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#55 Неправильно определяется версия Opera accepted somebody trivial nginx-module
#712 limit_conn and internal redirects accepted trivial documentation
#2641 Q:Does NGINX QUIC Support KTLS? new trivial http/3
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context accepted somebody minor nginx-core
#97 try_files and alias problems accepted somebody minor nginx-core
#191 literal newlines logged in error log accepted somebody minor nginx-module
#217 Wrong "Content-Type" HTTP response header in certain configuration scenarios accepted somebody minor nginx-core
#242 DAV module does not respect if-unmodified-since accepted somebody minor nginx-module
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI new minor nginx-module
#348 Excessive urlencode in if-set accepted minor nginx-core
#384 trailing dot in server_name accepted minor nginx-core
#564 map regex matching affects rewrite directive accepted minor nginx-core
#633 limit_except causes 404 new minor nginx-core
#704 Nginx configure script can't detect groups reliably new minor nginx-core
#738 Describe how to extend mime.types in types docs new minor documentation
#752 try_files + subrequest + proxy-handler problem accepted minor nginx-core
#756 Client disconnect in ngx_http_image_filter_module accepted minor nginx-module
#772 No Vary header on 304 Response. assigned Maxim Dounin minor nginx-core
#774 modern_browser // gecko version overwrites msie version accepted minor nginx-module
#861 Possibility of Inconsistent HPACK Dynamic Table Size in HTTP/2 Implementation accepted minor nginx-module
#869 open_file_cache with NGX_HAVE_PREAD 0 new minor nginx-core
#994 perl_require directive has effect only at first config accepted minor other
#1010 Invalid request sent when serving error pages from upstream new minor nginx-core
#1058 недокументированный редирект? accepted minor documentation
#1059 syntax check error when an upstream is used in proxy_pass using both http and https and is defined after new minor nginx-core
#1085 multiple calls to make install from a read-only source fails to copy config files new minor other
#1152 Custom error_page doesn't work for HTTP error 413 reopened minor other
#1216 Confusing use of 'URI' when referring to a path in the proxy_pass documentation new minor documentation
#1238 Core dump when $limit_rate is set both in a map and in a location accepted minor nginx-core
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures new minor documentation
#1329 Blocking STALE requests when using fastcgi_cache_background_update new minor other
#1348 proxy_cache_background_update has problem with slice module new minor other
#1383 Error if using proxy_pass with variable and limit_except accepted minor nginx-core
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on new minor nginx-core
#1406 duplicated "content-encoding" while proxy server return a empty content-encoding header new minor nginx-core
#1446 gzip_types can't handle types longer than 46 chars new minor nginx-module
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug new minor nginx-core
#1465 configure: use -iquote for $ngx_module_incs new minor other
#1467 Problem of location matching with a given request accepted Yaroslav Zhuravlev minor documentation
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden new minor nginx-module
#1579 Mirror subrequests ignore the keepalive flag new minor other
#1598 Windows Path Length Limitation issue accepted minor nginx-core
#1607 mirror + limit_req = writing connections accepted minor nginx-core
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection new minor other
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header reopened minor other
#1808 Inconsistent encoding in rewrites new minor other
#1850 Content of the variable $sent_http_connection is incorrect accepted minor other
#1902 Can not use ssl_trusted_certificate to verify Clients new minor other
#1904 sendfile with io-threads - nginx mistakenly considers premature client connection close if client sends FIN at response end accepted minor nginx-core
#1958 `modern_browser` definition for Safari version is wrong/unexpected accepted minor nginx-module
#1965 $request_time less than $upstream_response_time accepted minor nginx-core
#2010 Proxy protocol headers from stream module reported as broken by http module new minor nginx-core
#2012 Wrong header Connection, when keepalive is disabled accepted minor nginx-core
#2048 Document that 'proxy_buffering off' disables caching assigned Yaroslav Zhuravlev minor documentation
#2060 Nginx doesn't take case http_502 as unsuccessful attempt in ngx_http_grpc_module accepted minor nginx-module
#2109 Content-Type header is dropped when HTTP2 is used( HTTP status 204 only) accepted minor nginx-core
#2127 ngx_http_realip_module changes $remote_addr which leads to wrong ips in X-Forwarded-For received by upstream service accepted minor nginx-module
#2219 Space escaping in unquoted strings new minor nginx-core
#2242 DNS UDP proxy with UNIX socket is not working accepted minor nginx-core
#2268 http2 client set both host and :authority header, server throws 400 bad request error accepted minor nginx-module
#2291 Regex plus variable in Nginx `proxy_redirect` accepted minor documentation
#2310 Document behaviour for all config statements in nested location blocks accepted minor documentation
#2322 client_max_body_size doesn't work in named location new minor nginx-core
#2376 GRPC: upstream rejected request with error while reading response header from upstream reopened minor nginx-module
#2426 Nginx repository for debian doesn't have 1.22.1 deb for Buster new minor documentation
#2429 Ship FHS compliant packages (/var/run > /run) new minor nginx-package
#2441 pkg-oss - build error accepted minor nginx-package
#2454 image_filter resize is not working correctly with some PNG files.(nginx is changing background color) new minor nginx-module
#2475 access_log with if does not work when variable name starts with a number new minor nginx-core
#2490 the backup upstream response inherits the response value of the previous upstream that failed. new minor nginx-module
#2526 wrong gpg key for nginx-stable repo new minor documentation
#2528 nginx reload with quic reuseport: quic packet rejected rc:-1 new minor http/3
#2529 Can pto timeout check removed from ngx_quic_pto_handler? new minor documentation
#2530 ACK of packet containing PATH_RESPONSE frame can't update rtt state accepted minor nginx-core
#2542 ssl_ecdh_curve is sometimes ignored in server blocks new minor nginx-module
#2548 Worker infinite loop in ngx_http_do_read_client_request_body() new minor documentation
#2597 nginx-tests: some ssl tests fail with openssl 3.2.0 new minor other
#2604 Errors handling when streaming new minor documentation
#2607 How to link custom library to nginx new minor documentation
#2609 Custom 413 Error Page Not Displayed for Oversized Uploads new minor nginx-core
#2613 How to make openresty to wait on dependent library to be built before openresty new minor documentation
#2617 nginx 1.22 - sending GOAWAY to client after 60s new minor documentation
#2620 IPv6 with HTTP/3 / QUIC don't work new minor nginx-1.27 http/3
#2621 QUIC ACKs could be delayed by congestion controllers new minor other
#2624 Challenges Configuring HTTP/3 for Multiple Domains with Distinct SSL Certificates in Nginx 1.25.4 new minor http/3
#2625 nginx proxy_pass variable DNS resolution not updated when there is another proxy_pass with same domain and without variable new minor nginx-module
#2627 different nginx behavior as v4 and v6 new minor nginx-module
#2630 Unable to remove Cookie from request header new minor documentation
#2637 Documentation for server_name does not mention special case of underscore new minor documentation
#2638 nginx fails to restart after upgrade or reinstall of RPM package via dnf new minor documentation
#2642 proxy_cache_revalidate seems to prevent the cache manager to remove inactive cache objects new minor nginx-module
#2643 ssl_reject_handshake not working as expected new minor documentation
#2644 Different User-Agent detection at nginx and PHP via FastCGI new minor nginx-core
#2650 Uncovered edge case in host header validation new minor nginx-core
#2657 Specail redirect in location does not resolve upstream names new minor nginx-core
#2658 proxy_set_body new minor nginx-module
#2666 "Content-Length: 1\t\r\n" is not treated as a valid Content-Length new minor documentation
#2667 Ubuntu repository documentation: keyring may need permissions set accepted minor documentation
#2669 Problems with using the $ sign in third-party modules in regexp templates new minor documentation
#2670 Экранирование $ в конфигурации сторонних модулей new minor nginx-module
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