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    99What are you expecting the Amazon ELB to do with the rest of the body bytes which arrive after it sent the 504? Establish a new connection to nginx and send them? And assuming it receives a 200 response then should it forward this response to the client? So the client effectively receives *two* HTTP responses to one POST request? Where is receiving two different HTTP responses to a single HTTP request defined in the RFCs?
     11I thought we discussed and agreed earlier that according to the RFCs, upon receiving an error to an incomplete request the client should itself close the connection. However, we have seen that common and battle tested clients do not do that in reality. So surely by the same token the Amazon ELB is also behaving incorrectly by keeping the connection open and waiting around for 60 seconds... when according to the RFCs the client should not be sending anything further?
     13And again, I submit that the client is not broken and that this situation can occur in production traffic from a client which sends a correctly formulated larger POST with the correct content length. Body packets can be delayed even after the not-broken client has sent them. Do you agree?