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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1463 Build in --builddir throws error on nginx.h accepted defect blocker
#1506 bind() in configuration test is too cautious new enhancement minor
#1408 Big file download via php-fpm on fast networks eats up memory new defect minor
#224 Args Delimiter new somebody enhancement major
#1179 Allow upstreams to be resolved using internal ngx resolver instead of getaddrinfo() new enhancement minor
#1775 Allow $hostname as part of name in server_name new enhancement minor
#816 Allow h2c and HTTP/1.1 support on the same listening socket new enhancement minor
#1537 Allow for test_types_buffer_size to be set in server configuration new enhancement minor
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 new somebody enhancement minor
#1639 Add support for writing PROXY protocol v2 to upstream new enhancement minor
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) accepted enhancement minor
#617 Add secondary groups configuration option in nginx user conf directive new enhancement minor
#1369 Add proxy_detect_mime setting new enhancement minor
#287 Add option to enable IP_TRANSPARENT new enhancement minor
#237 Add optional systemd socket activation support reopened somebody enhancement minor
#1162 Adding HTTP Forward Proxy support in core like apache new enhancement major
#615 Ability to specify different SSL certificate based on negotiated cipher suites and tls versions new enhancement minor
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