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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1735 Nginx js freezing new defect critical njs-0.3.0
#1689 Writing connections leak with http/2 new defect major nginx-1.15
#1598 Windows Path Length Limitation issue accepted defect minor
#1606 WebAssembly doesn't work on Firefox/Chrome due to missing MIME type new enhancement minor
#1614 proxy cache 404 STALE forever new defect minor
#1624 support json return type in stub_status new enhancement minor
#1629 use variable in for proxy_ssl in stream module new enhancement minor
#1631 feature request: support ALTSVC frame new enhancement minor
#1639 Add support for writing PROXY protocol v2 to upstream new enhancement minor
#1651 client_body_in_file_only/client_body_temp_path file permissions new enhancement minor
#1666 Add MSG_ZEROCOPY support new enhancement minor
#1668 Channel-Bound Cookies Implementation in nginx new enhancement minor
#1675 OCSP stapling not working in stream area new enhancement minor
#1682 Nginx tries to open the html file and through error 404. I expected the redirection to the php script. new defect minor
#1688 want to get the socket port which use in nginx and upstream servers new enhancement minor nginx-1.15.8
#1690 Add MITM detection new enhancement minor
#1708 closed_nodes in h2c should define as ngx_uint_t new defect minor
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection new defect minor
#1719 Enhance proxy_cache_min_uses directive new enhancement minor
#1724 Nginx doesn't sanitize and is inconsistent with multiple, repeated input headers new enhancement minor
#1731 Reverse proxy websocket If the number of concurrency is large, many close_waits will appear. new defect minor nginx-1.15.9
#1732 Warn for large request bodies new enhancement minor
#1737 HTTP/2 HPACK full encoding support new enhancement minor
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header reopened defect minor nginx-1.15
#1747 apt-key add is deprecated new defect minor
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