement new minor
#1361 SSL: error:14077102:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unsupported protocol defect closed minor
#1362 gzip_proxied default defect closed minor
#1363 OCSP responder timed out on IPv6 only server defect closed minor
#1364 proxy_ssl_protocols does not handle hole in version properly, or is it ? defect closed minor
#1365 Pecular behaviour of nginx reload defect closed minor
#1366 ngx_epoll_notify override original handler defect closed minor
#1367 `gzip_static always` doesn't use index.html.gz unless index.html exists defect closed minor
#1368 Date oveflow problems with ngx_gmtime() defect closed minor
#1369 Add proxy_detect_mime setting enhancement new minor
#1370 proxy_pass changes Content-Type to html when use variables defect closed minor
#1371 some url contains space will be treated as invalid defect closed minor
#1372 Nginx not respecting the TTL for the resolver at the Location block with 418 http response defect closed minor
#1373 missing '=' in admin-guide/serving-static-content Yaroslav Zhuravlev task closed minor
#1374 Nginx error_page 499 Error report defect closed major
#1376 nginx disable client initiated renegotiation not working perfect with openssl 1.1.0c enhancement closed minor
#1377 invalid option "--with-compat" defect closed minor
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