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#2573 Nothing $http_host variable of with-http_v3_module defect closed minor
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on defect new minor
#2402 Not right to skip location rewrite phase for server null location. defect closed minor
#772 No Vary header on 304 Response. Maxim Dounin defect assigned minor
#2397 no way to hide/customize the server name "nginx" when some error happens enhancement closed minor
#1552 No way to use http2 with stream-section enhancement closed minor
#825 NTLM option in upstream module allows authentication bypass defect closed major
#1494 Null character in error.log defect closed minor
#1782 NULL dereference in ngx_http_upstream.c defect closed minor
#14 Number of *_buffers must be less then 17 on Solaris Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#78 Objects are not stripped anymore somebody defect closed minor
#1832 Occasionally get " size buf in writer..." defect closed major
#832 OCSP_basic_verify : unable to get certificate CRL defect closed minor
#1534 OCSP client certificate validation enhancement closed minor
#911 could not be resolved defect closed minor
#1813 OCSP does not work with $ssl_server_name defect closed minor
#1449 ocsp failed, nginx failed to establish new connections defect closed major
#2405 OCSP issue to specific responder defect closed minor
#1830 OCSP must staple fails with multi-domain certificates defect closed major
#1413 OCSP no response sent defect closed major 1.13
#1363 OCSP responder timed out on IPv6 only server defect closed minor
#865 OCSP (ssl module) defect closed major
#742 OCSP stapling does not work at all when default_server runs with a self-signed certificate defect closed minor
#553 OCSP stapling does not work when the OCSP server has a CNAME defect closed major 1.7
#1305 OCSP stapling fails due to not working DNS resolution defect closed minor
#810 OCSP Stapling fails if first relevant server block lacks ssl_stapling directive defect closed minor
#465 OCSP stapling fails to query StartCom's OCSP responder in HTTP 1.1 defect closed minor
#425 ocsp stapling may send expired response defect closed minor
#1330 OCSP stapling non-functional on IPv6-only host defect closed major
#1675 OCSP stapling not working in stream area enhancement new minor
#556 OCSP stapling not working with comodo PositiveSSL defect closed major
#2579 OCSP stapling vs. $ssl_server_name defect reopened major
#2116 OCSP verification fails if response is signed by a designated authority defect closed minor
#2032 Odd image_filter behavior on site behind HTTP authentication enhancement new minor
#2557 Odd STALE reponse under long run stability test defect closed minor
#1473 Odd variable sets with proxy_pass defect closed major
#703 Official nginx Docker images use OpenSSL 1.0.1e defect closed minor
#2360 Oip defect closed minor
#2154 old devices and "ssl_verify_ssl optional" fails with 400 defect closed major
#539 On certain kernel version epoll_release_file() hangs. Suggest manually EPOLL_CTL_DEL before close()ing enhancement closed major
#2306 One limit_req_zone for multiple vhosts not working defect closed minor
#1721 One line redundant code in ngx_slab_free_locked enhancement closed minor
#1227 One ngx_slice_module bug when use nginx as a reverse proxy server task closed minor 1.11
#1228 One ngx_slice_module bug when use nginx as a reverse proxy server defect closed minor 1.11
#2326 One server directive, and logging stops to function after EKS upgrade in AWS defect closed minor
#419 one-time "Deny from all"-scan in .htaccess files enhancement closed minor
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo enhancement new minor
#575 Only ask for a PEM pass phrase once during startup enhancement closed minor
#1358 Only first parameter of querystring available defect closed minor
#478 open_file_cache doesn't invalidate cache entries when it should defect closed minor
#1235 open_file_cache issues with symlinks defect closed minor
#1630 open_file_cache loses trailing newline on changed files defect closed major
#869 open_file_cache with NGX_HAVE_PREAD 0 defect new minor
#626 Open Socket Alerts on Reload Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> defect closed minor
#2143 openssl 3.0.0 compatible nginx version defect closed critical nginx-1.19.8
#1445 OpenSSL - ChaCha prioritized - Nginx enhancement enhancement closed minor
#2404 openssl config is loaded from the build location by default defect closed minor
#1024 openssl: crl processing fails with X509_NAME_EX_D2I:too long defect closed critical
#469 OpenSSL Static Locks Patch enhancement closed minor
#337 Opera sends an invalid "Content-Length" header over SPDY in some cases Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#524 Opposing conditionals never evaluated defect closed minor
#1437 Optimize locality for listening sockets with the help of SO_INCOMING_CPU enhancement new minor
#1658 Optimize memory usage in ngx_reset_pool enhancement closed minor
#907 OPTIONS request timeout in Firefox (but only in a somewhat complicated situation) defect closed minor
#1772 Option to allow syslog tags longer than 32 symbols enhancement closed minor
#251 Option to disable upload buffers somebody enhancement closed minor
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. enhancement new minor
#632 option to send the access log to stdout enhancement new minor
#1164 Option to turn off TLS protocols errors in the logs enhancement new minor 1.11
#167 order of locations with regular expressions somebody defect closed major
#1530 Origin frame (RFC 8336) support? enhancement new minor
#1706 Orphan processes after fatal signals defect closed minor
#2246 Our QUIC implementation currently supports BoringSSL and the quictls fork of OpenSSL enhancement closed minor nginx-1.21
#1072 Overflow in ngx_atosz with Visual Studio 2013 in 64bit system defect closed minor
#1084 Override previous access_log settings enhancement closed minor
#1687 Overrides system default minimum TLS version defect closed minor
#1898 Owner of directories *_temp changed when tested config defect closed minor
#210 ownership of shared memory zones should be tracked better somebody defect closed minor
#1491 Package built by nginx does not have IPV6 enhancement closed minor
#2178 Package for Debian 9 (stretch) defect closed minor
#2233 Packages for Debian Bullseye should include 32-bit x86 binaries enhancement new minor
#1777 packages for Ubuntu Bionic/Cosmic/Disco do not include i386 defect closed minor
#1165 Pagespeed module enhancement closed minor 1.11
#1728 Parsing HTTP request is wrong defect closed minor
#1174 Partial downloads (sendfile) defect closed minor
#1784 Pass cookie between `location` defect closed minor
#681 Pass custom Host in upstream module enhancement closed minor
#512 Passing invalid headers allow to corrupt/forge messages in error_log defect closed minor
#1154 Passing URG flag via nginx enhancement new minor
#1911 [PATCH] Deprecate TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for March 2020 enhancement closed minor nginx-1.17
#2611 defect closed minor
#720 PCRE2 enhancement closed minor
#41 pcre jit feature somebody enhancement closed major
#1365 Pecular behaviour of nginx reload defect closed minor
#574 PEM pass phrase on conftest (and restart) enhancement closed minor
#491 performance issue on same url defect closed minor 1.5
#1431 Performance issue with wss and mod_proxy enhancement closed minor
#994 perl_require directive has effect only at first config defect accepted minor
#959 Permit post before acking settings Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> enhancement closed minor
#212 persistent connections not being remapped somebody defect closed minor
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