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#2061 cookie lost in nginx-quic under http/3 defect critical nginx-core 1.19.x
#2051 Issue with auth_request directive defect major nginx-module 1.19.x
#2068 ngx_http_copy_pipelined_header didn't adjust buffer pointer after copy data defect major nginx-core 1.19.x
#2080 Possible mem leak in nginx defect major other 1.19.x
#2110 nginx as grpc reverse proxy report 499 after few weeks of work defect major nginx-module 1.19.x
#2142 keepalive_timeout 0 will break http2 defect major nginx-core 1.19.x
#2073 TLS 1.3 handshake failure with ssl_reject_handshake on defect minor nginx-module 1.19.x
#2077 rename conf files with ".sample" extension for windows package enhancement trivial nginx-package 1.19.x
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