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#1674 SSL session ID is not reused when other server disable session cache defect closed minor
#1675 OCSP stapling not working in stream area enhancement new minor
#1676 nginx.service for tmpfs /var/log defect closed minor
#1677 nginx does not resolve hostnames if there is no route defect closed minor
#1678 limit_rate and proxy_limit_rate broken from 1.14 defect closed major
#1679 Possible infinite loop in function ngx_cache_manager_process_cycle and ngx_cache_loader_process_handler in src/os/unix/ngx_process_cycle.c defect closed minor
#1680 Nginx HTTP Proxy Module enhancement closed major
#1681 Default_type defect closed minor
#1682 Nginx tries to open the html file and through error 404. I expected the redirection to the php script. defect closed minor
#1683 ngx_parent in ngx_daemon() can not work properly? defect closed minor
#1684 documentation for ngx_http_geo_module is inconsistent with the module's behavior when the server is accessed through a unix domain socket defect closed minor
#1685 Update fonts mime types refer to IANA defect closed minor
#1686 Log files ownership defect closed minor
#1687 Overrides system default minimum TLS version defect closed minor
#1688 want to get the socket port which use in nginx and upstream servers enhancement closed minor nginx-1.15.8
#1689 Writing connections leak with http/2 defect closed major
#1690 Add MITM detection enhancement closed minor
#1691 ngx_http_browser_module treats amazon web service health checker as ancient_browser defect closed major
#1692 Zero level domain defect closed major
#1693 Documentation bug: Redirects without localization end up insecure defect closed minor
#1694 Prefer SNI name to Host header when selecting server block defect closed minor
#1695 Data is corrupted in static large objects (SLO swift API) when using nginx as a GET cache. defect closed minor
#1696 NGINX does not update cached response of POST requests defect closed critical
#1697 mail proxy: ManageSieve protocol support enhancement new minor
#1698 A minor optimization for ngx_log_debug enhancement closed minor
#1699 encoding error ssl_stapling_file defect closed minor
#1700 UDP connections are terminated when updating Nginx executable file on-the-fly defect closed major nginx-1.15
#1701 unable to import module ngx_http_proxy_module to secure cookies defect closed critical
#1702 [NGINX Plus Openid connect]:audience check failed for array type field defect closed critical nginx-1.15
#1703 [NGINX Plus Openid Connect]: error log printing variable not value defect closed minor nginx-1.15
#1704 Nginx should have a friendly notice when config file have same port and same server_name defect closed minor
#1705 Enable ssl if ssl_certificate is present enhancement closed minor
#1706 Orphan processes after fatal signals defect closed minor
#1707 try_files doesn't work sometimes defect closed minor nginx-1.15
#1708 closed_nodes in h2c should define as ngx_uint_t defect closed minor
#1709 Не формируется Push-запрос defect closed major
#1710 ngx_http_dav_module: Allow to configure some anti-overwrite enhancement new minor
#1711 TLS 1.3 on Windows build enhancement closed minor
#1712 xfs - nginx cache manager wrongly calculates cache size defect closed major
#1713 proxy_ssl_session_reuse not working with proxy_pass containing variables defect closed minor
#1714 Server Name Indication (SNI) in NGINX isn't honoring ssl_protocols, ssl_ciphers etc. per server{} config / TLS downgrade and server exhaustion attack. defect closed critical
#1715 Logs are no longer written to /dev/stdout after HUP, if daemon is on defect closed minor
#1716 http2 ssl verify certificate failed should close tcp connection defect new minor
#1717 server info enhancement closed trivial
#1718 More info on ssl_early_data security enhancement closed minor
#1719 Enhance proxy_cache_min_uses directive enhancement new minor
#1721 One line redundant code in ngx_slab_free_locked enhancement closed minor
#1722 Error log of proxy buffer size for cache key looks weird defect closed trivial
#1723 proxy_cache_background_update does not really do updates in the background defect closed minor
#1724 Nginx doesn't sanitize and is inconsistent with multiple, repeated input headers enhancement closed minor
#1725 nginx ends up in a state where current and oldbin exist for days defect closed minor
#1726 Как собирать модуль из ядра динамическим? task closed minor
#1727 Don't create file in put method defect closed critical nginx-1.15.9
#1728 Parsing HTTP request is wrong defect closed minor
#1729 If-Modified-Since won't trigger 304 unless server send Last-Modified defect closed minor
#1730 An open Nginx Plus dashboard prevents reload enhancement closed minor
#1731 Reverse proxy websocket If the number of concurrency is large, many close_waits will appear. defect closed minor nginx-1.15.9
#1732 Warn for large request bodies enhancement new minor
#1733 "image_filter resize/crop" action replaces transparent background on black one defect closed major
#1734 nginx failed to work with openssl-1.1.1b defect closed critical nginx-1.15
#1735 Nginx js freezing defect closed critical
#1736 Cannot build dynamic modules: "Can't open auto/module" defect closed blocker
#1737 HTTP/2 HPACK full encoding support enhancement new minor
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header defect reopened minor
#1739 invaild r->port_end defect closed minor nginx-1.15
#1740 ngins -s reopen / SIGUSR1 and permissions problem enhancement closed minor
#1741 Use IP_FREEBIND? enhancement closed minor
#1742 nginx.exe filesize defect closed major nginx-1.15
#1743 Can't flush HTTP response header under TLS+HTTP2 defect closed minor
#1744 Cannot use custom variable in ssl_certificate directive. defect closed minor
#1745 REQ: Built-in ACME/LetsEncrypt enhancement closed minor
#1746 websocket response 302 error defect closed minor
#1747 apt-key add is deprecated defect closed minor
#1748 FTBFS: objs/Makefile:127: *** multiple target patterns defect closed critical
#1749 HTTP/2 broken connection on requests with URI > 5k defect closed minor
#1750 Nginx + sendfile serves wrong content from NFS share, may leak confidential information to unauthorized party. defect closed critical
#1752 400 Bad Request when Content-Length header value starts with HT defect closed minor
#1753 Wrong suggestion: could not build server_names_hash, you should increase server_names_hash_bucket_size: 64 enhancement closed minor
#1754 Proxy request supports different Host load balancing(http+https) enhancement closed minor
#1755 listen address and http2 defect closed minor
#1756 Invalid or Binary in URI causes core 400 and 500 errors, plus binary in logfile defect closed minor
#1757 nginx segfault defect closed minor
#1758 CLI test configuration does not detect error within index directive defect closed minor
#1759 Closing curly bracket missing on JSON response defect closed major
#1760 Client cert verification not working with Openssl 1.1.1b - working on 1.0.2r defect closed major
#1761 Unknown directive "fastcgi_cache_purge" defect closed minor
#1762 Duplicated headers not being passed to backend proxy defect closed minor
#1763 HTTP/2 prioritization is intermittent and often ineffective enhancement new minor
#1764 Purely syntactic config check? enhancement closed minor
#1765 configure is fragile in finding system libraries enhancement new minor
#1766 Request with revoked client certifiate is aborted instead of setting optional verification state defect closed major
#1767 Spelling error in `ngx_stream_ssl_preread_module` document defect closed trivial
#1768 Request for documentation: `--with-http_degradation_module` enhancement new minor
#1769 Typo in `ngx_google_perftools_module` defect closed trivial
#1770 How to enable tls1.3 in nginx? defect closed critical nginx-1.15
#1771 the buffer used to send PROXY protocol header to upstream do not reused in stream module defect closed trivial
#1772 Option to allow syslog tags longer than 32 symbols enhancement closed minor
#1773 Unable to build nginx as static defect closed minor
#1774 nginx 1.16.0 tls1.3 has broken defect closed minor
#1775 Allow $hostname as part of name in server_name enhancement new minor
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