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#1463 Build in --builddir throws error on nginx.h nginx-core 1.13.x defect accepted 01/18/18
#1811 proxy server,slice+limit_rate,keepalived connection will be delayed to receive nginx-module 1.13.x nginx-1.17 defect new 07/15/19
#1163 cache size grows over max_size nginx-core 1.11.x defect reopened 12/26/16
#1696 NGINX does not update cached response of POST requests nginx-core 1.14.x defect new 12/27/18
#1905 SSL ON; Problem other 1.16.x defect new 12/20/19
#868 new variable: $remote_addr_anon nginx-core 1.9.x enhancement new 12/23/15
#508 nginx rewrite URL decoding first encoded character in URI nginx-core 1.5.x defect new 02/19/14
#621 Could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache nginx-core 1.7.x defect accepted 09/03/14
#644 nginx rewrite $uri not right nginx-module 1.4.x defect reopened 10/20/14
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule nginx-module 1.0.x enhancement somebody new 12/14/11
#224 Args Delimiter nginx-core 1.2.x enhancement somebody new 09/23/12
#405 Support for resumeable uploads nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement new 09/03/13
#640 enable usage of $ in variable nginx-core 1.7.x enhancement new 10/13/14
#689 ngx_http_referer_module issue nginx-module 1.7.x enhancement new 12/25/14
#1857 libmaxminddb / geoip2 implementation as nginx essetial modules nginx-module 1.17.x nginx-1.17 enhancement new 09/26/19
#1250 Connection reset with low http2_max_requests nginx-module 1.11.x defect new 04/15/17
#1263 Segmentation Fault when SSI is used in sub-request nginx-module 1.11.x defect accepted 05/03/17
#1330 OCSP stapling non-functional on IPv6-only host nginx-core 1.10.x defect accepted 07/24/17
#1544 http/2 downloads broken during reload other 1.13.x defect new 05/04/18
#1822 segfault when running nginx in reverse TLS proxy configuration on Raspberry Pi Zero W other 1.17.x defect new 07/28/19
#1832 Occasionally get "...zero size buf in writer..." other 1.17.x defect new 08/15/19
#1841 Dynamic access log and rewrites nginx-core 1.16.x defect new 08/27/19
#1843 $upstream_http_set_cookie includes only first cookie nginx-module 1.16.x defect new 08/29/19
#1900 Nginx starting more worker processes when modsec rules are enabled nginx-core 1.15.x defect new 12/11/19
#1926 resolver should not cache failures nginx-core 1.17.x defect new 01/21/20
#798 Implement http_brotli_static module nginx-core 1.9.x enhancement new 09/23/15
#944 Enchance $server_addr to return original IP even after local DNAT nginx-core 1.9.x enhancement new 03/31/16
#960 TCP connection re-use without upstream conf nginx-core 1.6.x enhancement new 04/27/16
#1057 Google QUIC - statement other 1.11.x enhancement new 08/23/16
#1134 CVE-2016-1247 nginx-core 1.9.x enhancement new 11/18/16
#1162 Adding HTTP Forward Proxy support in core like apache nginx-core 1.11.x enhancement new 12/22/16
#1181 "Vary: X-Forwarded-Proto" should be removed nginx-core 1.10.x enhancement new 01/17/17
#1222 Update doc to mention about HTSP documentation 1.9.x enhancement new 03/17/17
#1890 Cookie SameSite support for userid module other 1.17.x enhancement new 11/12/19
#1899 Enhance mail module with access control like ngx_http_access_module module nginx-module 1.16.x enhancement new 12/10/19
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context nginx-core defect somebody accepted 01/17/12
#97 try_files and alias problems nginx-core defect somebody accepted 02/03/12
#147 nginx touched /var/log/nginx-error.log even when error_log are switched off nginx-core 1.0.x defect assigned 04/07/12
#157 cache max_size limit applied incorrectly with xfs nginx-core 1.2.x defect somebody accepted 04/29/12
#191 literal newlines logged in error log nginx-module 1.2.x defect somebody accepted 08/01/12
#196 Inconsistent behavior on uri's with unencoded spaces followed by H nginx-core 1.3.x defect somebody accepted 08/12/12
#217 Wrong "Content-Type" HTTP response header in certain configuration scenarios nginx-core 1.3.x defect somebody accepted 09/12/12
#242 DAV module does not respect if-unmodified-since nginx-module 1.3.x defect somebody accepted 11/04/12
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI nginx-module 1.3.x defect new 01/28/13
#348 Excessive urlencode in if-set nginx-core defect accepted 05/02/13
#384 trailing dot in server_name nginx-core 1.3.x defect accepted 07/09/13
#431 directory redirect ex: try_files $uri $uri/ @backend; nginx-core 1.3.x defect new 10/31/13
#458 Win32: autoindex module doesn't support Unicode names nginx-core defect accepted 12/06/13
#564 map regex matching affects rewrite directive nginx-core defect accepted 05/28/14
#633 limit_except causes 404 nginx-core 1.7.x defect new 09/29/14
#704 Nginx configure script can't detect groups reliably nginx-core 1.0.x defect new 01/26/15
#738 Describe how to extend mime.types in types docs documentation 1.7.x defect new 03/27/15
#752 try_files + subrequest + proxy-handler problem nginx-core 1.7.x defect accepted 04/23/15
#753 Nginx leaves UNIX domain sockets after SIGQUIT nginx-core 1.6.x defect accepted 04/24/15
#756 Client disconnect in ngx_http_image_filter_module nginx-module defect accepted 04/29/15
#772 No Vary header on 304 Response. nginx-core 1.9.x defect Maxim Dounin assigned 07/05/15
#774 modern_browser // gecko version overwrites msie version nginx-module 1.4.x defect accepted 07/21/15
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places nginx-module 1.0.x enhancement somebody accepted 11/13/11
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures nginx-module 1.0.x enhancement somebody new 01/23/12
#129 include_shell directive nginx-core 1.0.x enhancement somebody new 03/20/12
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 nginx-core 1.1.x enhancement somebody new 04/07/12
#165 Nginx worker processes don't seem to have the right group permissions nginx-core 1.0.x enhancement somebody accepted 05/11/12
#195 Close connection if SSL not enabled for vhost nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement somebody accepted 08/11/12
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout nginx-module enhancement somebody new 09/18/12
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement somebody new 09/18/12
#225 Please support nested if statements with SSI nginx-module 1.0.x enhancement somebody new 09/25/12
#237 Add optional systemd socket activation support nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement somebody reopened 10/27/12
#239 Support for large (> 64k) FastCGI requests nginx-module enhancement somebody accepted 10/30/12
#267 Introduce static variables nginx-core enhancement new 12/30/12
#287 Add option to enable IP_TRANSPARENT nginx-core enhancement new 01/21/13
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement accepted 01/29/13
#314 Dynamic document roots, defaults and prescedence nginx-core 1.2.x enhancement new 03/08/13
#318 Change response behavior when SSL client certificate won't validate nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement new 03/14/13
#319 koi-utf koi-win win-utf in conf are artifacts of the past nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement reopened 03/15/13
#320 nginx should reliably check client connection close with pending data nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement Valentin V. Bartenev assigned 03/15/13
#327 Add support for animated GIF to HttpImageFilterModule nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement new 03/28/13
#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force nginx-core enhancement new 05/23/13
#368 RFE: add a proxy_cookie_secure to override cookes to be 'Secure' nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement new 06/04/13
#376 log file reopen should pass opened fd from master process nginx-core enhancement accepted 06/14/13
#394 gzip module doesn't handle all certain HTTP verbs/statuses nginx-module enhancement reopened 08/09/13
#407 Cache X-Accel-Redirect responses (from fastcgi) nginx-module 1.1.x enhancement new 09/05/13
#417 ngx_cache_purge nginx-core 1.3.x enhancement new 09/21/13
#426 log entire header and cookie nginx-module enhancement new 10/18/13
#430 Allow variables in userid_domain nginx-module enhancement new 10/30/13
#454 disable ngx_http_upstream_store for HEAD requests nginx-module 1.3.x enhancement reopened 11/29/13
#485 Multiple WWW-Authenticate headers nginx-core 1.5.x enhancement new 01/14/14
#523 Information leak with automatic trailing slash redirect nginx-core 1.4.x enhancement new 03/18/14
#525 Max connection limit too low (http_limit_conn_module) nginx-module 1.5.x enhancement new 03/26/14
#557 autoindex_show_hidden_files (autoindex feature option to show hidden files nginx-module enhancement new 05/08/14
#586 variable support for client_max_body_size nginx-core 1.7.x enhancement new 06/30/14
#606 lower log level of ngx_http_access_module forbidden access nginx-core 1.6.x enhancement new 08/17/14
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) nginx-module 1.6.x enhancement new 08/21/14
#615 Ability to specify different SSL certificate based on negotiated cipher suites and tls versions nginx-core enhancement new 08/27/14
#617 Add secondary groups configuration option in nginx user conf directive nginx-core 1.7.x enhancement new 08/29/14
#632 option to send the access log to stdout nginx-core 1.6.x enhancement new 09/24/14
#642 Cannot specify a minimum SSL/TLS version without also specifying a maximum nginx-module 1.7.x enhancement new 10/15/14
#658 Implement new type of "resolver" -- "system" [for Docker usage] nginx-core 1.7.x enhancement new 11/07/14
#692 Introduce variable to get SSL cipher bits of current connection nginx-module 1.7.x enhancement new 01/08/15
#697 Couldn't produce multiple error log items from FastCGI nginx-core 1.7.x enhancement new 01/16/15
#698 Add an option to proxy_cache_path that allows to set group permissions nginx-core 1.6.x enhancement new 01/16/15
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