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#2644 Different User-Agent detection at nginx and PHP via FastCGI defect minor nginx-core
#2650 Uncovered edge case in host header validation defect minor nginx-core
#2653 MIME type image/jpeg for filename extension .jfif enhancement major nginx-core
#2657 Specail redirect in location does not resolve upstream names defect minor nginx-core
#2660 SSI is included twice when empty response is loaded from proxy cache defect major nginx-core
#2528 nginx reload with quic reuseport: quic packet rejected rc:-1 defect minor http/3
#2554 Some of the requests getting stuck after reload. defect major http/3
#2582 HTTP3 working with curl but not in Browser defect major nginx-1.27 http/3
#2620 IPv6 with HTTP/3 / QUIC don't work defect minor nginx-1.27 http/3
#2624 Challenges Configuring HTTP/3 for Multiple Domains with Distinct SSL Certificates in Nginx 1.25.4 defect minor http/3
#2626 cannot use mTLS on nginx via http3 protocol defect major nginx-1.27 http/3
#2641 Q:Does NGINX QUIC Support KTLS? defect trivial http/3
#2652 Some QUIC connections lost domain header in nginx H3 defect major http/3
#738 Describe how to extend mime.types in types docs defect minor documentation
#781 Documentation not clear on auth_basic_user_file task minor documentation
#971 Clarify $host and $hostname in embedded variables documentation enhancement minor documentation
#985 request_id variable, needs more documentation enhancement minor documentation
#1004 try_files outside of location{} triggered when no location{} matches enhancement minor 1.11 documentation
#1216 Confusing use of 'URI' when referring to a path in the proxy_pass documentation defect minor documentation
#1222 Update doc to mention about HTSP enhancement major documentation
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures defect minor documentation
#1421 worker_rlimit_nofile description is not clear enhancement minor documentation
#1768 Request for documentation: `--with-http_degradation_module` enhancement minor documentation
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. enhancement minor documentation
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo enhancement minor documentation
#2300 Link variable index from map module docs enhancement minor documentation
#2301 Add examples for core variables enhancement minor documentation
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. enhancement minor documentation
#2401 Deployment on Heroku: add options to handle SIGTERM enhancement minor documentation
#2426 Nginx repository for debian doesn't have 1.22.1 deb for Buster defect minor documentation
#2486 Documentation for client_max_body_size may contain an error enhancement minor documentation
#2526 wrong gpg key for nginx-stable repo defect minor documentation
#2529 Can pto timeout check removed from ngx_quic_pto_handler? defect minor documentation
#2548 Worker infinite loop in ngx_http_do_read_client_request_body() defect minor documentation
#2560 Inclusive language: rename default branch of official GitHub tracker repo nginx/nginx from "master" to "main"? enhancement minor documentation
#2603 RFE: please provide installable interface to allow build and install own ngingx modules enhancement minor documentation
#2604 Errors handling when streaming defect minor documentation
#2607 How to link custom library to nginx defect minor documentation
#2608 Request to Add Documentation Link on Trailing Slash Behavior in Reverse Proxy Setup enhancement trivial documentation
#2613 How to make openresty to wait on dependent library to be built before openresty defect minor documentation
#2617 nginx 1.22 - sending GOAWAY to client after 60s defect minor documentation
#2619 Issues with HTTP/3 Configuration and listen 443 quic reuseport; Directive Affecting Server Block Functionality defect blocker documentation
#2630 Unable to remove Cookie from request header defect minor documentation
#2637 Documentation for server_name does not mention special case of underscore defect minor documentation
#2638 nginx fails to restart after upgrade or reinstall of RPM package via dnf defect minor documentation
#2640 Rewrite module directives are not inherited into the limit_except block task minor documentation
#2643 ssl_reject_handshake not working as expected defect minor documentation
#2648 Nginx will disable ocsp stapling over all domains even if one is bogus defect major documentation
#2656 The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG ABF5BD827BD9BF62 nginx signing key <> defect blocker documentation
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