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#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures HttpRewriteModule request enhancement new somebody enhancement minor
#426 log entire header and cookie http-core-module log header new enhancement minor
#525 Max connection limit too low (http_limit_conn_module) connection limit http_limit_conn_module new enhancement minor
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) http_xslt_module, xslt-html-parser new enhancement minor
#756 Client disconnect in ngx_http_image_filter_module image_filter module tcp fragmentation client disconnect accepted defect minor
#1025 No country detected for requests with X-Forwarded-For or any reserved IP address ngx_http_geoip_module, geoip new enhancement minor
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug ngx_http_ssl_module new defect minor
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden open_file_cache, index module new defect minor
#1710 ngx_http_dav_module: Allow to configure some anti-overwrite ngx_http_dav_module new enhancement minor
#55 Неправильно определяется версия Opera ngx_http_browser_module, opera accepted somebody defect trivial
#1644 Educate people about the importance of "Server" HTTP header server header removing stripping hardening server_tokens headers-more-nginx-module new enhancement trivial
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