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#2455 nginx doesn't close http/2 connection on error '400' (redirected) defect closed minor
#2454 image_filter resize is not working correctly with some PNG files.(nginx is changing background color) defect new minor
#2453 Variables in different contexts are mixed together defect closed minor
#2452 fastcgi_split_path_info should specify NGX_REGEX_MULTILINE enhancement closed minor
#2451 nginx: [emerg] "proxy_pass" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:31 defect closed blocker
#2450 Upload big Size File SSL_write() failed (32: Broken pipe) error defect closed critical
#2449 Allow using OpenSSL 3.0 "provider" API instead of deprecated "engine" API enhancement new minor
#2448 Restrict Request Response Cycle Length enhancement new minor
#2447 A segment error occurred in ngx_http_variable_headers_internal defect closed minor
#2446 QUIC: ngx_quic_send_new_token was broken by 3550b00d9dc8 (nginx 1.23.3) defect closed minor
#2445 Nginx event "blocking" in H2 defect closed minor
#2443 why ngx_clone_listening? defect closed minor
#2442 add_header unsanitized defect closed minor
#2441 pkg-oss - build error defect accepted minor
#2440 Log new connections immediately when established enhancement closed minor
#2439 1.23.3: test suite is failing defect closed minor
#2438 Improve fastcgi_cache_key documentation task accepted minor
#2437 upstream sent invalid header defect closed minor
#2436 Nginx does log anything anymore defect closed major
#2435 static locations longer than 255 characters lead to unexpected behaviors defect closed minor
#2434 Support dark mode in error pages enhancement new minor
#2432 deprecate HTTP/2 Server Push and port to 103 Early Hints enhancement closed minor
#2431 HTTP3: Clang reports heap-use-after-free in ngx_http_v3_insert src/http/v3/ngx_http_v3_table.c:231 defect closed minor
#2429 Ship FHS compliant packages (/var/run > /run) defect new minor
#2428 Suggestion: Windows 64-bit builds enhancement closed minor
#2427 failed when compiling nginx with boringssl defect closed blocker nginx-1.23
#2426 Nginx repository for debian doesn't have 1.22.1 deb for Buster defect new minor
#2425 Nginx failed validate config from stdin defect closed minor
#2424 quic_bpf failed defect closed minor nginx-1.23
#2423 Segmentation fault in ngx_http_variable_headers_internal defect closed minor
#2422 Issue with OpenSSL Makefile Perl Command and %cd% not resolving properly defect closed blocker
#2421 proxy_next_upstream_tries might be ignored with upstream keepalive enhancement accepted minor
#2420 error_page directive has no effect on 408 defect closed minor
#2419 new variable is needed(the port of nginx server which sending the request to back-end) enhancement new minor
#2418 ngx_http_upstream_process_non_buffered_request do_write Dead-loop defect closed minor
#2417 nginx temp file Directory permissions change defect closed major
#2416 Memory overrun due to alignment issues when cross-compiling mingw on linux defect closed minor
#2415 no error info showing when reload/test when same listen port with http is added in stream defect closed minor
#2414 support unknown variables when it is only used in log format enhancement closed minor
#2413 func ngx_parse_inet6_url() can not set ipv6 connection local address defect closed minor
#2411 reload correlates with "open socket ... left in connection", response absent or truncated, and no access.log entry defect closed minor
#2410 Add a doctype to autoindex HTML output enhancement accepted minor
#2409 Nginx would not be edge-triggered to read new stream frame correctly in some case defect closed major
#2408 413 error_page directive in server or location context returns default 413 error page when using HTTP/2 defect closed minor
#2407 server_name using regex loses variable after first request in h3 Sergey Kandaurov defect closed minor nginx-1.23
#2406 nginx defect closed minor
#2405 OCSP issue to specific responder defect closed minor
#2404 openssl config is loaded from the build location by default defect closed minor
#2403 http request has no response, the configure with 'master_process off and listen reuseport' defect closed minor
#2402 Not right to skip location rewrite phase for server null location. defect closed minor
#2401 Deployment on Heroku: add options to handle SIGTERM enhancement new minor
#2400 listen on localhost can fail (sort of a docker and glibc issue, worth working around?) enhancement closed minor
#2399 $request_body incomplete if the request body contains NUL/control characters defect closed minor
#2398 Debug output is wrong for try_files directive with code as last argument defect closed minor
#2397 no way to hide/customize the server name "nginx" when some error happens enhancement closed minor
#2396 Disable encoded characters in URIs defect closed major
#2395 `proxy_pass https://example` if `upstream example { server; }` is defined, uses port `80`, not `443` per `https` enhancement new minor
#2394 [Windows] nginx does not stop after Ctrl+C defect closed minor
#2393 Error log created and opened even when overwritten in config defect closed minor
#2392 The limit_except directive's description is opaque defect closed minor
#2391 bad parsing of Content-Type (sub_filter_types) enhancement new minor
#2390 Debian bug nginx build_module Cannot specify nginx version defect closed minor
#2389 "proxy_cache_background_update on" ignored using subrequest (more exactly: nested subrequest) defect reopened major
#2388 proxy_intercept_errors breaks keepalive connections defect closed minor
#2387 nginx reloads spawn multiple processes for 3rd party modules defect closed major
#2385 missing r/w permissions on socket result in "invalid URL prefix" defect closed minor
#2384 http upstream cache and slicing leaks open files defect closed minor
#2383 nginx grpc have bug that when the backend grpc server repsonse over 64k will timeout(http 504) defect closed minor
#2381 Unable to read configuration from /dev/stdin defect closed minor
#2380 Nginx left open proxy_temp files(deleted) defect closed critical
#2379 Nginx compile error with OpenSSL 3 on Msys2 (mingw64) Windows defect closed major nginx-1.23
#2378 Can't validate bgp signature of source code version 1.22 and higher. defect closed minor
#2377 Issue compiling nginx-quic defect closed major
#2376 GRPC: upstream rejected request with error while reading response header from upstream defect reopened minor
#2375 Дополнить документацию defect closed minor
#2374 HTTP3 sent too much body data to upstream when use POST request Roman Arutyunyan defect closed minor
#2373 1.23.0 - Spaces in path name result in 400 error when using a proxy server to generate thumbnails defect closed minor
#2372 nginx -t does not indicate potential permissions error for SSL certificates enhancement closed minor
#2371 nginx + POST reqsuest = 408 for 0.1% of users, probably SSL related defect closed minor
#2370 PKCS#11 - Nginx Memory Error defect closed minor
#2367 nginx >= 1.17.5 returns incomplete responses for certain proxied requests during reloads defect closed minor
#2366 build on other glibc-based platforms e.g. GNU/kFreeBSD defect closed minor
#2365 reload increases memory used (freed memory for config is not released back to the system) defect closed major
#2364 SSL Sendfile Client Rate Limit Can Cause Incorrect Report of File Truncated defect closed minor
#2363 (nginx) crashed and dumped core defect closed critical
#2362 FancyIndex does not escape html tags (like autoindex does) defect closed minor
#2361 CVEs against Nginx 1.22 defect closed minor nginx-1.23
#2360 Oip defect closed minor
#2359 Unauthenticated Status Code: 401 defect closed critical
#2358 [1.23.0] FTBFS: ‘ngx_http_headers_in_t’ has no member named ‘cookies’; did you mean ‘cookie’? defect closed blocker
#2357 Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 7bd9bf62: BAD thresh defect closed minor
#2356 NGINX crashes when renewing certificates with certbot defect closed major
#2355 Not able to retrieve SAN from client cert defect closed minor
#2354 Usage of "URI" in Documentation is confusing defect closed minor nginx-1.22.0
#2353 timeout parameters do not work at location level defect closed minor
#2352 Multiple server sections doesn't respect ssl_protocols defect closed major
#2351 Support reading file ETag from additional sources enhancement new minor
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. enhancement new minor
#2349 Support range requests in requests served via gzip_static enhancement closed minor
#2348 documentation uses incorrect quotes results in config file error defect closed minor
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