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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#778 Immediatley expire cached responses new minor nginx-core
#782 nginx doesn't check delta CRLs reopened minor nginx-core
#790 Support for send log with GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) new minor nginx-core
#798 Implement http_brotli_static module new major nginx-core
#812 Fetch OCSP responses on startup, and store across restarts new minor nginx-core
#816 Allow h2c and HTTP/1.1 support on the same listening socket new minor nginx-core
#838 enable compare operators within if directive new trivial nginx-core
#853 Поведение cache_use_stale updating если новые ответы нельзя кешировать accepted minor nginx-core
#868 new variable: $remote_addr_anon new critical nginx-core
#915 "Upgrade" header should not be proxied over h2 new minor nginx-module
#927 Set $ssl_session_reused to "t" for session ticket reuse and set $ssl_session_id with session tickets new minor nginx-module
#936 For security purposes it is necessary to remove or change the "server" header new minor nginx-core
#938 Концепт модуля: Миниатюры как часть прогрессивных JPEG, PNG. new minor nginx-module
#944 Enchance $server_addr to return original IP even after local DNAT new major nginx-core
#960 TCP connection re-use without upstream conf new major nginx-core
#969 proxy module does not honour proxy_max_temp_file_size on cacheable responses new minor nginx-module
#971 Clarify $host and $hostname in embedded variables documentation new minor documentation
#985 request_id variable, needs more documentation new minor documentation
#990 ssl_stapling_file does not work with multiple certificates reopened minor nginx-module
#1014 RFC 7230 Compliance: Err 400 on space+colon for header field separator new minor other
#1025 No country detected for requests with X-Forwarded-For or any reserved IP address new minor nginx-module
#1036 Add tcpi_total_retrans to tcp_info variables new minor other
#1055 Allow to configure ssl_ciphers in multiple lines new minor other
#1057 Google QUIC - statement new major other
#1083 Enable gzip compression only for non "text/html" content new minor nginx-module
#1091 Add missing client certificate field variables new minor nginx-module
#1104 . (dot) is not allow for syslog tag new minor nginx-core
#1114 New variable suggestion (Date/Time) new minor other
#1134 CVE-2016-1247 new major nginx-core
#1145 Can't set redirection port to the port from the "Host" request header field new minor nginx-module
#1151 Use sched_getaffinity() and CPU_COUNT() for ngx_ncpu on Linux new minor nginx-core
#1154 Passing URG flag via nginx new minor nginx-module
#1162 Adding HTTP Forward Proxy support in core like apache new major nginx-core
#1179 Allow upstreams to be resolved using internal ngx resolver instead of getaddrinfo() new minor nginx-core
#1182 Responses with "no-cache" or "max-age=0" should be cached new minor other
#1188 Send "immutable" keyword in Cache-Control when "expires max" new minor nginx-module
#1215 Add support for SHA2 (SHA3?) family for RFC2307 passwords for HTTP Basic authentication new minor nginx-module
#1222 Update doc to mention about HTSP new major documentation
#1230 proxy_next_upstream: Add a config to add other errors new minor other
#1234 "proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate" is loaded into memory many times when defined in "http" context. new minor other
#1242 nginx stub_status exhancement new minor nginx-module
#1262 connect_(timeout|error) option in proxy_next_upstream new minor nginx-module
#1279 Implement FIB selection for upstream connections in proxy and stream modules. new minor nginx-module
#1282 Add nginx.repo file to RPM repos new minor nginx-package
#1288 upstream server port defaults to port 80 even for https: proxy_pass new minor nginx-core
#1293 nginx http proxy stops sending request data after first byte of server response is received new minor nginx-module
#1294 Add version-information resource new minor other
#1302 New variables $ssl_client_sha256_fingerprint and/or $ssl_client_sha512_fingerprint for ngx_http_ssl_module new minor nginx-module
#1306 ngx_http_geo_module ranges do not support ipv6 new minor nginx-module
#1360 enhancement: auto-reload map includes new minor nginx-module
#1369 Add proxy_detect_mime setting new minor nginx-core
#1388 Implement TLS Dynamic Record Sizing (CloudFlare patch ready) new minor other
#1393 please add ngx_google_perftools_module to centos 7 rpm new minor nginx-package
#1417 Nginx won't start if hostname isn't valid new minor other
#1421 worker_rlimit_nofile description is not clear new minor documentation
#1422 Support IPv6 zone identifiers in URLs, e.g. for proxy_pass new minor nginx-core
#1437 Optimize locality for listening sockets with the help of SO_INCOMING_CPU new minor nginx-core
#1459 Can't vary on request headers set by proxy_set_header (rev. proxy mode) accepted minor nginx-core
#1472 Downloads stop after 1GB depending of network accepted minor nginx-module
#1480 Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate provisioning and renewal new minor other
#1483 client_max_body_size vs. auth_request unexpected behaviour new minor nginx-module
#1500 ngx_hash_t can have only lower case key accepted minor other
#1505 Milliseconds and dynamic time support for *_cache_valid new minor other
#1506 bind() in configuration test is too cautious new minor nginx-core
#1530 Origin frame (RFC 8336) support? new minor nginx-module
#1535 proxy_bind and resolver IP version mismatch new minor other
#1536 grpc-web (grpc for browsers) new minor nginx-module
#1537 Allow for test_types_buffer_size to be set in server configuration new minor nginx-core
#1552 No way to use http2 with stream-section new minor nginx-core
#1573 adding text/css to the default list for the charset_types directive new minor nginx-module
#1617 preread data ignored when SSL is terminated new minor other
#1619 test configuration ignoring certificates andkkeys new minor other
#1624 support json return type in stub_status new minor other
#1629 use variable in for proxy_ssl in stream module new minor other
#1631 feature request: support ALTSVC frame new minor nginx-core
#1639 Add support for writing PROXY protocol v2 to upstream new minor nginx-core
#1644 Educate people about the importance of "Server" HTTP header new trivial other
#1651 client_body_in_file_only/client_body_temp_path file permissions new minor nginx-core
#1666 Add MSG_ZEROCOPY support new minor other
#1668 Channel-Bound Cookies Implementation in nginx new minor other
#1675 OCSP stapling not working in stream area new minor other
#1697 mail proxy: ManageSieve protocol support new minor nginx-module
#1710 ngx_http_dav_module: Allow to configure some anti-overwrite new minor nginx-module
#1719 Enhance proxy_cache_min_uses directive new minor other
#1724 Nginx doesn't sanitize and is inconsistent with multiple, repeated input headers new minor nginx-core
#1732 Warn for large request bodies new minor other
#1737 HTTP/2 HPACK full encoding support new minor other
#1763 HTTP/2 prioritization is intermittent and often ineffective new minor other
#1765 configure is fragile in finding system libraries new minor other
#1768 Request for documentation: `--with-http_degradation_module` new minor documentation
#1775 Allow $hostname as part of name in server_name new minor nginx-core
#1785 Support access to environment variables in config file new minor other
#1788 stream proxy_pass ipv6 first new minor nginx-module
#1809 Allow stream with `ssl_preread on` to forward to http without leaving nginx new minor other
#1823 Connection header for inflight return messages during shutdown new minor nginx-core
#1824 Bypassing cache if worker failed to allocate node in cache keys zone ? new trivial nginx-module
#1857 libmaxminddb / geoip2 implementation as nginx essetial modules new major nginx-module
#1861 Feature Request: Support `error_log off` new minor other
#1883 nginx -t doesn‘t complain about wrongly formatted server_name directive new minor other
#1893 Support Linux abstract namespace socket? new minor nginx-core
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