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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#472 ssl_client_verify fails in Safari defect closed major
#473 proxy_cache_revalidate does not distinguish through the cache key defect closed minor
#474 in a vhost,hostname can not be "res" defect closed minor
#475 http_mp4_module seeking problem: "start time is out mp4 stts samples" Roman Arutyunyan defect closed minor
#476 ignoring stale global SSL error defect closed minor
#477 gunzip does not decompress gzip static content for clients that do not support gzip encoding defect closed minor
#478 open_file_cache doesn't invalidate cache entries when it should defect closed minor
#479 Add mimetype for XSPF enhancement closed trivial 1.5
#480 Unsigned Integers Mishandled defect closed major
#481 Executable missing platform security integrations enhancement closed major
#482 supported linux packages inconsistent sb task closed minor
#483 Nginx failed with php5-fpm for new php frameworks defect closed major 1.5
#484 Core module fails to resolve AAAA records defect closed minor
#485 Multiple WWW-Authenticate headers enhancement closed minor
#486 ngx_http_upstream module lack the check of broken peer connection before using it defect closed minor
#487 Connection problems after multiple reloads. defect closed major
#488 proxy_next_upstream_action to distinguish different network actions enhancement closed minor
#489 Segfault in ngx_log_error_core under load defect closed major
#490 ngx_reset_pool() memory wastage defect closed minor
#491 performance issue on same url defect closed minor 1.5
#492 location-specific charset not respected defect closed minor
#493 nginx always sends 100-continue instead of delegating that responsibility to upstream server defect closed major
#494 nginx should not ignore log_format changes during reload enhancement closed minor
#495 error_page 497 handling resulting in 504 error doesn't use configured 504 error page defect closed minor
#496 Windows upstream 60 proxy_pass timeout defect closed major
#497 X-Accel-Redirect problem with proxy_pass and proxy_set_heder defect closed major
#498 APIs need ability to set ssl_verify_client per Location enhancement closed major
#499 WebSocket will not connect from iOS Safari if ssl_verify_client is set to "optional" defect closed major
#500 nginx segfaults on Solaris 11.1 x86 when compiled with -m64 defect closed minor
#501 Incorrect Host HTTP header when using upstream element in location defect closed major
#502 Problems with serving content on 1.4.4 defect closed major
#503 Nginx worker process crash when the upstream reject the nginx connection. Maxim Dounin defect closed critical
#504 the resourcenot release in time when file be truncated defect closed minor
#505 Nginx worker randomly segfault during the day defect closed minor 1.4.5
#506 Allow http error code 101 426 returned from auth_request enhancement closed minor
#507 Mail SSL not supporting EC Ciphers defect closed major
#509 fastcgi_split_path_info Unsetting $fastcgi_path_info with Try_Files defect closed minor
#510 DAV module COPY & MOVE can't handle regex destination URI defect closed minor
#511 Shared Memory Add Segfaults on Small Sizes defect closed minor
#512 Passing invalid headers allow to corrupt/forge messages in error_log defect closed minor
#513 Implementation of UDT support enhancement closed minor
#514 worker process caused 100% CPU usage on one core on win32 defect closed minor
#515 1.4.6 quietly dropped support for secp521r1 in ssl_ecdh_curve defect closed major
#516 HTTPS breaks on 1.4.6 defect closed minor
#517 nginx executable hacked defect closed minor 1.4.5
#518 nginx 1.5.11 source package corrupted defect closed minor
#519 defect in ngx_mail_send function defect closed minor
#520 Не определяется расширение файла при отсутствии названия файла defect closed minor
#521 mp4 on ipad enhancement closed minor 1.4.5
#522 websocket connect failed with non default_server defect closed minor
#524 Opposing conditionals never evaluated defect closed minor
#526 test defect closed minor
#527 "+" sign is encoded by rewrite as %2B defect closed major
#528 crash on win32 with shared ssl_session_cache defect closed trivial
#529 Potential trouble with exit after fork defect closed minor
#530 http_xslt_module always looks for libxml2/libxslt in OS locations ignoring the custom location if provided defect closed minor
#531 source port logging enhancement closed major
#532 Make Nginx configs easy to understand and shorted enhancement closed major
#533 Progressive download (http_mp4): delays before responding with actual data streams defect closed major
#534 windows Binary openssl-1.0.1f defect closed critical
#535 Windows Distribution Vulnerable Due to OpenSSL Bug defect closed major
#536 Feature request: support SPDY clients without NPN on a single port (tengine's spdy_detect) enhancement closed minor
#537 TE hop header not stripped when proxying defect closed minor
#538 Server origin header not passed through the proxy defect closed trivial
#539 On certain kernel version epoll_release_file() hangs. Suggest manually EPOLL_CTL_DEL before close()ing enhancement closed major
#540 ngx_http_spdy_module $spdy variable empty with SPDY connections defect closed minor
#541 nginx-tests: proxy_unfinished.t test 'no proxy temp' does not work defect closed minor
#542 NGINX won't use gzip_static when http request is proxied by NGINX and the browser is Firefox 28 defect closed minor
#543 keepalive is lost if connection is HTTP/1.0 and request is proxied and chunked defect closed minor
#544 Limit proxy_next_upstream enhancement closed minor
#545 Не обрабатывается переменная $http_if_modified_since defect closed minor
#546 ngx_http_proxy_rewrite data not null terminated but ngx_strcasestrn expects it to be Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#547 Nginx worker randomly segfault during the day using owncloud android sync client defect closed minor 1.5
#548 A wrong server config in upstream get an error ip addr defect closed minor
#549 unexpected multiple 206 errors on transferring file defect closed major
#550 Add method to remove or change deafult headers. enhancement closed minor
#551 Start Failure; Invalid Option with Map Expression in nginx.conf defect closed minor
#552 Nginx doesn't honor net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 defect closed major
#553 OCSP stapling does not work when the OCSP server has a CNAME defect closed major 1.7
#554 serves * ssl certificate defect closed minor
#555 missing fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME variable in default package conf files defect closed minor
#556 OCSP stapling not working with comodo PositiveSSL defect closed major
#558 Conditional (If-None-Match) requests against cached content require Last-Modified header enhancement closed minor
#559 improvement proposed for ngx_http_auth_request_module enhancement closed minor
#560 ECDSA server certificate defect closed minor
#561 error in init.d script in Centos RPM defect closed minor
#562 error_log does should support variables enhancement closed minor
#563 improvement proposed for ngx_http_perl_module: add header_in_set enhancement closed minor
#565 https + spdy + proxy_pass + limit_conn = 503 limiting connections (1.6.0) defect closed minor
#566 SPDY bug in Nginx 1.7.0 defect closed major
#567 Include a "remove" or "uninstall" section in the makefile enhancement closed minor
#568 Possible memory leak in proxy module defect closed critical 1.7
#569 [emerg] invalid host in upstream "http://phpbackend" defect closed major 1.7
#570 Potential XSS in "400 Bad Request" response defect closed major 1.7.2
#571 Nginx treats dashes in server_name as catch-all servers defect closed major
#572 ccs openssl vuln defect closed major
#573 Reloading config with differently cased proxy_set_header field name does not change field name in proxied request defect closed minor
#574 PEM pass phrase on conftest (and restart) enhancement closed minor
#575 Only ask for a PEM pass phrase once during startup enhancement closed minor
#576 Undefined nginx symbols in perl .o's defect closed minor
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