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#55 Неправильно определяется версия Opera accepted ngx_http_browser_module, opera somebody defect trivial
#241 Ability to align cropped images in image_filter new image_filter, crop somebody enhancement trivial
#712 limit_conn and internal redirects accepted limit_conn index x-accel-redirect defect trivial
#1644 Educate people about the importance of "Server" HTTP header new server header removing stripping hardening server_tokens headers-more-nginx-module enhancement trivial
#1824 Bypassing cache if worker failed to allocate node in cache keys zone ? new http file cache enhancement trivial
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures new HttpRewriteModule request enhancement somebody enhancement minor
#97 try_files and alias problems accepted try_files alias somebody defect minor
#217 Wrong "Content-Type" HTTP response header in certain configuration scenarios accepted Content-Type regex location try_files alias somebody defect minor
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout new upstream proxy_connect_timeout somebody enhancement minor
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not new upstream x-accel abort somebody enhancement minor
#239 Support for large (> 64k) FastCGI requests accepted FastCGI, large somebody enhancement minor
#242 DAV module does not respect if-unmodified-since accepted webdav somebody defect minor
#267 Introduce static variables new config static enhancement minor
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI new fastcgi defect minor
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) accepted HSTS, SSL, RFC 6797, header enhancement minor
#314 Dynamic document roots, defaults and prescedence new dynamic document root, default enhancement minor
#327 Add support for animated GIF to HttpImageFilterModule new animated gif enhancement minor
#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force new cache force cancel download enhancement minor
#426 log entire header and cookie new http-core-module log header enhancement minor
#430 Allow variables in userid_domain new userid domain enhancement minor
#557 autoindex_show_hidden_files (autoindex feature option to show hidden files new autoindex enhancement minor
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) new http_xslt_module, xslt-html-parser enhancement minor
#632 option to send the access log to stdout new access_log stdout enhancement minor
#756 Client disconnect in ngx_http_image_filter_module accepted image_filter module tcp fragmentation client disconnect defect minor
#761 The auth_request does not supports query string/arguments new auth,auth_request enhancement minor
#772 No Vary header on 304 Response. assigned Vary Maxim Dounin defect minor
#781 Documentation not clear on auth_basic_user_file new documentation task minor
#936 For security purposes it is necessary to remove or change the "server" header new security configuration enhancement minor
#969 proxy module does not honour proxy_max_temp_file_size on cacheable responses new slice proxy cache temp enhancement minor
#971 Clarify $host and $hostname in embedded variables documentation new $host $hostname enhancement minor
#1060 limit_req_zone add longer periods new ratelimit enhancement minor
#1091 Add missing client certificate field variables new client certificate issuer subject enhancement minor
#1179 Allow upstreams to be resolved using internal ngx resolver instead of getaddrinfo() new resolver upstream enhancement minor
#1215 Add support for SHA2 (SHA3?) family for RFC2307 passwords for HTTP Basic authentication new auth Basic enhancement minor
#1216 Confusing use of 'URI' when referring to a path in the proxy_pass documentation new proxy_pass defect minor
#1242 nginx stub_status exhancement new extended status stub_status enhancement minor
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures new map location defect minor
#1288 upstream server port defaults to port 80 even for https: proxy_pass new upstream server port default enhancement minor
#1293 nginx http proxy stops sending request data after first byte of server response is received new http proxy upstream enhancement minor
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on new fastcgi_cache_background_update,fastcgi_cache,STALE defect minor
#1417 Nginx won't start if hostname isn't valid new container enhancement minor
#1422 Support IPv6 zone identifiers in URLs, e.g. for proxy_pass new ipv6 proxy zone link-local enhancement minor
#1459 Can't vary on request headers set by proxy_set_header (rev. proxy mode) accepted proxy_set_header vary cache enhancement minor
#1467 Problem of location matching with a given request accepted location, manual Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect minor
#1483 client_max_body_size vs. auth_request unexpected behaviour new client_max_body_size, auth_request enhancement minor
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden new open_file_cache, index module defect minor
#1530 Origin frame (RFC 8336) support? new http/2 h2 origin frame enhancement minor
#1619 test configuration ignoring certificates andkkeys new test configuration enhancement minor
#1710 ngx_http_dav_module: Allow to configure some anti-overwrite new ngx_http_dav_module enhancement minor
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection new http2 ssl verify certificate defect minor
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header reopened background update cache control stale-while-revalidate defect minor
#1788 stream proxy_pass ipv6 first new proxy_pass resolver enhancement minor
#1904 sendfile with io-threads - nginx mistakenly considers premature client connection close if client sends FIN at response end accepted sendfile io-threads premature defect minor
#1958 `modern_browser` definition for Safari version is wrong/unexpected accepted safari, modern_browser, browser defect minor
#2012 Wrong header Connection, when keepalive is disabled accepted keepalive defect minor
#2060 Nginx doesn't take case http_502 as unsuccessful attempt in ngx_http_grpc_module accepted ngx_http_grpc_module, unsuccessful attempt, http_502 defect minor
#2120 Add Support for IP2Location and IP2Proxy BIN Database new GeoIP, IP2Location, IP2Proxy enhancement minor
#2167 variable support in proxy_protocol stream module new proxy_protocol, stream, variable enhancement minor
#2216 Add .mjs to known JS MIME types new mime js javascript enhancement minor
#2219 Space escaping in unquoted strings new escaping unquoted defect minor
#2233 Packages for Debian Bullseye should include 32-bit x86 binaries new Debian Bullsye i386 32-bit enhancement minor
#2242 DNS UDP proxy with UNIX socket is not working accepted unix socket, stream module, dns proxy defect minor
#2258 add_header directive: A colon added after the header name passes Nginx syntax validation and breaks the website once applied new add_header enhancement minor
#2268 http2 client set both host and :authority header, server throws 400 bad request error accepted duplicate host header defect minor
#2282 Add audio/x-flac to MIME types new mime flac enhancement minor
#2322 client_max_body_size doesn't work in named location new client_max_body_size named location defect minor
#2438 Improve fastcgi_cache_key documentation accepted fastcgi_cache_key task minor
#2454 image_filter resize is not working correctly with some PNG files.(nginx is changing background color) new image resize, image filter defect minor
#2528 nginx reload with quic reuseport: quic packet rejected rc:-1 new listen quic reuseport quic packet rejected rc:-1 defect minor
#2530 ACK of packet containing PATH_RESPONSE frame can't update rtt state accepted connection migration defect minor
#2542 ssl_ecdh_curve is sometimes ignored in server blocks new ssl_ecdh_curve,kex,default_server defect minor
#2547 Support Partitioned Cookies for load balancing according to CHIPS new cookie, loadbalancing, chips enhancement minor
#2568 Introduce send_timeout and proxy_send_timeout in the stream module new stream enhancement minor
#2609 Custom 413 Error Page Not Displayed for Oversized Uploads new 413, custom error page, configuration, client_max_body_size defect minor
#2621 QUIC ACKs could be delayed by congestion controllers new quic, ack defect minor
#2625 nginx proxy_pass variable DNS resolution not updated when there is another proxy_pass with same domain and without variable new proxy_pass dns defect minor
#2638 nginx fails to restart after upgrade or reinstall of RPM package via dnf new restart, dnf, rpm, postun, upgrade, reinstall, execve defect minor
#2642 proxy_cache_revalidate seems to prevent the cache manager to remove inactive cache objects new cache defect minor
#2643 ssl_reject_handshake not working as expected new ssl_reject_handshake defect minor
#2644 Different User-Agent detection at nginx and PHP via FastCGI new UserAgent defect minor
#2650 Uncovered edge case in host header validation new host, patch defect minor
#2657 Specail redirect in location does not resolve upstream names new proxy_pass, upstream, variables defect minor
#944 Enchance $server_addr to return original IP even after local DNAT new dnat server ip enhancement major
#1841 Dynamic access log and rewrites new access_log existence_failed defect major
#1857 libmaxminddb / geoip2 implementation as nginx essetial modules new libmaxminddb,geoip,geoip2 enhancement major
#2213 The get_handler of ngx_http_variable_t is overwritten by ngx_http_regex_compile if existing new get_handler, ngx_http_variable_t defect major
#2389 "proxy_cache_background_update on" ignored using subrequest (more exactly: nested subrequest) reopened subrequest background cache defect major
#2579 OCSP stapling vs. $ssl_server_name reopened OCSP $ssl_server_name defect major
#2649 ngx_mail_ssl_module "starttls only" issue if without smtp authentication new email starttls defect major
#2660 SSI is included twice when empty response is loaded from proxy cache new ssi proxy_cache defect major
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