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#1528 Cannot build OpenSSL 1.1.1pre4 on Nginx mainline 1.13.12? defect blocker nginx-core 1.13.x
#1585 ssl_verify_client cause core dump defect blocker nginx-core 1.15.x
#1702 [NGINX Plus Openid connect]:audience check failed for array type field defect critical nginx-package 1.15.x
#1734 nginx failed to work with openssl-1.1.1b defect critical nginx-core 1.15.x
#1770 How to enable tls1.3 in nginx? defect critical nginx-package 1.15.x
#1670 Chipers list order not respected for TLS 1.3 defect major nginx-core 1.15.x
#1700 UDP connections are terminated when updating Nginx executable file on-the-fly defect major nginx-core 1.15.x
#1742 nginx.exe filesize defect major nginx-core 1.15.x
#1533 Some news about "support configure TLS1.3-Only ciphers" task minor nginx-module 1.13.x
#1612 Add Stric SNI supprot enhancement minor nginx-module 1.15.x
#1656 It may be a bug of udp rbtree init in function ngx_set_inherited_sockets defect minor nginx-core 1.15.x
#1703 [NGINX Plus Openid Connect]: error log printing variable not value defect minor other 1.15.x
#1707 try_files doesn't work sometimes defect minor nginx-core 1.15.x
#1739 invaild r->port_end defect minor other 1.15.x
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