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#1934 Unpredictable behaviour using proxy_cookie_path to add SameSite cookie attribute new defect critical documentation
#1926 resolver should not cache failures new defect major nginx-core
#1913 Large number of error “512 worker_connections are not enough” new defect minor other
#1909 http2_push not pushing the file new defect minor nginx-module
#1906 core dumped with debug timer new defect minor nginx-core
#1905 SSL ON; Problem new defect critical other
#1902 Can not use ssl_trusted_certificate to verify Clients new defect minor other
#1900 Nginx starting more worker processes when modsec rules are enabled new defect major nginx-core
#1892 TLSv1.3 session resumption - session tickets renewing new defect minor nginx-core
#1885 when nginx proxy to tomcat, sometimes nginx changes method(POST -> 01POST) new defect minor nginx-module
#1882 Nginx does not handle asterisk in OPTIONS request new defect minor nginx-core
#1879 RHEL / CentOS 8 repository new defect minor other
#1870 Large file download is not completed with sendfile option. new defect minor nginx-1.17 nginx-core
#1858 uWSGI params Content length issue when uploading file new defect minor nginx-1.17 other
#1843 $upstream_http_set_cookie includes only first cookie new defect major nginx-module
#1841 Dynamic access log and rewrites new defect major nginx-core
#1832 Occasionally get " size buf in writer..." new defect major other
#1831 ngx_http_perl_module + Perl 5.30.0 new defect minor nginx-module
#1822 segfault when running nginx in reverse TLS proxy configuration on Raspberry Pi Zero W new defect major other
#1811 proxy server,slice+limit_rate,keepalived connection will be delayed to receive new defect critical nginx-1.17 nginx-module
#1808 Inconsistent encoding in rewrites new defect minor other
#1797 grpc module handles WINDOW_UPDATE improperly on closed streams new defect minor other
#1752 400 Bad Request when Content-Length header value starts with HT new defect minor nginx-core
#1743 Can't flush HTTP response header under TLS+HTTP2 new defect minor nginx-module
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection new defect minor other
#1708 closed_nodes in h2c should define as ngx_uint_t new defect minor nginx-module
#1696 NGINX does not update cached response of POST requests new defect critical nginx-core
#1695 Data is corrupted in static large objects (SLO swift API) when using nginx as a GET cache. new defect minor other
#1665 Minimum zone size for limit_req strangely high new defect minor nginx-module
#1614 proxy cache 404 STALE forever new defect minor other
#1579 Mirror subrequests ignore the keepalive flag new defect minor other
#1544 http/2 downloads broken during reload new defect major other
#1521 Enable open_file_cache may cause index module return 403 forbidden new defect minor nginx-module
#1465 configure: use -iquote for $ngx_module_incs new defect minor other
#1458 ngx_http_ssl_module http block config bug new defect minor nginx-core
#1446 gzip_types can't handle types longer than 46 chars new defect minor nginx-module
#1408 Big file download via php-fpm on fast networks eats up memory new defect minor nginx-core
#1406 duplicated "content-encoding" while proxy server return a empty content-encoding header new defect minor nginx-core
#1402 Not invalidate cahe if fastcgi_cache_background_update is on new defect minor nginx-core
#1392 Постоянное увелечение nginx writing new defect minor nginx-core
#1353 http and stream on the same "listen" should conflict new defect minor other
#1348 proxy_cache_background_update has problem with slice module new defect minor other
#1329 Blocking STALE requests when using fastcgi_cache_background_update new defect minor other
#1316 $http_ variables only contain the first field-value new defect minor nginx-core
#1285 map regexp positional captures interfere with location regexp positional captures new defect minor documentation
#1250 Connection reset with low http2_max_requests new defect major nginx-module
#1216 Confusing use of 'URI' when referring to a path in the proxy_pass documentation new defect minor documentation
#1209 Weird net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR errors when http2 emabled new defect minor other
#1085 multiple calls to make install from a read-only source fails to copy config files new defect minor other
#1059 syntax check error when an upstream is used in proxy_pass using both http and https and is defined after new defect minor nginx-core
#1010 Invalid request sent when serving error pages from upstream new defect minor nginx-core
#869 open_file_cache with NGX_HAVE_PREAD 0 new defect minor nginx-core
#859 -lpcre should preceed -lpthread in objs/Makefile new defect minor nginx-core
#738 Describe how to extend mime.types in types docs new defect minor documentation
#704 Nginx configure script can't detect groups reliably new defect minor nginx-core
#633 limit_except causes 404 new defect minor nginx-core
#508 nginx rewrite URL decoding first encoded character in URI new defect major nginx-core
#431 directory redirect ex: try_files $uri $uri/ @backend; new defect minor nginx-core
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI new defect minor nginx-module
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