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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#1246 proxy_pass does not form correct URI when declared with $scheme variable defect closed major
#803 proxy_pass differs in behavior if used with variable substitution enhancement closed minor
#1370 proxy_pass changes Content-Type to html when use variables defect closed minor
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. enhancement new minor
#2421 proxy_next_upstream_tries might be ignored with upstream keepalive enhancement accepted minor
#2096 proxy_next_upstream returns 502 Bad Gateway when one of the servers is down defect closed minor
#992 proxy_next_upstream broken since 1.9.13 including stabe 1.10.1 defect closed major
#1230 proxy_next_upstream: Add a config to add other errors enhancement new minor
#488 proxy_next_upstream_action to distinguish different network actions enhancement closed minor
#969 proxy module does not honour proxy_max_temp_file_size on cacheable responses enhancement new minor
#283 proxy_method does not support variable dereferencing enhancement closed minor
#2388 proxy_intercept_errors breaks keepalive connections defect closed minor
#1099 proxy_http_version 1.1 is ignored for incoming https request defect closed critical
#1962 proxy_hide_header don't work, why? defect closed minor
#2331 proxy_cookie_path / proxy_cookie_domain and custom cookie fileds enhancement closed minor
#83 proxy_cache_valid 200 being ignored somebody defect closed minor
#922 proxy_cache use wrong file name, if set on backend "gzip on". defect closed minor
#416 proxy_cache_use_stale run updating in new thread and serve stale data to ALL enhancement closed minor
#281 proxy_cache_use_stale conflicts with proxy_intercept_errors defect closed minor
#2642 proxy_cache_revalidate seems to prevent the cache manager to remove inactive cache objects defect new minor
#473 proxy_cache_revalidate does not distinguish through the cache key defect closed minor
#1245 proxy_cache_path should create intermediate directories (recursive, like mkdir -p) defect closed minor 1.12.0
#273 proxy_cache not work for 204 responses defect closed major
#1304 proxy_cache not support slice defect closed minor
#1990 proxy_cache_min_uses not counted per variant on initial requests enhancement closed minor
#729 proxy_cache_methods is ignored defect closed minor
#2204 proxy_cache_methods DELETE defect closed major
#130 proxy_cache_lock does not work as expected somebody defect closed minor
#849 proxy_cache filder no files,I think it is a bug,because in version 1.0.4 is OK! defect closed minor
#2189 proxy_cache don't work with X-Accel-Redirect response from proxy defect closed major
#1382 proxy_cache doesn't respect no-cache from error_page defect closed minor
#2231 proxy_cache_bypass sets variable defined in map defect closed minor
#1545 proxy_cache_bypass does not work when a period characer is part of the name of a cookie defect closed minor 1.15.0
#827 proxy_cache bug when using custom error pages Maxim Dounin defect closed major
#2389 "proxy_cache_background_update on" ignored using subrequest (more exactly: nested subrequest) defect reopened major
#1348 proxy_cache_background_update has problem with slice module defect new minor
#1723 proxy_cache_background_update does not really do updates in the background defect closed minor
#1451 proxy_cache_background_update breaks with trailing questionmark defect closed minor
#1614 proxy cache 404 STALE forever defect closed minor
#40 proxy_bind inheritance Ruslan Ermilov defect closed minor
#1535 proxy_bind and resolver IP version mismatch enhancement new minor
#2308 proxy_bind and proxy_pass address family mismatch causes connection fail defect closed minor
#442 proxy defect closed minor
#533 Progressive download (http_mp4): delays before responding with actual data streams defect closed major
#789 Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. defect closed major
#762 procol version integer overflow, downgrade to 0.9 defect closed minor
#2020 Problem with statically linking Nginx defect closed trivial
#174 Problem with redirection when subdomain string is the same as the upstream name somebody enhancement closed minor
#1287 Problem with proxy_pass when using upstream and map defect closed minor
#1342 Problem without server_name with directive `index` defect closed minor
#857 Problem with multiline $ssl_client_cert HTTP header in proxy mode enhancement closed minor
#168 Problem with mp4 pseudostreaming module somebody defect closed minor
#1051 Problem with access_log whose names contain variables! defect closed major
#883 problem when installing nginx 1.9.9 (latest mainline version) enhancement closed minor
#2669 Problems with using the $ sign in third-party modules in regexp templates defect new minor
#751 Problems with syslog and openvpn defect closed critical
#502 Problems with serving content on 1.4.4 defect closed major
#1189 Problems with SELinux on CentOS 7/Virtualmin/Webmin defect closed minor
#1669 Problems with map + subfilter defect closed critical
#1013 problem on restart nginx defect closed minor
#1467 Problem of location matching with a given request Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect accepted minor
#1838 problem in http2 defect closed minor
#1286 Probably outdated docs defect closed minor
#2586 probably memory corruption and worker exiting with SIGABRT defect closed major nginx-1.26
#1886 Privet Obrekotivich defect closed minor
#2309 Prioritize `X-Accel-Expires` even if specific Cache-Control flags defect closed minor
#1132 preread post request body not returned for h2 defect closed major
#1617 preread data ignored when SSL is terminated enhancement new minor
#1565 Prematurely deleting request body temp files on fast response defect closed minor
#1694 Prefer SNI name to Host header when selecting server block defect closed minor
#1327 Pre-Build packages with static openssl (http2) enhancement closed trivial
#139 pread() read only somebody defect closed minor
#1776 Pre-Access Phase Bug defect closed major
#207 PPA install - website directory name mismatch somebody defect closed minor
#570 Potential XSS in "400 Bad Request" response defect closed major 1.7.2
#529 Potential trouble with exit after fork defect closed minor
#1922 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_grpc_module.c' defect closed minor
#1921 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_flv_module.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1920 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_fastcgi_module.c' defect closed minor
#1916 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_auth_request_module.c' defect closed minor
#1918 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_auth_request_module.c' defect closed minor
#1915 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/event'. file 'ngx_event_openssl_stapling.c' defect closed minor
#1923 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_inet.c' defect closed minor
#1917 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_hash.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1919 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_hash.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1618 Potential infinity cycle in ngx_http_upstream_send_request_body() defect closed minor
#1161 POST to static file causes 405 but lacks Allow header defect closed minor
#588 POST Request with response 302 and content-length 0 crashes nginx defect closed critical
#876 POST error_page handling sends bad GET request with content-length defect closed minor
#370 Possible null pointer dereference? defect closed major
#1873 possible memory leak in stream modules defect closed critical
#568 Possible memory leak in proxy module defect closed critical 1.7
#2080 Possible mem leak in nginx defect closed major nginx-1.19
#1679 Possible infinite loop in function ngx_cache_manager_process_cycle and ngx_cache_loader_process_handler in src/os/unix/ngx_process_cycle.c defect closed minor
#831 Possible incorrect handling of invalid headers with HTTP/2.0 and POST/PUT requests defect closed major
#2583 possible bug in http/modules/ngx_http_limit_req_module.c defect closed minor
#893 Possible buffer overrun defect closed minor 1.9
#1641 Possible buffer overflow in ngx_http_request (1.15.3) defect closed critical
#861 Possibility of Inconsistent HPACK Dynamic Table Size in HTTP/2 Implementation defect accepted minor
#3 POSIX Semaphores can be used at Solaris somebody enhancement closed minor
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