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#1500 ngx_hash_t can have only lower case key accepted enhancement minor
#1710 ngx_http_dav_module: Allow to configure some anti-overwrite new enhancement minor
#1306 ngx_http_geo_module ranges do not support ipv6 new enhancement minor
#2127 ngx_http_realip_module changes $remote_addr which leads to wrong ips in X-Forwarded-For received by upstream service accepted defect minor
#689 ngx_http_referer_module issue new enhancement major
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug new defect minor
#2649 ngx_mail_ssl_module "starttls only" issue if without smtp authentication new defect major
#1025 No country detected for requests with X-Forwarded-For or any reserved IP address new enhancement minor
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on new defect minor
#772 No Vary header on 304 Response. assigned Maxim Dounin defect minor
#1675 OCSP stapling not working in stream area new enhancement minor
#2579 OCSP stapling vs. $ssl_server_name reopened defect major
#2032 Odd image_filter behavior on site behind HTTP authentication new enhancement minor
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo new enhancement minor
#869 open_file_cache with NGX_HAVE_PREAD 0 new defect minor
#1437 Optimize locality for listening sockets with the help of SO_INCOMING_CPU new enhancement minor
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. new enhancement minor
#632 option to send the access log to stdout new enhancement minor
#1164 Option to turn off TLS protocols errors in the logs new enhancement minor 1.11
#1530 Origin frame (RFC 8336) support? new enhancement minor
#2233 Packages for Debian Bullseye should include 32-bit x86 binaries new enhancement minor
#1154 Passing URG flag via nginx new enhancement minor
#994 perl_require directive has effect only at first config accepted defect minor
#2441 pkg-oss - build error accepted defect minor
#1393 please add ngx_google_perftools_module to centos 7 rpm new enhancement minor
#225 Please support nested if statements with SSI new somebody enhancement minor
#861 Possibility of Inconsistent HPACK Dynamic Table Size in HTTP/2 Implementation accepted defect minor
#1617 preread data ignored when SSL is terminated new enhancement minor
#1467 Problem of location matching with a given request accepted Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect minor
#2669 Problems with using the $ sign in third-party modules in regexp templates new defect minor
#1535 proxy_bind and resolver IP version mismatch new enhancement minor
#1348 proxy_cache_background_update has problem with slice module new defect minor
#2389 "proxy_cache_background_update on" ignored using subrequest (more exactly: nested subrequest) reopened defect major
#2642 proxy_cache_revalidate seems to prevent the cache manager to remove inactive cache objects new defect minor
#969 proxy module does not honour proxy_max_temp_file_size on cacheable responses new enhancement minor
#1230 proxy_next_upstream: Add a config to add other errors new enhancement minor
#2421 proxy_next_upstream_tries might be ignored with upstream keepalive accepted enhancement minor
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. new enhancement minor
#2395 `proxy_pass https://example` if `upstream example { server; }` is defined, uses port `80`, not `443` per `https` new enhancement minor
#2010 Proxy protocol headers from stream module reported as broken by http module new defect minor
#2477 proxy_redirect is missing feature for HTTP header "Link" new enhancement critical
#2658 proxy_set_body new defect minor
#2148 proxy_ssl_verify does not support iPAddress subjectAlternativeName accepted enhancement minor
#2641 Q:Does NGINX QUIC Support KTLS? new defect trivial
#2621 QUIC ACKs could be delayed by congestion controllers new defect minor
#2291 Regex plus variable in Nginx `proxy_redirect` accepted defect minor
#1768 Request for documentation: `--with-http_degradation_module` new enhancement minor
#985 request_id variable, needs more documentation new enhancement minor
#1965 $request_time less than $upstream_response_time accepted defect minor
#2608 Request to Add Documentation Link on Trailing Slash Behavior in Reverse Proxy Setup new enhancement trivial
#1182 Responses with "no-cache" or "max-age=0" should be cached new enhancement minor
#2448 Restrict Request Response Cycle Length new enhancement minor
#2640 Rewrite module directives are not inherited into the limit_except block new task minor
#2603 RFE: please provide installable interface to allow build and install own ngingx modules new enhancement minor
#1879 RHEL / CentOS 8 repository assigned thresh enhancement minor
#1082 rpmlint issues centos7 assigned thresh enhancement minor 1.11
#1904 sendfile with io-threads - nginx mistakenly considers premature client connection close if client sends FIN at response end accepted defect minor
#1188 Send "immutable" keyword in Cache-Control when "expires max" new enhancement minor
#2429 Ship FHS compliant packages (/var/run > /run) new defect minor
#1407 Should application/javascript be text/javascript in mime.types reopened enhancement minor
#2554 Some of the requests getting stuck after reload. new defect major
#2219 Space escaping in unquoted strings new defect minor
#2657 Specail redirect in location does not resolve upstream names new defect minor
#2660 SSI is included twice when empty response is loaded from proxy cache new defect major
#2542 ssl_ecdh_curve is sometimes ignored in server blocks new defect minor
#2132 ssl_ocsp / ssl_stapling for ngx_mail_ssl_module new enhancement minor
#2643 ssl_reject_handshake not working as expected new defect minor
#990 ssl_stapling_file does not work with multiple certificates reopened enhancement minor
#2562 SSL: use server names from upstream configuration for proxied server's name validation new enhancement minor
#2661 ssl_verify_client can't configured with result of map operation new defect major
#1788 stream proxy_pass ipv6 first new enhancement minor
#2567 sub_filter and gziped payload should trigger warning new enhancement minor
#1785 Support access to environment variables in config file new enhancement minor
#2434 Support dark mode in error pages new enhancement minor
#2275 Support Encrypted Client Hello new enhancement minor
#239 Support for large (> 64k) FastCGI requests accepted somebody enhancement minor
#775 Support for more complex satisfy configurations new enhancement minor
#405 Support for resumeable uploads new enhancement major
#790 Support for send log with GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) new enhancement minor
#2509 Support IPv6 interface identifiers outside of URLs new enhancement minor
#1422 Support IPv6 zone identifiers in URLs, e.g. for proxy_pass new enhancement minor
#1624 support json return type in stub_status new enhancement minor
#1893 Support Linux abstract namespace socket? new enhancement minor
#2547 Support Partitioned Cookies for load balancing according to CHIPS new enhancement minor
#2351 Support reading file ETag from additional sources new enhancement minor
#2284 Support RFC5424 log records new enhancement major
#2546 Support RFC 8879: certificate compression new enhancement minor
#711 Support X-Forwarded-Proto or similar when operating as a backend behind a SSL terminator new enhancement minor
#1059 syntax check error when an upstream is used in proxy_pass using both http and https and is defined after new defect minor
#960 TCP connection re-use without upstream conf new enhancement major
#1619 test configuration ignoring certificates andkkeys new enhancement minor
#761 The auth_request does not supports query string/arguments new enhancement minor
#2490 the backup upstream response inherits the response value of the previous upstream that failed. new defect minor
#2656 The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG ABF5BD827BD9BF62 nginx signing key <> new defect blocker
#2213 The get_handler of ngx_http_variable_t is overwritten by ngx_http_regex_compile if existing new defect major
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context accepted somebody defect minor
#384 trailing dot in server_name accepted defect minor
#97 try_files and alias problems accepted somebody defect minor
#1004 try_files outside of location{} triggered when no location{} matches new enhancement minor 1.11
#752 try_files + subrequest + proxy-handler problem accepted defect minor
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