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#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force cache force cancel download new enhancement minor
#698 Add an option to proxy_cache_path that allows to set group permissions proxy, cache, access, permissions new enhancement minor
#969 proxy module does not honour proxy_max_temp_file_size on cacheable responses slice proxy cache temp new enhancement minor
#1168 Nginx не корректно обрабатывает опцию max_size в директиве proxy_cache_path cache, max_size, nfs, bsize accepted defect minor
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on fastcgi_cache_background_update,fastcgi_cache,STALE new defect minor
#1459 Can't vary on request headers set by proxy_set_header (rev. proxy mode) proxy_set_header vary cache accepted enhancement minor
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden open_file_cache, index module new defect minor
#1614 proxy cache 404 STALE forever proxy_cache stale proxy_cache_valid proxy_cache_use_stale new defect minor
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header background update cache control stale-while-revalidate reopened defect minor
#1824 Bypassing cache if worker failed to allocate node in cache keys zone ? http file cache new enhancement trivial
#157 cache max_size limit applied incorrectly with xfs proxy_cache_path max_size accepted somebody defect minor
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