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#2170 Nginx causing missing body content data since v1.19.1 defect critical nginx-core 1.19.x
#2195 after upgrade to 1.21.0,it cover my nginx.conf setting / and make a new default.conf defect major documentation
#2203 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory task minor documentation 1.19.x
#2215 Maybe a minior bug in $request_completion code defect minor documentation 1.19.x
#2227 Nginx 1.21.1 source build with static openssl fails on Freebsd12 defect major nginx-core
#2246 Our QUIC implementation currently supports BoringSSL and the quictls fork of OpenSSL enhancement minor documentation
#2251 "underscores_in_headers on" didn't work defect blocker documentation
#2255 different declaration and impementation defect minor nginx-core 1.19.x
#2259 Variables in proxy_pass url lead to unresovable host if host is only defined in /etc/hosts defect major nginx-module
#2272 Docs for mp4_start_key_frame directive is missing Yaroslav Zhuravlev enhancement minor documentation 1.19.x
#2273 nginx security issue - version 1.21.4 defect minor nginx-package
#2277 Docker Image for v1.21.4 missing on Docker Hub thresh defect minor nginx-package
#2292 nginx config test cannot pass if quic_bpf is enabled defect major http/3
#2318 SSL handshaking SSL_shutdown after 24h defect blocker other
#2321 ngx_http_geoip_module problem defect critical nginx-module 1.19.x
#2327 Adding cross-domain configuration in HTTP2 is invalid defect critical nginx-core
#2335 no resolver defined to resolve localhost defect minor nginx-core
#2336 mTLS client verification fails in >=1.21.4 defect minor nginx-core
#2337 Version disclosure when server_tokens is set off defect minor nginx-core
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