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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#216 Ubuntu Package 1.2.3 Missing somebody task closed minor
#250 GeoIPv6 patch merge Ruslan Ermilov task closed minor
#460 Clang reports use-after-free in core/ngx_resolver.c task closed minor
#482 supported linux packages inconsistent sb task closed minor
#628 nginx serving wrong certificate for another domain? task closed minor
#652 after use spdy keepalive_timeout always 180000 task closed critical 1.7
#781 Documentation not clear on auth_basic_user_file task new minor
#914 No target 'install_sw' with LibreSSL since nginx 1.9.12 task closed minor
#935 Disable SSL3 by default task closed minor
#1075 Add german book to website task closed trivial
#1202 nginx OSS sub-domain issue task closed minor 1.11.10
#1227 One ngx_slice_module bug when use nginx as a reverse proxy server task closed minor 1.11
#1313 If "return" rules are above than "expires", then "expires" stop working. task closed major
#1314 If I set sendfile to off, expire header never sent to client. task closed major
#1373 missing '=' in admin-guide/serving-static-content Yaroslav Zhuravlev task closed minor
#1385 how to uninstall nginx from RHEL 6.6 linux task closed minor
#1452 gzip doesn't work with nginx+modsecurity task closed major
#1529 Could not configure TLS1.3 ciphers in OpenSSL 1.1.1 pre4 task closed minor 1.13
#1533 Some news about "support configure TLS1.3-Only ciphers" task closed minor nginx-1.15
#1637 nginx:alpine latest (from 9/12/2018) uses alpine v3.7.1 task closed critical 1.15.4
#1726 Как собирать модуль из ядра динамическим? task closed minor
#1787 Documentation about log rotation? task closed minor
#1860 ESNI support task closed minor
#1864 Tune documentation for ssl_session_tickets (supported RFC number) task closed minor nginx-1.17
#1908 Listen Directive needs Documentation Update task closed minor
#1925 Ability to change the time format of the log. task closed minor nginx-1.17
#1959 Unexpected invalidation of embedded variables in ngx_http_ssl_module task closed minor
#1986 Proxy SSL Verify task closed major
#2112 Domain Redirection. task closed trivial
#2173 Nginx simple proxy set-up returns 400 (Bad Request) task closed minor
#2203 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory task closed minor nginx-1.21
#2314 Nginx repo for centos 6 is not working 82a6e.....-other.sqlite.bz2 fiel is missing. task closed major
#2438 Improve fastcgi_cache_key documentation task accepted minor
#2487 List of TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 extensions supported by nginx task closed trivial
#2495 How to create same location to point different proxy server task closed major
#2498 Question:Capture keys on nginx-quic to decrypt QUIC pcap task closed trivial
#2514 Is there any config where i can configure nginx to supoort file upload using http3 task closed trivial
#2561 Ubuntu 23.10: no stable or mainline packages on repo task closed major
#2601 NGINX Repositories are down - 404 task closed blocker nginx-1.26
#2602 down task closed critical nginx-1.26
#2629 Availability of 1.26 version due to 1.25 EOL task closed minor nginx-1.27
#2640 Rewrite module directives are not inherited into the limit_except block task new minor
#2 HttpRealIpModule only seems to work with one trusted proxy, you can't build a list of trusted proxies as only the first one will work Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#3 POSIX Semaphores can be used at Solaris somebody enhancement closed minor
#9 autoindex_max_name_len directive somebody enhancement closed minor
#13 Proxy SSL Verify somebody enhancement closed minor
#22 Nginx 1.1.4 can't build on Debian hurd-i386 somebody enhancement closed major
#26 feature request about upstream module somebody enhancement closed minor
#29 Install something like Orphus to catch typos on the nginx website somebody enhancement closed minor
#30 SPDY support Valentin V. Bartenev enhancement closed minor 1.3
#34 Allow rewrites in case of proxy_pass backend is configured as variable somebody enhancement closed minor
#36 Feature Request - Support Filtering Requests by mimetype somebody enhancement closed minor
#41 pcre jit feature somebody enhancement closed major
#42 Add mime.type for .m4v files somebody enhancement closed trivial
#44 IPv6 support for HTTP realip module Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places somebody enhancement accepted minor
#56 MIME type image/svg+xml for filename extension .svgz somebody enhancement closed trivial
#59 xslt_filter_module - use location root as prefix path for stylesheet somebody enhancement closed minor
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule somebody enhancement new major
#71 skip 404 process for fastcgi_intercept_errors somebody enhancement closed minor
#73 Support logging to external process (pipe) in HttpLogModule somebody enhancement closed trivial
#75 Thousand separators in autoindex pages somebody enhancement closed minor
#79 if-modified-since etc. should be used to update cache somebody enhancement closed minor
#80 error_page enhancement suggestion somebody enhancement closed minor
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures somebody enhancement new minor
#92 The Proxy module doesn't support IPv6 back-ends Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor 1.3
#93 If-Modified-Since rfc compliance somebody enhancement closed minor 1.2.0
#95 Integrate syslog patch into modules somebody enhancement closed minor
#100 http_geoip_module should support requests from proxies Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#101 Support ETag/If-None-Match when proxy_http_version is 1.1 somebody enhancement closed minor
#105 sub_filter: an ability to specify it multiple times & regular expressions xeioex enhancement closed minor
#113 Add apache ExpiresByType equivalent functionality somebody enhancement closed minor
#114 Keepalive header: max. requests somebody enhancement closed minor 1.2.0
#116 Implement Changeset 4337 in v1.0.13 somebody enhancement closed minor 1.0.13
#120 RFC5077 stateless tls session tickets somebody enhancement closed minor
#121 limit_zone/conn: combined key somebody enhancement closed minor
#124 ngx_http_subrequest() supports only GET method? somebody enhancement closed minor
#125 Allow add_header to affect 201 responses (and possibly any 2xx code). somebody enhancement closed minor
#126 Dinamic module support somebody enhancement closed major
#128 Sharding support in memcache somebody enhancement closed minor
#129 include_shell directive somebody enhancement new minor
#140 Include packages for 3rd-party modules in Centos/RHEL repositories somebody enhancement closed minor
#144 RFE: implement weighted ip_hash somebody enhancement closed major
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 somebody enhancement new minor
#149 gzip uncompression like apache deflate inputFilter somebody enhancement closed blocker
#159 Implement fcgi_buffering option somebody enhancement closed major
#160 Nginx -V Output Format somebody enhancement closed minor
#163 Nginx cache and dotdot somebody enhancement closed minor
#165 Nginx worker processes don't seem to have the right group permissions somebody enhancement accepted minor
#171 $gzip_ratio ratio needs documentation vl enhancement closed trivial
#174 Problem with redirection when subdomain string is the same as the upstream name somebody enhancement closed minor
#179 logrotate improvements sb enhancement closed minor
#185 предлагаю добавить тип для файлов *.crl somebody enhancement closed trivial
#195 Close connection if SSL not enabled for vhost somebody enhancement closed minor
#198 when daemon=off do not create pid file somebody enhancement closed minor 1.3.5
#206 $start_time http variable somebody enhancement closed minor
#209 How to Install nginx as a Service on Windows somebody enhancement closed minor
#214 Ability to detect presence of SNI header somebody enhancement closed minor
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout somebody enhancement new minor
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not somebody enhancement new minor
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