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About your channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server

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I want to report your channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server, I saw you have listed that channel as official helping channel for Nginx. I will be short I just want to say something honestly.

I have experience with a lot of "helping" channels there, I cannot say all but most of them have officials who have big personal issues.

I will say what happened. I am using Nginx for some time now, I needed to make complex rewrite directive. I have read 2 Nginx books and read Rewrite module manual but couldn't make the rewrite liek it should be.
So I honestly asked for help on channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server. One guy insulted me in very harsh way so I told him I will not beg for help at all costs and to stop insulting me, then shrotly after that a lot people in the channel jumped on me like dogs :) (yeah I told you personal problems.. ) they said "he is regular here and who are you..? etc." so I ignored one by one and waited for mute or ban on the channel (as my experience is like this with almost all channels on Freenode IRC server - they abuse power to insult if you counter them they will ban you) so after 10 or more hours of asking the same question again if someone can help me, I got replies from 6-7 people who didn't even saw what I am asking I guess, they posted some links from which 2 were total trash, and one was link that was of no help.
I am well aware that they don't know how to do what I was asking or they don't care.
When I said that the links were of no use I got muted on the channel..
I am not sure how they are related to Nginx but I saw you listed their IRC channel on your website so I wanted you to know with who you are dealing here..

That is all.

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comment:1 by Valentin V. Bartenev, 11 years ago

I saw you have listed that channel as official helping channel for Nginx


comment:2 by Dejan Spirovski, 11 years ago

Hmm I can swear that I saw that somewhere on your webpage now I am searching but can't find, and better is that way I suggest you stay away from this Freenode project.

comment:3 by Dejan Spirovski, 11 years ago

Yes here it is, it is listed as

comment:4 by Valentin V. Bartenev, 11 years ago

Oh, you mean community wiki ( It's completely user-populated resource, everybody can edit it, therefore no information on the wiki cannot be considered as official.

But, anyway, please accept our apologies if somebody insulted you on that channel. Such messages like yours make us think about to withdraw domain delegation from resources that we cannot fully control. The official information can only be found at and

I'd suggest you to ask for help in our mailing lists:

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comment:5 by Dejan Spirovski, 11 years ago

Ok thank you for replies, I though it is official support Nginx channel because it said - "Try us at #nginx on"

comment:6 by Valentin V. Bartenev, 11 years ago

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Indeed it can mislead. I removed "us" from the sentence.
Thank you for pointing at this.

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