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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#1934 Unpredictable behaviour using proxy_cookie_path to add SameSite cookie attribute defect closed critical
#1933 nginx -t does not write to set error log defect closed minor
#1932 No module http-auth-spnego on nginx version 1.14 defect closed critical
#1931 defect closed minor
#1930 Space in URL %20 is decoded space causing an invalid URL defect closed minor
#1929 Random errors with PHP-FPM defect closed minor
#1928 browser cannot correctly decode http response headers when http2 is used defect closed major
#1927 test ticket defect closed minor
#1926 resolver should not cache failures defect closed major
#1925 Ability to change the time format of the log. task closed minor nginx-1.17
#1924 10GB localhost download stalls defect closed major
#1923 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_inet.c' defect closed minor
#1922 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_grpc_module.c' defect closed minor
#1921 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_flv_module.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1920 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_fastcgi_module.c' defect closed minor
#1919 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_hash.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1918 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_auth_request_module.c' defect closed minor
#1917 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/core'. file 'ngx_hash.c.patch' defect closed minor
#1916 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/http/modules'. file 'ngx_http_auth_request_module.c' defect closed minor
#1915 Potential Memory Leak in directory 'src/event'. file 'ngx_event_openssl_stapling.c' defect closed minor
#1914 Memory Leak in directory 'src/core', file 'ngx_buf.c' defect closed minor
#1913 Large number of error “512 worker_connections are not enough” defect closed minor
#1912 Ignore duplicate reuseport options defect closed minor
#1911 [PATCH] Deprecate TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for March 2020 enhancement closed minor nginx-1.17
#1910 http2_push not pushing the file defect closed minor
#1909 http2_push not pushing the file Ruslan Ermilov defect closed minor
#1908 Listen Directive needs Documentation Update task closed minor
#1907 Nginx does not handle URL larger than 8K defect closed major
#1906 core dumped with debug timer defect closed minor
#1905 SSL ON; Problem defect closed critical
#1904 sendfile with io-threads - nginx mistakenly considers premature client connection close if client sends FIN at response end defect accepted minor
#1903 Debian package dependencies are broken defect closed minor
#1902 Can not use ssl_trusted_certificate to verify Clients defect new minor
#1901 Can not specify cipher list of just 'TLSv1.3' defect closed minor
#1900 Nginx starting more worker processes when modsec rules are enabled defect closed major
#1899 Enhance mail module with access control like ngx_http_access_module module enhancement closed major
#1898 Owner of directories *_temp changed when tested config defect closed minor
#1897 Systemd is unable to read pidfile after nginx start-up due to a race-condition defect closed minor
#1896 SSL certificate password - startup defect closed minor
#1895 Serious issue with .site domain extension defect closed minor
#1894 Docker image nginx:latest does not support lua in nginx-debug defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1893 Support Linux abstract namespace socket? enhancement new minor
#1892 TLSv1.3 session resumption - session tickets renewing defect closed minor
#1891 $body_bytes_sent and $bytes_sent wrong during sliced subrequest defect closed minor
#1890 Cookie SameSite support for userid module enhancement closed major
#1889 access_log off; returns 404 with nginx proxy defect closed minor
#1888 Nginx cache has multiple formats, and many of them are invalid during cleaning, so it is impossible to clean all of them defect closed minor
#1887 Add option to enable passthrough of HTTP/2 ping with grpc_pass enhancement closed major
#1886 Privet Obrekotivich defect closed minor
#1885 when nginx proxy to tomcat, sometimes nginx changes method(POST -> 01POST) defect closed minor
#1884 Trac throws an error when logging in with StackExchange defect closed minor
#1883 nginx -t doesn‘t complain about wrongly formatted server_name directive enhancement new minor
#1882 Nginx does not handle asterisk in OPTIONS request defect closed minor
#1881 pkg-oss is missing a tag for nginx 1.17.5 defect closed minor
#1880 nginx should bypass cache if worker failed to allocate node in cache keys zone defect closed minor
#1879 RHEL / CentOS 8 repository thresh enhancement assigned minor
#1878 Set ciphersuite list order for TLS 1.3 defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1877 Проблема с "log_format" defect closed minor
#1876 Some access log variables leak memory on HTTP/2 client connections defect closed major
#1875 allow configuring upstreams as HTTP2 to prevent high latency for SSL connects enhancement closed minor nginx-1.17
#1874 Nginux 1.16/1.17 Perl Module Fails Ubuntu 18 defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1873 possible memory leak in stream modules defect closed critical
#1872 The official nginx-module-njs-dbg deb package lacks debuginfo for the 'njs' executable Andrei Belov defect closed minor
#1871 Nginx will not accept the latter of two client certs if the subject is the same. defect closed major
#1870 Large file download is not completed with sendfile option. defect closed minor
#1869 Wrong client IP in errors logged early in request processing when using PROXY protocol defect closed minor
#1868 wildcard include failing with FormatMessage() error:(15100) defect closed minor
#1867 Cached TLS 1.2+ECDSA OCSP must staple validation is not used to serve TLS1.3+CSDSA OCSP request (for the same EC certificate) defect closed minor
#1866 nginx does not log error if packet exceeds http2_max_field_size defect closed minor
#1865 error: cast between incompatible function types from 'FARPROC' on MinGW defect closed minor
#1864 Tune documentation for ssl_session_tickets (supported RFC number) task closed minor nginx-1.17
#1863 "ssl_stapling" ignored, host not found in OCSP responder "" in the certificate defect closed minor
#1862 Cache-Control:no-store should remove entry from cache (with proxy_cache_background_update+proxy_cache_use_stale) defect closed minor
#1861 Feature Request: Support `error_log off` enhancement new minor
#1860 ESNI support task closed minor
#1859 wildcard support in map used for stream? defect closed minor
#1858 uWSGI params Content length issue when uploading file defect closed minor nginx-1.17
#1857 libmaxminddb / geoip2 implementation as nginx essetial modules enhancement new major
#1856 Connection Reset due to "unexpected range in slice response" error defect closed major
#1855 Strip an object from an header(cookie) enhancement closed minor
#1854 Connection Reset due to "unexpected range in slice response" error defect closed major
#1853 grpc_pass not parsing set variables defect closed critical
#1852 when will Nginx support HTTP/3 ? defect closed major
#1851 nginx Http2 Push fails when Vary: Accept header set defect closed major
#1850 Content of the variable $sent_http_connection is incorrect defect accepted minor
#1849 Does nginx support Google Quic plan? Plan to support ahead of nginx? Thank you very much. defect closed minor
#1848 ngx_http_mirror_module defect closed blocker
#1847 Client certificate verification failed if use Nginx with Openssl 1.1.1 defect closed minor
#1846 worker process crashes when shared zone is missing from nginx config defect closed major
#1845 Nginx logs POST on GET Timeouts. defect closed minor
#1844 Nginx 1.16.1 + Rdns Segmentation fault defect closed minor
#1843 $upstream_http_set_cookie includes only first cookie defect closed major
#1842 server_tokens doesnt affect redirects. Exposing software version. defect closed minor
#1841 Dynamic access log and rewrites defect new major
#1840 Request different accept-encoding types, caching out multiple files. What is the reason? defect closed minor
#1839 Add new config/option for OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1838 problem in http2 defect closed minor
#1837 nginx resolver failed when ipv6 AAAA dns query failed and ipv4 A query success defect closed critical nginx-1.17
#1836 limit_req and proxy_pass defect closed minor
#1835 Nginx reload doesnt work when limit zone in nginx.conf is changed defect closed critical
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