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#1463 Build in --builddir throws error on nginx.h accepted builddir compile defect blocker
#2146 Accessing illegally my devices using your server closed Criminal malicious activity of 6 years since building my home defect critical
#22 Nginx 1.1.4 can't build on Debian hurd-i386 closed patch, build fail, hurd somebody enhancement major
#1874 Nginux 1.16/1.17 Perl Module Fails Ubuntu 18 closed nginx perl nginx.h nginx.c build failed defect major
#23 MP4 module fails to build under Debian hurd-i386 closed patch, build fail, hurd, mp4 module somebody defect minor
#334 Changeset 5169 breaks building on Debian / Ubuntu closed build, Makefile.PL defect minor
#966 NGINX (1.9.14, 1.9.15, 1.10.0) fail to build against openssl 1.1-pre5 (CentOS 7) closed openssl build compile enhancement minor
#1556 nginx doesn't build due to missing 'current_salt' in 'crypt_data' struct closed glic; build; fedora28 defect minor
#2129 --with-openssl= extra .openssl injected in path closed build configure defect minor
#246 Don't install config files for unused modules assigned build Ruslan Ermilov enhancement trivial
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