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#1899 Enhance mail module with access control like ngx_http_access_module module new major nginx-module
#1935 Send cookie headers with HTTP2 Server Push new minor nginx-module
#1977 Implement TLS 1.3 random record padding to mitigate BREACH new minor nginx-module
#1992 Websocket over HTTP/2 support new minor nginx-module
#2032 Odd image_filter behavior on site behind HTTP authentication new minor nginx-module
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. new minor documentation
#2119 Add support for Maxmind's GeoIP2 new minor nginx-module
#2120 Add Support for IP2Location and IP2Proxy BIN Database new minor nginx-module
#2131 NGNIX needs root cert in the chain for Client validation. new minor nginx-core
#2132 ssl_ocsp / ssl_stapling for ngx_mail_ssl_module new minor nginx-module
#2148 proxy_ssl_verify does not support iPAddress subjectAlternativeName accepted minor nginx-module
#2161 Allow accessing arbitrary cookies. new minor documentation
#2167 variable support in proxy_protocol stream module new minor nginx-module
#2182 Nginx doesn't delete temp cache files after a crash new minor nginx-module
#2196 resolver only ipv6 issue new minor nginx-core
#2216 Add .mjs to known JS MIME types new minor documentation
#2222 add_after_body concatenates (upstream proxied) gziped content with uncompressed local data new minor nginx-module
#2224 HTTP/2 in nginx does not use double-GOAWAY for graceful connection shutdown reopened minor nginx-module
#2233 Packages for Debian Bullseye should include 32-bit x86 binaries new minor nginx-package
#2254 cache loader ignores reopen signal new minor nginx-core
#2258 add_header directive: A colon added after the header name passes Nginx syntax validation and breaks the website once applied new minor nginx-core
#2275 Support Encrypted Client Hello new minor nginx-module
#2282 Add audio/x-flac to MIME types new minor nginx-core
#2284 Support RFC5424 log records new major nginx-module
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places accepted somebody minor nginx-module
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule new somebody major nginx-module
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures new somebody minor nginx-module
#129 include_shell directive new somebody minor nginx-core
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 new somebody minor nginx-core
#165 Nginx worker processes don't seem to have the right group permissions accepted somebody minor nginx-core
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout new somebody minor nginx-module
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not new somebody minor nginx-module
#224 Args Delimiter new somebody major nginx-core
#225 Please support nested if statements with SSI new somebody minor nginx-module
#237 Add optional systemd socket activation support reopened somebody minor nginx-core
#239 Support for large (> 64k) FastCGI requests accepted somebody minor nginx-module
#241 Ability to align cropped images in image_filter new somebody trivial nginx-module
#246 Don't install config files for unused modules assigned Ruslan Ermilov trivial nginx-core
#267 Introduce static variables new minor nginx-core
#287 Add option to enable IP_TRANSPARENT new minor nginx-core
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) accepted minor nginx-core
#314 Dynamic document roots, defaults and prescedence new minor nginx-core
#318 Change response behavior when SSL client certificate won't validate new minor nginx-module
#319 koi-utf koi-win win-utf in conf are artifacts of the past reopened minor nginx-core
#320 nginx should reliably check client connection close with pending data assigned Valentin V. Bartenev minor nginx-core
#327 Add support for animated GIF to HttpImageFilterModule new minor nginx-module
#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force new minor nginx-core
#376 log file reopen should pass opened fd from master process assigned Ruslan Ermilov minor nginx-core
#394 gzip module doesn't handle all certain HTTP verbs/statuses reopened minor nginx-module
#405 Support for resumeable uploads new major nginx-core
#407 Cache X-Accel-Redirect responses (from fastcgi) new minor nginx-module
#417 ngx_cache_purge new minor nginx-core
#426 log entire header and cookie new minor nginx-module
#430 Allow variables in userid_domain new minor nginx-module
#454 disable ngx_http_upstream_store for HEAD requests reopened minor nginx-module
#485 Multiple WWW-Authenticate headers new minor nginx-core
#523 Information leak with automatic trailing slash redirect new minor nginx-core
#525 Max connection limit too low (http_limit_conn_module) new minor nginx-module
#557 autoindex_show_hidden_files (autoindex feature option to show hidden files new minor nginx-module
#586 variable support for client_max_body_size new minor nginx-core
#606 lower log level of ngx_http_access_module forbidden access new minor nginx-core
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) new minor nginx-module
#617 Add secondary groups configuration option in nginx user conf directive new minor nginx-core
#632 option to send the access log to stdout new minor nginx-core
#640 enable usage of $ in variable new major nginx-core
#642 Cannot specify a minimum SSL/TLS version without also specifying a maximum new minor nginx-module
#658 Implement new type of "resolver" -- "system" [for Docker usage] new minor nginx-core
#689 ngx_http_referer_module issue new major nginx-module
#692 Introduce variable to get SSL cipher bits of current connection new minor nginx-module
#697 Couldn't produce multiple error log items from FastCGI new minor nginx-core
#711 Support X-Forwarded-Proto or similar when operating as a backend behind a SSL terminator new minor nginx-core
#720 PCRE2 new minor nginx-module
#761 The auth_request does not supports query string/arguments new minor nginx-module
#770 Enable PolarSSL or Botan as a compile-time alternative to OpenSSL new minor nginx-core
#775 Support for more complex satisfy configurations new minor nginx-core
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo new minor nginx-1.21 documentation
#1004 try_files outside of location{} triggered when no location{} matches new minor 1.11 documentation
#1060 limit_req_zone add longer periods new minor 1.11 nginx-module
#1082 rpmlint issues centos7 assigned thresh minor 1.11 other
#1119 Gzip_types support pattern matching new minor 1.11 other
#1164 Option to turn off TLS protocols errors in the logs new minor 1.11 other
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