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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2622 nginx-quic is down defect blocker http/3 1.25.x
#2500 After update to nginx 1.25 and configure vhost to enable http/3 quic error generated defect major http/3
#2539 --with-http_v3_module changes the layout of the ngx_connection_s structure that can be used by modules, but does not change the signature defect major http/3 1.25.x
#2585 segfault in quic defect major http/3 1.25.x
#2586 probably memory corruption and worker exiting with SIGABRT defect major documentation 1.25.x
#2605 NGINX + BoringSSL build error (NGINX 1.25.4 required Openssl) defect trivial http/3 1.25.x

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2503 Unable to build nginx quic defect critical http/3 1.19.x
#2592 Ports are not forwarded defect critical other 1.25.x
#2515 Can't build QUIC binaries for windows defect major http/3 1.23.x
#2565 ویکی defect major http/3
#2589 http write filter limit enhancement major nginx-core 1.25.x
#2483 http/3 behaves differently with fastcgi_param/php variables breaks Magento admin page redirection enhancement minor http/3 1.23.x
#2484 When reuseport is not present with listen 443 quic, only HTTP/2 works not HTTP/3 defect minor http/3 1.23.x
#2485 If chrome browser has '--enable-quic --quic-version=h3-29' set as start up command line, then HTTP/3 does not work defect minor http/3 1.23.x
#2517 QUIC:After sending a RESET_STREAM, nginx does not cease transmission of STREAM frames? defect minor http/3 1.25.x
#2564 nginx returns 501 when 400 is expected defect minor nginx-core 1.25.x
#2571 Start non-blocking error when using the "user" setting defect minor nginx-core 1.25.x

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2601 NGINX Repositories are down - 404 task blocker nginx-package 1.24.x
#2602 down task critical nginx-package 1.25.x
#2581 quic: virtual host not working defect major http/3 1.25.x
#2612 Unable to build nginx with latests BoringSSL version defect major nginx-core 1.25.x
#2606 Issues building Nginx using boringssl defect minor documentation 1.25.x
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