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#2266 QUIC: cookies not transferred correctly on redirect defect closed critical
#2267 Upload large files with Firefox via http2 defect closed major
#2268 http2 client set both host and :authority header, server throws 400 bad request error defect accepted minor
#2269 TLS handshake errors within proxy protocol are reported with incorrect source IP defect closed minor
#2270 The packages repo is missing newer releases defect closed major
#2271 Allow to specify the ssl engine methods using a directive enhancement closed major
#2274 Serving stale content, when proxy_cache_background_update is on and Cache-Control disappears defect closed minor
#2275 Support Encrypted Client Hello enhancement new minor
#2276 VIM syntax file errors with vim 8 defect closed minor
#2278 Websocket Redirect port defect closed minor
#2279 cppcheck find bug defect closed minor
#2280 nginx: [emerg] mkdir() "/var/tmp/nginx/body" failed (2: No such file or directory) defect closed major
#2281 QUIC: failed to get $http_host variable for http3 request defect closed minor
#2282 Add audio/x-flac to MIME types enhancement new minor
#2283 RFI on HTTP/2 connection memory usage and keepalive_requests knob defect closed minor
#2284 Support RFC5424 log records enhancement new major
#2285 strange "worker_connections are not enough, reusing connections" warning defect closed minor
#2286 When I use the proxy_cache_background_update and proxy_cache_use_stale parameter, the expired cache content cannot be returned quickly. defect closed minor
#2287 fastcgi: CONTENT_LENGTH parameter missing for chunked requests defect closed minor
#2288 log safely while configuration reloading defect closed minor
#2289 QUIC: RETIRE_CONNECTION_ID with invalid DestinationConnectionId defect closed minor
#2290 nginx rewrites stop working on special get parameter defect closed minor
#2291 Regex plus variable in Nginx `proxy_redirect` defect accepted minor
#2293 Nginx 1.20.1 excessive memory usage defect closed major
#2294 set $host url and auth_request failing on proxy_pass defect closed minor
#2295 Incorrect path in beginners_guide.html defect closed trivial
#2297 Nginx does not provide option to read the certificate chain enhancement closed minor
#2298 Documentation or subtle bug - "listen" directive defect closed minor
#2299 Nginx Plus enhancement closed minor
#2300 Link variable index from map module docs enhancement new minor
#2301 Add examples for core variables enhancement new minor
#2302 Adding `proxy_hide_header` to `location` context completely deactivates `proxy_hide_header` directives in `server` context defect closed minor
#2303 Installation instructions for Ubuntu refer to non-existent package thresh defect closed minor
#2304 error_page not applied vs Transfer-Encoding: chunked defect closed minor
#2305 ssl_protocols directive in server { } doesn't work defect closed minor
#2306 One limit_req_zone for multiple vhosts not working defect closed minor
#2307 Can not use variable in error_log filename defect closed minor
#2308 proxy_bind and proxy_pass address family mismatch causes connection fail defect closed minor
#2309 Prioritize `X-Accel-Expires` even if specific Cache-Control flags defect closed minor
#2310 Document behaviour for all config statements in nested location blocks defect accepted minor
#2311 alternative openssl path not recognized by configure/build defect closed minor
#2312 master does not compile defect closed minor
#2313 Nginx deleted temporary file handles grows with time, when response buffering is enabled defect closed major
#2314 Nginx repo for centos 6 is not working 82a6e.....-other.sqlite.bz2 fiel is missing. task closed major
#2315 set environment in nginx configuration does not work defect closed blocker
#2316 nginx-1.20.2 worker process memory usage keeps increasing defect closed major
#2317 Whether after an upstream failure request may be repeated to the same upstream defect closed minor
#2319 "ssl_verify_client: optional" no longer forwards "FAILED" result on expired certificate defect closed minor
#2320 Inconsistent URL decoding with X-Accel-Redirect depending on whether the original request URL was url-encoded defect closed major
#2322 client_max_body_size doesn't work in named location defect new minor
#2323 URI rewrite does not work when limit_except is defined in same context defect closed major
#2324 error_page disables add_header defect closed minor
#2325 Server chooses hq-interop instead of h3 defect closed minor
#2326 One server directive, and logging stops to function after EKS upgrade in AWS defect closed minor
#2328 ngx_http_uwsgi_module removes chunked-encoding, but doesn't modify Transfer-Encoding header defect closed major
#2329 Unexpected request routing when Host header value contains colon defect closed minor
#2330 nginx does not choose the right certificate (with "IP" server block) defect closed minor
#2331 proxy_cookie_path / proxy_cookie_domain and custom cookie fileds enhancement closed minor
#2332 Include $request_id in error.log messages enhancement new minor
#2333 Cache-Control header spills over to different location defect closed major
#2334 regex capture with $1 not work in 1.20.0 but in 1.19.10 defect closed minor
#2338 why nginx output status 200 in access.log when client get unexpected data length defect closed minor
#2339 nginx fails to process "allow" statements on subsequent keepalive requests defect closed major
#2340 decoded percent-encoded values written to logfiles defect closed minor
#2341 Sporadic "502 Bad Gateway" with reverse proxy defect closed major
#2342 Setting a very high max-age value for Cache-Control causes int overflow defect closed minor
#2343 net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH defect closed major
#2344 Please allow to change the timezone for logs in the config file enhancement closed minor
#2345 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS builds thresh enhancement closed major
#2346 limit_req_zone is incorrect block requests defect closed minor
#2347 ssl_protocol and ssl_cipher are hyphens defect closed major
#2348 documentation uses incorrect quotes results in config file error defect closed minor
#2349 Support range requests in requests served via gzip_static enhancement closed minor
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. enhancement new minor
#2351 Support reading file ETag from additional sources enhancement new minor
#2352 Multiple server sections doesn't respect ssl_protocols defect closed major
#2353 timeout parameters do not work at location level defect closed minor
#2355 Not able to retrieve SAN from client cert defect closed minor
#2356 NGINX crashes when renewing certificates with certbot defect closed major
#2357 Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 7bd9bf62: BAD thresh defect closed minor
#2358 [1.23.0] FTBFS: ‘ngx_http_headers_in_t’ has no member named ‘cookies’; did you mean ‘cookie’? defect closed blocker
#2359 Unauthenticated Status Code: 401 defect closed critical
#2360 Oip defect closed minor
#2362 FancyIndex does not escape html tags (like autoindex does) defect closed minor
#2363 (nginx) crashed and dumped core defect closed critical
#2364 SSL Sendfile Client Rate Limit Can Cause Incorrect Report of File Truncated defect closed minor
#2365 reload increases memory used (freed memory for config is not released back to the system) defect closed major
#2366 build on other glibc-based platforms e.g. GNU/kFreeBSD defect closed minor
#2367 nginx >= 1.17.5 returns incomplete responses for certain proxied requests during reloads defect closed minor
#2370 PKCS#11 - Nginx Memory Error defect closed minor
#2371 nginx + POST reqsuest = 408 for 0.1% of users, probably SSL related defect closed minor
#2372 nginx -t does not indicate potential permissions error for SSL certificates enhancement closed minor
#2373 1.23.0 - Spaces in path name result in 400 error when using a proxy server to generate thumbnails defect closed minor
#2374 HTTP3 sent too much body data to upstream when use POST request Roman Arutyunyan defect closed minor
#2375 Дополнить документацию defect closed minor
#2376 GRPC: upstream rejected request with error while reading response header from upstream defect reopened minor
#2377 Issue compiling nginx-quic defect closed major
#2378 Can't validate bgp signature of source code version 1.22 and higher. defect closed minor
#2380 Nginx left open proxy_temp files(deleted) defect closed critical
#2381 Unable to read configuration from /dev/stdin defect closed minor
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