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#621 Could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache ssl accepted defect major
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) HSTS, SSL, RFC 6797, header accepted enhancement minor
#615 Ability to specify different SSL certificate based on negotiated cipher suites and tls versions SSL new enhancement minor
#692 Introduce variable to get SSL cipher bits of current connection ssl new enhancement minor
#770 Enable PolarSSL or Botan as a compile-time alternative to OpenSSL ssl security new enhancement minor
#927 Set $ssl_session_reused to "t" for session ticket reuse and set $ssl_session_id with session tickets tls session ticket variable ssl new enhancement minor
#1164 Option to turn off TLS protocols errors in the logs ssl tls new enhancement minor
#1234 "proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate" is loaded into memory many times when defined in "http" context. Memory Proxy_SSL new enhancement minor
#1302 New variables $ssl_client_sha256_fingerprint and/or $ssl_client_sha512_fingerprint for ngx_http_ssl_module ssl client fingerprint new enhancement minor
#1445 OpenSSL - ChaCha prioritized - Nginx enhancement chacha openssl nginx new enhancement minor
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug ngx_http_ssl_module new defect minor
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection http2 ssl verify certificate new defect minor
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