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#2012 Wrong header Connection, when keepalive is disabled accepted defect minor
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. new enhancement minor
#2109 Content-Type header is dropped when HTTP2 is used( HTTP status 204 only) accepted defect minor
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo new enhancement minor
#2219 Space escaping in unquoted strings new defect minor
#2258 add_header directive: A colon added after the header name passes Nginx syntax validation and breaks the website once applied new enhancement minor
#2284 Support RFC5424 log records new enhancement major
#2391 bad parsing of Content-Type (sub_filter_types) new enhancement minor
#2477 proxy_redirect is missing feature for HTTP header "Link" new enhancement critical
#2542 ssl_ecdh_curve is sometimes ignored in server blocks new defect minor
#2567 sub_filter and gziped payload should trigger warning new enhancement minor
#2608 Request to Add Documentation Link on Trailing Slash Behavior in Reverse Proxy Setup new enhancement trivial
#2666 "Content-Length: 1\t\r\n" is not treated as a valid Content-Length new defect minor
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