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#2427 failed when compiling nginx with boringssl defect blocker http/3 1.23.x
#2469 Recursively chaging ownership of nginx owned directories enhancement blocker nginx-core 1.22.x
#2379 Nginx compile error with OpenSSL 3 on Msys2 (mingw64) Windows defect major nginx-core 1.23.x
#2361 CVEs against Nginx 1.22 defect minor other 1.19.x
#2407 server_name using regex loses variable after first request in h3 Sergey Kandaurov defect minor http/3 1.23.x
#2424 quic_bpf failed defect minor nginx-core 1.21.x
#2461 Unable to identify upstream errors defect minor nginx-module 1.23.x

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2416 Memory overrun due to alignment issues when cross-compiling mingw on linux defect minor nginx-core 1.22.x
#2454 image_filter resize is not working correctly with some PNG files.(nginx is changing background color) defect minor nginx-module 1.23.x
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