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Segfault in sub_filter after updating to 1.9.4

Reported by: serguei.ivantsov@… Owned by:
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Component: nginx-module Version: 1.9.x
Keywords: 1.9.4 sub_filter segfault Cc:
uname -a: Linux cedartrail 4.2.0-Atom #1 SMP Sat Sep 19 22:06:41 EEST 2015 x86_64 Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D2700 @ 2.13GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
nginx -V: nginx version: nginx/1.9.4
built by gcc 4.9.3 (Gentoo 4.9.3 p1.1, pie-0.6.2)
built with OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015
TLS SNI support enabled
configure arguments: --prefix=/usr --conf-path=/etc/nginx/nginx.conf --error-log-path=/var/log/nginx/error_log --pid-path=/run/ --lock-path=/run/lock/nginx.lock --with-cc-opt=-I/usr/include --with-ld-opt=-L/usr/libx32 --http-log-path=/var/log/nginx/access_log --http-client-body-temp-path=/var/lib/nginx/tmp/client --http-proxy-temp-path=/var/lib/nginx/tmp/proxy --http-fastcgi-temp-path=/var/lib/nginx/tmp/fastcgi --http-scgi-temp-path=/var/lib/nginx/tmp/scgi --http-uwsgi-temp-path=/var/lib/nginx/tmp/uwsgi --with-file-aio --with-debug --with-pcre --with-threads --without-http_memcached_module --without-http_scgi_module --without-http_ssi_module --without-http_split_clients_module --without-http_upstream_ip_hash_module --without-http_userid_module --without-http_uwsgi_module --with-http_geoip_module --with-http_gunzip_module --with-http_gzip_static_module --with-http_spdy_module --with-http_stub_status_module --with-http_sub_module --with-http_realip_module --with-http_ssl_module --without-mail_imap_module --without-mail_pop3_module --without-mail_smtp_module --user='nginx --group=nginx' --with-debug


nginx process crashes on every request after updating to 1.9.4
Reverting to 1.9.3 or earlier version fixes the issue.

After little debugging with gdb and core dumps I've found crash occurs in

ctx-> = ngx_pnalloc(r->pool, ctx->tables->max_match_len - 1);

because ctx->tables is NULL

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comment:1 by thresh, 9 years ago

Can you please provide the full nginx configuration causing the crash? Thanks.

in reply to:  1 comment:2 by serguei.ivantsov@…, 9 years ago

user nginx nginx;
worker_processes 1;

error_log /var/log/nginx/error_log info;

events {

worker_connections 1024;
use epoll;


http {

include /etc/nginx/mime.types;
default_type application/octet-stream;

sub_filter_types text/plain text/css application/xml application/x-javascript;
sub_filter_once off;
sub_filter '' '';

server {

server_name localhost;
root /var/www/localhost/htdocs;



comment:3 by serguei.ivantsov@…, 9 years ago

cedartrail objs # telnet localhost 8080
Connected to cedartrail.ixg.lan.
Escape character is ']'.
GET / HTTP/1.0

Connection closed by foreign host.
cedartrail objs # dmesg
[95475.473468] nginx[27820]: segfault at 4 ip 00000000004648c0 sp 00000000ffd26050 error 4 in nginx[400000+a8000]

comment:4 by Roman Arutyunyan, 9 years ago

Could you please try the following patch and report the result?

by Roman Arutyunyan, 9 years ago

Attachment: sub-main-conf.patch added

comment:5 by serguei.ivantsov@…, 9 years ago

With this patch nginx doesn't crash and sub_filter works properly.

comment:6 by Roman Arutyunyan, 9 years ago

Committed, thanks.

comment:7 by Roman Arutyunyan, 9 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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