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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#1887 Add option to enable passthrough of HTTP/2 ping with grpc_pass enhancement closed major
#1243 Add primary media type for font enhancement closed minor
#1369 Add proxy_detect_mime setting enhancement new minor
#617 Add secondary groups configuration option in nginx user conf directive enhancement new minor
#1612 Add Stric SNI supprot enhancement closed minor nginx-1.15
#327 Add support for animated GIF to HttpImageFilterModule enhancement new minor
#289 Add support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS / RFC 6797) enhancement accepted minor
#2120 Add Support for IP2Location and IP2Proxy BIN Database enhancement new minor
#2119 Add support for Maxmind's GeoIP2 enhancement new minor
#885 Add support for multiple elliptic curves enhancement closed major
#1215 Add support for SHA2 (SHA3?) family for RFC2307 passwords for HTTP Basic authentication enhancement new minor
#437 Add Support for SPDY/3 Valentin V. Bartenev enhancement closed major
#2470 Add support for the systemd directive OpenFile= for passing UNIX socket FDs to nginx enhancement closed minor nginx-1.23.4
#1183 Add support for variables (or pool) inside ssl_certificate / ssl_certificate_key directives enhancement closed minor
#1639 Add support for writing PROXY protocol v2 to upstream enhancement new minor
#1036 Add tcpi_total_retrans to tcp_info variables enhancement new minor
#312 Add text/css back to the default charset_types enhancement closed minor
#870 Add variable containing list of client-supported cipher suites enhancement closed minor
#649 Add Variable for ISO Time enhancement closed major
#1088 Add variable $ssl_dhe (possible values: curve name or dh<keylength>, e.g. dh3072 etc.) enhancement closed minor
#1294 Add version-information resource enhancement new minor
#436 After authentication with auth I get a 401 timeut on socket proxy defect closed minor
#74 After many config reloads the nginx process dies somebody defect closed minor
#2500 After update to nginx 1.25 and configure vhost to enable http/3 quic error generated defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2195 after upgrade to 1.21.0,it cover my nginx.conf setting / and make a new default.conf defect closed major nginx-1.21
#652 after use spdy keepalive_timeout always 180000 task closed critical 1.7
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 somebody enhancement new minor
#672 Age header support enhancement closed minor
#132 alert "the http output chain is empty" triggered by ssi somebody defect closed minor
#728 alias lost last path character defect closed critical
#611 alignment check breaks trailer code for ngx_freebsd_sendfile_chain.c, possibly others glebius defect closed minor
#2161 Allow accessing arbitrary cookies. enhancement new minor
#125 Allow add_header to affect 201 responses (and possibly any 2xx code). somebody enhancement closed minor
#1386 allow_all parameter for ssl_verify_client enhancement closed minor
#1011 Allow changing 'Server' header in HTTP/2 enhancement closed minor
#1012 Allow changing 'Server' header in HTTP/2 enhancement closed minor
#1875 allow configuring upstreams as HTTP2 to prevent high latency for SSL connects enhancement closed minor nginx-1.17
#1418 Allow/Deny don't correctly work with realip_module defect closed minor
#2099 allow doesn't stop when matching - since at least nginx 1.18 - ngx_http_access_module defect closed major
#1537 Allow for test_types_buffer_size to be set in server configuration enhancement closed minor
#1450 Allow for unescaped access logs enhancement closed minor
#816 Allow h2c and HTTP/1.1 support on the same listening socket enhancement closed minor
#1775 Allow $hostname as part of name in server_name enhancement new minor
#506 Allow http error code 101 426 returned from auth_request enhancement closed minor
#1129 Allow overriding/clearing Server HTTP response header defect closed minor 1.11
#923 Allow proxy_http_version 2.0 enhancement closed minor
#1020 Allow proxy_http_version to use variables enhancement closed minor
#779 allow relative path to log files defect closed minor
#34 Allow rewrites in case of proxy_pass backend is configured as variable somebody enhancement closed minor
#2235 Allow setting TLS handshake timeouts for http(/2) enhancement closed minor
#317 Allow ssl_verify_client and ssl_verify_depth within locations enhancement closed minor
#1809 Allow stream with `ssl_preread on` to forward to http without leaving nginx enhancement new minor
#844 Allow support for different protocols on different hosts (same machine) enhancement closed minor
#1541 Allow to build grpc module as dynamic enhancement closed minor
#1055 Allow to configure ssl_ciphers in multiple lines enhancement new minor
#2271 Allow to specify the ssl engine methods using a directive enhancement closed major
#872 allow to switch off disabled renegotiation proxy to SSL client certificate protected backends enhancement closed minor
#1179 Allow upstreams to be resolved using internal ngx resolver instead of getaddrinfo() enhancement new minor
#1180 Allow use of hostnames in set_real_ip_from enhancement closed minor
#2449 Allow using OpenSSL 3.0 "provider" API instead of deprecated "engine" API enhancement new minor
#430 Allow variables in userid_domain enhancement new minor
#2311 alternative openssl path not recognized by configure/build defect closed minor
#1662 A minor code clean for ngx_configure_listening_sockets enhancement closed trivial
#1657 A minor code clean for ngx_event.h defect closed trivial
#1698 A minor optimization for ngx_log_debug enhancement closed minor
#202 a nginx moudle bug somebody defect closed major
#1730 An open Nginx Plus dashboard prevents reload enhancement closed minor
#647 Any plans for dynamic load of modules? enhancement closed trivial
#1150 Apache2 http/2 as reverse proxy for nginx with iOS 10 devices defect closed critical 1.11.7
#1193 error 400 defect closed minor
#498 APIs need ability to set ssl_verify_client per Location enhancement closed major
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) enhancement new minor
#1586 App not get query behind nginx proxy - (curl: (47) Maximum (50) redirects followed) defect closed major
#1747 apt-key add is deprecated defect closed minor
#2616 apt upgrade fails. defect closed major
#2505 A question about the way of rttvar calculation in QUIC enhancement closed minor
#1268 A regression defect closed blocker
#224 Args Delimiter somebody enhancement new major
#1271 $arg_s:event:id does not work defect closed blocker
#1943 $arg_ variable cannot see the parameter which comes right after "?" defect closed minor
#1062 ASCII-8BIT encoding when it should be UTF-8? defect closed major
#2447 A segment error occurred in ngx_http_variable_headers_internal defect closed minor
#62 Audio fails when seeking with ngx_http_mp4_module somebody defect closed minor
#2013 auth_basic cannot be overwritten from other context defect closed minor
#387 auth_basic_user_file is relative not from prefix given by -p key defect closed major
#439 auth_basic: username variable enhancement closed minor
#616 Authenticate header on proxy pass is length-limited? defect closed minor
#2198 Authorization from auth_request defect closed major
#1218 Authorization on does not work defect closed minor
#801 auth_request and PUT/POST problems defect closed minor
#1793 auth_request does not expand variables defect closed minor
#406 Auth request module fails certain requests (http status 415) defect closed minor
#340 autoindex does not treat multi-byte unicode correctly defect closed trivial
#2175 autoindex is not compatible with utf-8 characters (1.20.0) defect closed minor
#9 autoindex_max_name_len directive somebody enhancement closed minor
#1439 auto_index module should discard request body explicitly defect closed minor
#557 autoindex_show_hidden_files (autoindex feature option to show hidden files enhancement new minor
#211 “autoindex $var” does not work somebody defect closed minor
#286 auto/make LINK variable doesn't reflect CFLAGS sb defect closed minor
#1480 Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate provisioning and renewal enhancement new minor
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