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#1162 new enhancement

Adding HTTP Forward Proxy support in core like apache

Reported by: Mathieu CARBONNEAUX Owned by:
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Component: nginx-core Version: 1.11.x
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nginx -V: 1.11


To replace completely apache on there major feature, while be importante to implement forward proxy feature (not has proxypass hack but also supporting connect method, and proxy authentication in nginx core .

Ok you can use nginx as forward proxy in using proxypass with variable...

But they not support CONNECT Method natively...

And you cannot use with proxy authentification (407 vs 401 HTTP code) natively...

like :


To do that i think adding CONNECT method like in core...

And some modification in module to use 407 in place of 401 in response plus reading authentication in Proxy-Authorization header in place of Authorization header ...

Plus a options like proxyrequests to activate interpretation of request like:

Proxy-Connection: keep-alive

Like proxy_pass http://$http_host$uri$is_args$args;

And interprete correctly the Proxy-Connection: keep-alive header...

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