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#2601 NGINX Repositories are down - 404 task closed blocker nginx-1.26
#2426 Nginx repository for debian doesn't have 1.22.1 deb for Buster defect new minor
#1661 Nginx repository for ubuntu has no Release file for cosmic (18.10) thresh defect closed major
#1837 nginx resolver failed when ipv6 AAAA dns query failed and ipv4 A query success defect closed critical nginx-1.17
#2513 nginx resolver issue defect closed major
#736 Nginx responses 412 to invalid If-Unmodified-Since request-header defect closed major
#666 Nginx retry the failed http request not only from the servers defined inside the associated upstream, but also the upstream's name as well defect closed blocker
#1031 nginx return 416 error if client set Range header and requested file < 2 byte. defect closed minor
#824 NGINX returning 404 on proxy timeout instead of 504 when request is a POST defect closed minor
#2610 Nginx returning 502 gateway error repeatedly defect new critical
#1551 nginx returns 400 beacuse of missing host header when receiving HTTP2 :authory pseudo field defect closed minor
#1232 nginx returns 412 given if-match, thus ignoring etag from upstream defect closed minor
#2564 nginx returns 501 when 400 is expected defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#2054 nginx returns a blank page defect closed major
#2058 nginx returns code 500 on zero-size request body when filter module returns 40x defect closed minor
#2290 nginx rewrites stop working on special get parameter defect closed minor
#644 nginx rewrite $uri not right defect reopened major
#508 nginx rewrite URL decoding first encoded character in URI defect new major
#1592 "nginx -s" doesn't read error_log configuration defect closed minor
#2273 nginx security issue - version 1.21.4 defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#1276 Nginx segfault error that leads to server crash defect closed blocker
#1757 nginx segfault defect closed minor
#500 nginx segfaults on Solaris 11.1 x86 when compiled with -m64 defect closed minor
#222 nginx segfaults on start somebody defect closed major
#311 Nginx segmentation fault on uploading file via DAV after Expect: 100-continue defect closed minor
#1750 Nginx + sendfile serves wrong content from NFS share, may leak confidential information to unauthorized party. defect closed critical
#170 nginx sending incorrect header somebody defect closed minor
#1199 nginx sends traffic to all or some of the upstrems defect closed blocker
#1315 Nginx's enforced permissions enhancement closed minor
#2569 nginx serves stale 200 page which was deleted (became 404) defect closed major
#1676 nginx.service for tmpfs /var/log defect closed minor
#1983 nginx.service unit-file in rpm (CentOS 7,8) defect closed minor
#628 nginx serving wrong certificate for another domain? task closed minor
#1880 nginx should bypass cache if worker failed to allocate node in cache keys zone defect closed minor
#208 Nginx should give an error claiming lack of support for chunked encoding when Transfer-Encoding: chunked header is found somebody defect closed minor
#1704 Nginx should have a friendly notice when config file have same port and same server_name defect closed minor
#719 Nginx should maintain a better default cipher suite enhancement closed minor
#494 nginx should not ignore log_format changes during reload enhancement closed minor
#320 nginx should reliably check client connection close with pending data enhancement accepted minor
#1303 Nginx should respect error_page directives defect closed minor
#2173 Nginx simple proxy set-up returns 400 (Bad Request) task closed minor
#887 nginx skips SNI when determining protocols for SSL negotiation defect closed major
#624 Nginx SPDY module not working with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1/ Windows Server 2012 defect closed major 1.6.2
#613 nginx+ssl crashes very often on low memory environment defect closed major
#701 nginx -s stop and -s quit hang on Yosemite defect closed major
#2540 nginx stable 1.24 issues with cache file deletion under heavy load defect closed major
#1040 nginx start failed if upstream server domainname is not resolved defect closed minor
#1900 Nginx starting more worker processes when modsec rules are enabled defect closed major
#2130 "nginx" stops every day itself defect closed blocker
#278 Nginx stops processes after reload procedure defect closed major
#1049 nginx stream module - listen not provided defect closed minor 1.11
#1242 nginx stub_status exhancement enhancement new minor
#2163 nginx suddenly stop accepting request & returns 499 defect closed blocker
#1638 Nginx Systemd is failing to start on reboot defect closed major 1.15.4
#1791 Nginx -t changing ownersip of cache path defect closed critical nginx-1.17.1
#2187 nginx -t disrupts streamed udp traffic defect closed major
#2372 nginx -t does not indicate potential permissions error for SSL certificates enhancement closed minor
#1933 nginx -t does not write to set error log defect closed minor
#1883 nginx -t doesn‘t complain about wrongly formatted server_name directive enhancement new minor
#2417 nginx temp file Directory permissions change defect closed major
#2004 nginx temp files deleting problem defect closed minor
#1379 nginx-tests/access_log.t failed Sergey Kandaurov <pluknet@…> defect closed minor
#1671 nginx-tests fail in docker container defect closed major
#541 nginx-tests: proxy_unfinished.t test 'no proxy temp' does not work defect closed minor
#2597 nginx-tests: some ssl tests fail with openssl 3.2.0 defect new minor
#946 Nginx that is logging into /dev/log cannot handle change of inode of the socket defect closed minor
#1308 nginx timer don't work if change system date. defect closed critical
#947 nginx -t just a bit buggy defect closed trivial
#147 nginx touched /var/log/nginx-error.log even when error_log are switched off defect closed minor
#1453 nginx transform https to http when using try_files enhancement closed minor
#943 Nginx transforms HTTP method from POST to GET defect closed minor
#571 Nginx treats dashes in server_name as catch-all servers defect closed major
#1682 Nginx tries to open the html file and through error 404. I expected the redirection to the php script. defect closed minor
#1547 Nginx trying to create NGX_HTTP_PROXY_TEMP_PATH even when it is overridden via configuration file defect closed minor
#1481 nginx -t should throw error when merge_slashes is used in non-default server block enhancement closed minor
#150 nginx -t success but nginx -s reload failed somebody defect closed minor
#1960 nginx -t tries to bind to ports enhancement closed minor
#2188 nginx -t with many worker_processes/reuseport is expensive enhancement closed minor
#77 nginx -t изредка падает с ненулевым статусом и пустым stdout/stderr somebody defect closed minor
#2527 Nginx unable to install from default Ubuntu Repository if IPv6 is disabled through grub defect closed critical
#373 nginx unexpectedly terminate php-fastcgi when it has lot of errors defect closed minor
#2520 Nginx upgrade on debian 11 defect closed minor
#1613 Nginx uses server's ip address instead of its domain name while verifying as a load balancer defect closed minor
#898 nginx_version is not casted to unsinged integer. defect closed minor
#160 Nginx -V Output Format somebody enhancement closed minor
#639 nginx -V should output to STDOUT defect closed minor
#1953 nginx -V Website down defect closed critical
#2648 Nginx will disable ocsp stapling over all domains even if one is bogus defect new major
#1871 Nginx will not accept the latter of two client certs if the subject is the same. defect closed major
#726 NGINX will use least level of security for SSL with SNI enabled. defect closed major
#1555 nginx with grpc is poor performance defect closed minor
#1070 nginx with NJS compile error defect closed minor
#982 nginx with perl_module is not going defect closed minor
#881 Nginx with php-fpm + SSI defect closed major 1.9
#1509 NGINX with Stream utilizing memory exponentially on each connection defect closed critical
#1469 nginx won't build under libxcrypt due to missing 'current_salt' in 'crypt_data' struct defect closed minor
#900 Nginx won't daemonise if "NGINX" environment variable is set defect closed minor
#1417 Nginx won't start if hostname isn't valid enhancement new minor
#542 NGINX won't use gzip_static when http request is proxied by NGINX and the browser is Firefox 28 defect closed minor
#975 nginx worker die with trap divide error using upstream_conf with ip_hash defect closed minor
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