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#1293 nginx http proxy stops sending request data after first byte of server response is received new enhancement nginx-module
#2060 Nginx doesn't take case http_502 as unsuccessful attempt in ngx_http_grpc_module accepted defect nginx-module
#1724 Nginx doesn't sanitize and is inconsistent with multiple, repeated input headers new enhancement nginx-core
#782 nginx doesn't check delta CRLs reopened enhancement nginx-core
#2016 nginx does not percent-encode Location header properly accepted defect nginx-module
#704 Nginx configure script can't detect groups reliably new defect nginx-core
#1226 nginx behaves weirdly when using eventport as event engine on Solaris accepted defect nginx-core
#1114 New variable suggestion (Date/Time) new enhancement other
#1302 New variables $ssl_client_sha256_fingerprint and/or $ssl_client_sha512_fingerprint for ngx_http_ssl_module new enhancement nginx-module
#485 Multiple WWW-Authenticate headers new enhancement nginx-core
#1085 multiple calls to make install from a read-only source fails to copy config files new defect other
#774 modern_browser // gecko version overwrites msie version accepted defect nginx-module
#1958 `modern_browser` definition for Safari version is wrong/unexpected accepted defect nginx-module
#1579 Mirror subrequests ignore the keepalive flag new defect other
#1607 mirror + limit_req = writing connections accepted defect nginx-core
#1505 Milliseconds and dynamic time support for *_cache_valid new enhancement other
#525 Max connection limit too low (http_limit_conn_module) new enhancement nginx-module
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures new defect documentation
#1255 map regexp fail to match accepted defect documentation
#564 map regex matching affects rewrite directive accepted defect nginx-core
#1697 mail proxy: ManageSieve protocol support new enhancement nginx-module
#1938 mail proxy connect issue with Outlook new defect documentation
#859 -lpcre should preceed -lpthread in objs/Makefile new defect nginx-core
#606 lower log level of ngx_http_access_module forbidden access new enhancement nginx-core
#376 log file reopen should pass opened fd from master process assigned Ruslan Ermilov enhancement nginx-core
#426 log entire header and cookie new enhancement nginx-module
#191 literal newlines logged in error log accepted somebody defect nginx-module
#1060 limit_req_zone add longer periods new enhancement 1.11 nginx-module
#633 limit_except causes 404 new defect nginx-core
#1870 Large file download is not completed with sendfile option. new defect nginx-core
#1523 large_client_header_buffers directive is ignored in server context reopened defect documentation
#319 koi-utf koi-win win-utf in conf are artifacts of the past reopened enhancement nginx-core
#1010 Invalid request sent when serving error pages from upstream new defect nginx-core
#692 Introduce variable to get SSL cipher bits of current connection new enhancement nginx-module
#267 Introduce static variables new enhancement nginx-core
#523 Information leak with automatic trailing slash redirect new enhancement nginx-core
#1808 Inconsistent encoding in rewrites new defect other
#196 Inconsistent behavior on uri's with unencoded spaces followed by H accepted somebody defect nginx-core
#129 include_shell directive new somebody enhancement nginx-core
#1388 Implement TLS Dynamic Record Sizing (CloudFlare patch ready) new enhancement other
#1977 Implement TLS 1.3 random record padding to mitigate BREACH new enhancement nginx-module
#658 Implement new type of "resolver" -- "system" [for Docker usage] new enhancement nginx-core
#1279 Implement FIB selection for upstream connections in proxy and stream modules. new enhancement nginx-module
#778 Immediatley expire cached responses new enhancement nginx-core
#1316 $http_ variables only contain the first field-value new defect nginx-core
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures new somebody enhancement nginx-module
#1353 http and stream on the same "listen" should conflict new defect other
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection new defect other
#1763 HTTP/2 prioritization is intermittent and often ineffective new enhancement other
#1737 HTTP/2 HPACK full encoding support new enhancement other
#1119 Gzip_types support pattern matching new enhancement 1.11 other
#1446 gzip_types can't handle types longer than 46 chars new defect nginx-module
#394 gzip module doesn't handle all certain HTTP verbs/statuses reopened enhancement nginx-module
#1536 grpc-web (grpc for browsers) new enhancement nginx-module
#936 For security purposes it is necessary to remove or change the "server" header new enhancement nginx-core
#967 Force secure bit on cookies when site running under SSL new enhancement documentation
#812 Fetch OCSP responses on startup, and store across restarts new enhancement nginx-core
#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force new enhancement nginx-core
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not new somebody enhancement nginx-module
#1861 Feature Request: Support `error_log off` new enhancement other
#1631 feature request: support ALTSVC frame new enhancement nginx-core
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout new somebody enhancement nginx-module
#964 Expires header incorrectly prioritised over Cache-Control: max-age accepted defect nginx-core
#348 Excessive urlencode in if-set accepted defect nginx-core
#1383 Error if using proxy_pass with variable and limit_except accepted defect nginx-core
#1719 Enhance proxy_cache_min_uses directive new enhancement other
#1360 enhancement: auto-reload map includes new enhancement nginx-module
#770 Enable PolarSSL or Botan as a compile-time alternative to OpenSSL new enhancement nginx-core
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden new defect nginx-module
#1083 Enable gzip compression only for non "text/html" content new enhancement nginx-module
#314 Dynamic document roots, defaults and prescedence new enhancement nginx-core
#1406 duplicated "content-encoding" while proxy server return a empty content-encoding header new defect nginx-core
#1472 Downloads stop after 1GB depending of network accepted enhancement nginx-module
#1104 . (dot) is not allow for syslog tag new enhancement nginx-core
#2048 Document that 'proxy_buffering off' disables caching assigned Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect documentation
#781 Documentation not clear on auth_basic_user_file new task documentation
#454 disable ngx_http_upstream_store for HEAD requests reopened enhancement nginx-module
#738 Describe how to extend mime.types in types docs new defect documentation
#242 DAV module does not respect if-unmodified-since accepted somebody defect nginx-module
#697 Couldn't produce multiple error log items from FastCGI new enhancement nginx-core
#1238 Core dump when $limit_rate is set both in a map and in a location accepted defect nginx-core
#2109 Content-Type header is dropped when HTTP2 is used( HTTP status 204 only) accepted defect nginx-core
#1850 Content of the variable $sent_http_connection is incorrect accepted defect other
#1262 connect_(timeout|error) option in proxy_next_upstream new enhancement nginx-module
#1823 Connection header for inflight return messages during shutdown new enhancement nginx-core
#1216 Confusing use of 'URI' when referring to a path in the proxy_pass documentation new defect documentation
#1465 configure: use -iquote for $ngx_module_incs new defect other
#1765 configure is fragile in finding system libraries new enhancement other
#1708 closed_nodes in h2c should define as ngx_uint_t new defect nginx-module
#1483 client_max_body_size vs. auth_request unexpected behaviour new enhancement nginx-module
#756 Client disconnect in ngx_http_image_filter_module accepted defect nginx-module
#1651 client_body_in_file_only/client_body_temp_path file permissions new enhancement nginx-core
#971 Clarify $host and $hostname in embedded variables documentation new enhancement documentation
#1668 Channel-Bound Cookies Implementation in nginx new enhancement other
#318 Change response behavior when SSL client certificate won't validate new enhancement nginx-module
#2135 capture negotiated ssl_curve new enhancement documentation
#1459 Can't vary on request headers set by proxy_set_header (rev. proxy mode) accepted enhancement nginx-core
#1145 Can't set redirection port to the port from the "Host" request header field new enhancement nginx-module
#2035 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak new defect nginx-core
#1743 Can't flush HTTP response header under TLS+HTTP2 new defect nginx-module
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