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About your channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server — at Initial Version

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I want to report your channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server, I saw you have listed that channel as official helping channel for Nginx. I will be short I just want to say something honestly.

I have experience with a lot of "helping" channels there, I cannot say all but most of them have officials who have big personal issues.

I will say what happened. I am using Nginx for some time now, I needed to make complex rewrite directive. I have read 2 Nginx books and read Rewrite module manual but couldn't make the rewrite liek it should be.
So I honestly asked for help on channel #nginx on Freenode IRC server. One guy insulted me in very harsh way so I told him I will not beg for help at all costs and to stop insulting me, then shrotly after that a lot people in the channel jumped on me like dogs :) (yeah I told you personal problems.. ) they said "he is regular here and who are you..? etc." so I ignored one by one and waited for mute or ban on the channel (as my experience is like this with almost all channels on Freenode IRC server - they abuse power to insult if you counter them they will ban you) so after 10 or more hours of asking the same question again if someone can help me, I got replies from 6-7 people who didn't even saw what I am asking I guess, they posted some links from which 2 were total trash, and one was link that was of no help.
I am well aware that they don't know how to do what I was asking or they don't care.
When I said that the links were of no use I got muted on the channel..
I am not sure how they are related to Nginx but I saw you listed their IRC channel on your website so I wanted you to know with who you are dealing here..

That is all.

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