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#2619 Issues with HTTP/3 Configuration and listen 443 quic reuseport; Directive Affecting Server Block Functionality defect new blocker
#2621 QUIC ACKs could be delayed by congestion controllers defect new minor
#2623 nginx is reporting a Status=000 on port 443 when sending large queries defect closed minor
#2624 Challenges Configuring HTTP/3 for Multiple Domains with Distinct SSL Certificates in Nginx 1.25.4 defect new minor
#2625 nginx proxy_pass variable DNS resolution not updated when there is another proxy_pass with same domain and without variable defect new minor
#2627 different nginx behavior as v4 and v6 defect new minor
#2628 Facebook defect closed minor
#2630 Unable to remove Cookie from request header defect new minor
#2631 version 1.25.5 virtual servers regexp variable is not available defect closed critical
#2636 SIGSEGV on https access defect closed major
#2637 Documentation for server_name does not mention special case of underscore defect new minor
#2638 nginx fails to restart after upgrade or reinstall of RPM package via dnf defect new minor
#2639 Embedded trailer variables have no value defect new major
#2640 Rewrite module directives are not inherited into the limit_except block task new minor
#2641 Q:Does NGINX QUIC Support KTLS? defect new trivial
#2642 proxy_cache_revalidate seems to prevent the cache manager to remove inactive cache objects defect new minor
#2643 ssl_reject_handshake not working as expected defect new minor
#2644 Different User-Agent detection at nginx and PHP via FastCGI defect new minor
#2645 SSL_read bad length error when uploading large files over HTTPS defect closed minor
#2646 access_log syslog message length defect closed minor
#2648 Nginx will disable ocsp stapling over all domains even if one is bogus defect new major
#2649 ngx_mail_ssl_module "starttls only" issue if without smtp authentication defect new major
#2650 Uncovered edge case in host header validation defect new minor
#2651 Some QUIC connections lost domain header in nginx H3 defect closed major
#2652 Some QUIC connections lost domain header in nginx H3 defect closed major
#2653 MIME type image/jpeg for filename extension .jfif enhancement new major
#2654 Signature on Ubuntu Focal Repo expired. defect closed critical
#2655 Nginx Linux Package Repository key expiration defect closed major
#2656 The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG ABF5BD827BD9BF62 nginx signing key <> defect new blocker
#2657 Specail redirect in location does not resolve upstream names defect new minor
#2658 proxy_set_body defect new minor
#2659 If we use HTTP/3, then the $http_host variable becomes empty defect closed minor
#2660 SSI is included twice when empty response is loaded from proxy cache defect new major
#2661 ssl_verify_client can't configured with result of map operation defect new major
#2662 Unable to clone njs 0.8.5 from hg/mercurial defect closed blocker
#2663 certificate expired defect closed minor
#2664 broken header while reading PROXY protocol in nginx stream with pass module defect new blocker
#2665 Nginx cannot properly process requests with a tab after the colon in a host header defect closed minor
#2666 "Content-Length: 1\t\r\n" is not treated as a valid Content-Length defect new minor
#2667 Ubuntu repository documentation: keyring may need permissions set defect accepted minor
#2668 client_body_buffer_size - Body Larger Than Buffer Size Is Omitted defect new major
#2669 Problems with using the $ sign in third-party modules in regexp templates defect new minor
#2670 Экранирование $ в конфигурации сторонних модулей defect new minor
#50 Basic Auth does not seem to work with SHA1 hashs Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#51 nginx cache file md5 collision somebody defect closed critical
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places somebody enhancement accepted minor
#53 Nginx fails to accept new connection if active worker crashes somebody defect closed major
#54 SEGFAULT in 1.0.9 somebody defect closed major
#55 Неправильно определяется версия Opera somebody defect accepted trivial
#56 MIME type image/svg+xml for filename extension .svgz somebody enhancement closed trivial
#57 variables in error_log don't work somebody defect closed minor
#58 Worker process exists when using OPTIONS method from Delta-V (Subversion) via HTTPS somebody defect closed major
#59 xslt_filter_module - use location root as prefix path for stylesheet somebody enhancement closed minor
#60 Не работает деректива default без явного указания ip. somebody defect closed minor
#61 IMAP PROXY - 64bit - an incorrect login username reaches the destination server somebody defect closed minor
#62 Audio fails when seeking with ngx_http_mp4_module somebody defect closed minor
#63 Error while allocating somebody defect closed major
#64 Nginx discards alive upstreams and returns 502 somebody defect closed minor
#65 CFLAGS and SunPRO linkage somebody defect closed minor
#66 SCGI response doesn't compress with GZIP Maxim Dounin defect closed critical
#67 access_log with variables in filename does not work somebody defect closed minor
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule somebody enhancement new major
#69 remote_user not being passed through to uwsgi from uwsgi_params somebody defect closed minor
#70 url not properly handled in ngx_http_internal_redirect somebody defect closed minor
#71 skip 404 process for fastcgi_intercept_errors somebody enhancement closed minor
#72 Bad mp4 handling Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#73 Support logging to external process (pipe) in HttpLogModule somebody enhancement closed trivial
#74 After many config reloads the nginx process dies somebody defect closed minor
#75 Thousand separators in autoindex pages somebody enhancement closed minor
#76 HttpLimitReq not working somebody defect closed minor
#77 nginx -t изредка падает с ненулевым статусом и пустым stdout/stderr somebody defect closed minor
#78 Objects are not stripped anymore somebody defect closed minor
#79 if-modified-since etc. should be used to update cache somebody enhancement closed minor
#80 error_page enhancement suggestion somebody enhancement closed minor
#81 Тест -f (rewrite) somebody defect closed minor
#82 Build on Solaris problem somebody defect closed minor
#83 proxy_cache_valid 200 being ignored somebody defect closed minor
#84 failed (12: Cannot allocate memory) while sending mp4 to client somebody defect closed minor
#85 ngx_http_cookie_time date format error. somebody defect closed minor
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context somebody defect accepted minor
#87 location core module and case sensitive matching somebody defect closed minor
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures somebody enhancement new minor
#89 crashing with upstream FASTCGI and keepalive (Windows) somebody defect closed major
#90 location search tree incorrect on case-insensitive systems somebody defect closed minor
#91 when resolver dont works - workers crashes somebody defect closed minor
#94 1.1.14 compilation fails on Mac OS X 10.7.2 somebody defect closed blocker
#95 Integrate syslog patch into modules somebody enhancement closed minor
#96 Default_server catch all block not working somebody defect closed major
#97 try_files and alias problems somebody defect accepted minor
#98 Unable to set Retry-After header with 503 response somebody defect closed minor
#99 Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error. somebody defect closed minor
#100 http_geoip_module should support requests from proxies Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#101 Support ETag/If-None-Match when proxy_http_version is 1.1 somebody enhancement closed minor
#102 Странности с If-Modified-Since somebody defect closed minor
#103 Point at the end of the domain. somebody defect closed minor
#104 Duplicate FCGI_BEGIN_REQUEST records with fastcgi_keep_conn on somebody defect closed minor
#105 sub_filter: an ability to specify it multiple times & regular expressions xeioex enhancement closed minor
#106 Nginx realip module not working correctly with multiple x-forwarded-for headers somebody defect closed minor
#107 disable_symlinks somebody defect closed critical
#108 ssl_protocols needs warning if only unsupported protocols are enabled somebody defect closed minor
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