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#2057 $slice_range variable does not work in set directive. new enhancement nginx-1.19 nginx-module
#990 ssl_stapling_file does not work with multiple certificates reopened enhancement nginx-module
#1788 stream proxy_pass ipv6 first new enhancement nginx-module
#1855 Strip an object from an header(cookie) new enhancement other
#1785 Support access to environment variables in config file new enhancement other
#239 Support for large (> 64k) FastCGI requests accepted somebody enhancement nginx-module
#775 Support for more complex satisfy configurations new enhancement nginx-core
#790 Support for send log with GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) new enhancement nginx-core
#1422 Support IPv6 zone identifiers in URLs, e.g. for proxy_pass new enhancement nginx-core
#1624 support json return type in stub_status new enhancement other
#1893 Support Linux abstract namespace socket? new enhancement nginx-core
#711 Support X-Forwarded-Proto or similar when operating as a backend behind a SSL terminator new enhancement nginx-core
#1059 syntax check error when an upstream is used in proxy_pass using both http and https and is defined after new defect nginx-core
#1619 test configuration ignoring certificates andkkeys new enhancement other
#761 The auth_request does not supports query string/arguments new enhancement nginx-module
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context accepted somebody defect nginx-core
#2056 TLS ALert "close_notify" missing new defect documentation
#1892 TLSv1.3 session resumption - session tickets renewing new defect nginx-core
#384 trailing dot in server_name accepted defect nginx-core
#97 try_files and alias problems accepted somebody defect nginx-core
#1004 try_files outside of location{} triggered when no location{} matches new enhancement 1.11 documentation
#752 try_files + subrequest + proxy-handler problem accepted defect nginx-core
#1987 underscores_in_headers directive seems to be specific to each server block new defect documentation
#882 Unencoded Location: header when redirecting accepted defect nginx-core
#915 "Upgrade" header should not be proxied over h2 new enhancement nginx-module
#1269 $upstream_response_time is improperly evaluated in header filter handlers accepted defect documentation
#1288 upstream server port defaults to port 80 even for https: proxy_pass new enhancement nginx-core
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places accepted somebody enhancement nginx-module
#1151 Use sched_getaffinity() and CPU_COUNT() for ngx_ncpu on Linux new enhancement nginx-core
#1629 use variable in for proxy_ssl in stream module new enhancement other
#586 variable support for client_max_body_size new enhancement nginx-core
#1732 Warn for large request bodies new enhancement other
#1606 WebAssembly doesn't work on Firefox/Chrome due to missing MIME type new enhancement other
#1433 WebDAV module didn't convert UTF8 encode url into GBK on Windows accepted defect nginx-module
#1992 Websocket over HTTP/2 support new enhancement nginx-module
#1209 Weird net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR errors when http2 emabled new defect other
#2028 Why is it not possible to cache PUT requests (proxy_cache_methods)? new enhancement nginx-core
#1996 Why is there no Restart=on-failure in systemd unit new defect nginx-package
#458 Win32: autoindex module doesn't support Unicode names accepted defect nginx-core
#1598 Windows Path Length Limitation issue accepted defect nginx-core
#1421 worker_rlimit_nofile description is not clear new enhancement documentation
#217 Wrong "Content-Type" HTTP response header in certain configuration scenarios accepted somebody defect nginx-core
#2012 Wrong header Connection, when keepalive is disabled accepted defect nginx-core
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI new defect nginx-module
#938 Концепт модуля: Миниатюры как часть прогрессивных JPEG, PNG. new enhancement nginx-module
#1058 недокументированный редирект? accepted defect documentation
#853 Поведение cache_use_stale updating если новые ответы нельзя кешировать accepted enhancement nginx-core
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